Bad Golf Monthly
A comforting destination for golfers with a big handicap.

Caddyshack And Happy Gilmore Archive
Features pictures, trivia and sound clips from "Caddyshack," perhaps one of the most popular golfing films ever.

Golf Online
Offers a comprehensive selection of playing tips, tournament reports and travel articles.
Ladies professional golf assocation home page.

Mr. Golf Etiquette
Includes a primer on how to behave on the course.
Professional Golfers' Association very thorough site with information of their professional members.

The Driving Range

Providing golf instruction and custom equipment fitting at corporate locations throughout the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area

Private golf lessons tailored to all skill levels
Advice on equipment and custom club fitting
Hosting Corporate Golf Tournaments and related events
Convenient access at your company's fitness center
Flexible scheduling
Qualified instruction

They also have the latest from "Swing Solutions," to analyze your performance on video and complete a computer profile with recommendations to improve your swing

United State Of Golf Association
Features one of the most complete rule books on the Web.

World Golf
Serious tips on improving your game and a lot of great information.