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(8) The FCC is going to charge for local telephone calls.
I thought they were always "free." Perhaps the first 100 minutes or 200 minutes or 300 minutes, but if you exceed this every month, you get charged per minute. Look at your telephone bill, if you don’t believe me. Ed Schwartz didn’t look at his bill, if he exists ( I never could reach him by e-mail ).

From: "Ed Schwartz"

Subject: FCC reg to charge for email usage.

Tell your friends, tell everyone who uses E-Mail.. This is to inform you of a very important matter currently under review by the FCC. Your local telephone company has filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per minute charges for your internet service. They contend that your usage has or will hinder the operation of the telephone network. E-Mail, in my opinion, will diminish if users were required to pay additional per minute charges.

The FCC has created an email box for your comments, responses must be received by February 13, 98. Send your comments to """" tell them what you think. Every phone company is in on this one, and they are trying to sneak it in just under the wire for litigation. Let everyone you know hear about this one. Get e-mail address to everyone you can think of. FCC E Mail address

Guys, this is really important. If we have to pay for e-mail , the cost is going to skyrocket. It's about the only thing now that is cost-effective. Please make your opinions known to the FCC

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