You won’t find any bargains at this site, but you will find a very good cross section of what is available in the area you are looking. You can search by county, area, or city.


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BayNet New Homes

New Homes Map Guide combines its five print-edition map guides into one point-and click, home-hunting search engine. Click on the map and you get a list of new-home developments by county. Pick a listing and you get more information (floor plans, models, amenities, prices etc) plus hyperlinks to the home builder’s site.


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It is best to go to and type in apartment rental so-and-so county or home rental so-and-so county, then to also go to the Excite, Alta Vista and find local listings by individual renters. Sometimes you can find a real good rent and place by a private party, if you "hunt" or you can go to: RENTNET

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Growing site finding homes via newspapers. Limited right now, but has potencial.

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New Home Network

Primarily new homes by home development companies
Leasing News, Inc.
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