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Computer Training

Computer Magic Training
4030 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 108
San Jose, Ca. 95117
Phone: 408-261-2600
Fax: 408-249-6050

Free Class Repeats
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It works. Staff has been attending classes at Computer Magic Training. We highly recommend this company to you. While you may have the fastest or best computers and software, if your staff does not how to utilize them, you may as well have an old 486. Speed begins with the user, not the computer.

Ask for Sharon Root. She also will visit your office and go over all your needs, helping you with schedules, and talking directly with employees about their needs.

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Convert It
Ty Woburn
436 Marathon Drive
Campbell, 95008

Lost data recovered, converted, or any data conversion technician, this is the person.

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Drive Savers

This company saves information on hard drives from crashes, flood, fire, and other unseemingly acts of God. They report only four percent of computer users back up everything on their hard drive and thus the reason why they get requests from all over the world to restore data.

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Information and full-text access

Free information and full-text access to computer books.

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Laptop Insurance

Both your homeowners and business insurance will have a large deductible, plus when you use it, it most likely will raise your rates more than you care. They also may argue over the "replacement cost" with a depreciation allowance you will not be happy with. This company has many policies, such as replacement cost of a lost, stolen or damaged computer per year. There is no stupidity clause exclusion, meaning if you drop it out your hotel window or it falls into the swimming pool while you are floating on top, you are still covered.