2006 Asian Leasing Yearbook --- By Sudhir Amembal
Commercial Finance (includes leasing—Wong/Leichtling
Equipment Leasing---Jeffrey Wong, Esq.
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Power Tools for Successful Leasing (comprehensive; the latest info)
"Winning with Leasing" --- By Sudhir Amembal


2006 Asian Leasing Yearbook

By Sudhir Amembal, world reknown leasing trainer
and author of 14 books.
Written in 2006

He has appeared as a keynote speaker at numerous domestic and international conferences. He has addressed conventions held by all four of the global regional associations—African Leasing Association, AsiaLease, Leaseurope, and the Latin American Leasing Association. He serves as the Patron as well as a member of the Governing Council of the African Leasing Association. He chaired each of the annual World Leasing Conventions from 1993 to date.

He is chairman of the recently formed Asian Centre for Lease Education (ACLE). ACLE offers a Certified Professional in Leasing (CPL) programme in the Asian region. He serves as a technical advisor to Odessa Technologies developers of the lease management software, Leasewave.

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Commercial Finance Guide

Jeffrey J. Wong (1943-2001), Michael A. Leichtling and Barry A. Dubin, Editors-in-Chief





Matthew Bender


2 volume loose-leaf





The perfect companion to Commercial Loan Documentation Guide . Provides extensive coverage of commercial financing devices from basic secured loans to more sophisticated, complex structures. Part I deals with secured lending transactions. Part II addresses specialized collateral. Part III analyzes special legal and financial considerations. Updated to reflect U.C.C. Revised Article 9.

Topics covered include:

  • Asset securitization
  • Alternatives to fixed rate mortgages
  • Real estate and construction lending and their inherent risks
  • Equipment leasing and associated regulatory concerns
  • Transactions using securities as collateral
  • Accounts receivable and inventory financing
  • Ship mortgage financing
  • Legal opinions on perfection of security

First published in 1990.

2 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

About the author

Leichtling,A. Michael

Wong,J. Jeffrey




The most thorough “book” on Leasing


Equipment Leasing
Barry A. Dubin and Jeffrey J. Wong (1943-2001)
Price: $605.00
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Format: 3 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.
ISBN: 0820518662
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Everything You Need To Structure A Transaction Involving An Equipment Lease.

In-Depth Coverage Of Vital Topics.

This powerful one-stop guide to equipment leasing thoroughly analyzes and discusses Article 2A of the UCC, financing, regulatory, state, local and federal taxation, accounting, litigation, insurance and bankruptcy issues. In addition, all essential types of leases, such as leveraged, operating, cross-border, consumer, finance, merchant and true leases, as well as specific industry leasing, including ship/vessels, railroads, satellites, computers, aircraft and more, are covered.

Insights From More Than Fifty Experts.

More than fifty of the nation's most prominent equipment leasing experts have brought their collective knowledge to this treatise, making it the most authoritative treatise on equipment leasing available today. All the chapters are coordinated and consistent in their style and depth of treatment. The material is clear and easy to understand--useful for both the seasoned practitioner as well as newcomers to the field. At last, here is an amazingly comprehensive treatment of the legal and business issues relating to the leasing and other commercial financing of equipment! This invaluable three-volume set will provide you with all the material you'll need when structuring a transaction involving an equipment lease. You'll also get indispensable practical guidance on litigation strategy and tactics.

Important topics covered include:

  • Lease vs. purchase or borrow decisions
  • Lease securitizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions, portfolio purchase, and vendor programs
  • Article 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Default and Remedies
  • Fraud
  • UNIDROIT Convention on International Financial Leasing
  • Federal, state, and local taxation
  • Environmental regulation and liability
  • Warranties

First published in 1995.

3 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

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About the author
Dubin, Barry A.
Wong, Jeffrey J. (1943-2001)

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Financial Tables


Financial Publishing Company, 82 Brookline Avenue, Boston,

Mass 02215.


Power Tools for Successful LeasingPower Tools for Leasing

This book is strongly recommended not only for entrepreneurs, salesmen, but all those involved in equipment leasing as it serves as a current primer, refresher, and well-written, easy to understand manual about equipment leasing.

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"Winning with Leasing"

By Sudhir Amembal, world reknown leasing trainer
and author of 14 books.
Written in 2005
Pages: 512 (with 781 Questions & Answers)

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