The Stock Image Solution

      If you are seeking images for professional use, and you'd rather avoid sifting through the masses of lower-quality image results that Web searches often return, you might prefer to go straight to a stock image database. There are plenty of them available on the Internet, some for a fee, and some for free.

About image search engines
All Free Original Clipart
Can Stock Photo
Clip Art at Go Graph
Clipart Site
Epictura Image Bank (a)
Free Art Posters and Print
Posters and Art
ProDraw Graphics
Random Eye
Reuters Pictures Archive
Web Graphics
World’s Stock Photography
Yahoo! Picture Gallery

(a) Stock photography and illustration image bank on finance, economy, business, technology... For more information email

The Search Engine Solution

       The Internet offers many search engines, and by now you've probably narrowed down the field to two or three that you use regularly. Chances are in your favor that the search engines you use most frequently offer an easy way to search for image files online.

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