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"DOn't quIT"
"If you CANNOT be on time, then Be EARLY"
"Don't EVER give up!"
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"Just Do It Again with felling"
"And you thought there was strees in your life"
"Grow where you are planted"
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"Remember the good old days when we were broke? Well, they are back."
" If the going is real easy beware you may be headed downhill."
"If Today Were A Fish I Would Throw It Away!
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The wise old owl sat ...
One Way, my way or the highway
Cash Flow is King
"Your Raise Becomes Effective When You Are. "
Everything I need to know aboaut life, I learned from Noah's Ark...
"Serenity Prayer"

I'm so far behind
I think I'm first

God, grant me patience
and I want it right now!!!
"In Our Business
The Customer Is King!"
"Looks like another salesman didn't meet his quota last month."
"An error doesn't ecome a Mistake until you refuse to correct it."
"House Rules"
"Ladder of Achievment"
"Rules of Life"
"A woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition."
"Everyone Brings Joy to this Room. Some by entering, some by leaving."
"Alan Leiken's Question:"
"Be Mellow"
"PLEASE let me have a good six months...and this time I'll sace some cash!
Rule #1
"This clock will never be stolen - our employees are always watching it!
"Dull People Have Immaculate Desks"
"No more call for me, Mrs. Girlder, until I catch upon my paper work."
(That's the way the cookie crumbles)
"There is no cause for panic, Mrs. Munson, but, frankly, there are certain indicators that cannot be ignored."
"Look at life as you werer a bus driver...."
"No Problem"
"Bad news, chief, the early birds got the worms."
Credit Rules
"Friendship is a Rainbow Between Two People"
Leasing News, Inc.
Saratoga, California