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(38) Fred Waring did not invent the Waring Blender

Contrary to widespread belief, Fred Waring did not invent the Waring Blender, but he made it happen. Waring and his Pennsylvanians had just finished one of teir radio broadcasts in Manhattan's Vanderbilt's Theatre, when he was visited by promoter Fred Osius looking for a backer to produce and market a new type of mixer which he claimed would revolutionize people's eating habits. When the Prototype did not work, six months and $25,000 later, Waring stepped in, turned the project over to one of his associates who solved the engineering and production problems in time to introduce the "Miracle Mixer" at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, in September of 1937. Largely due to Fred Waring's own promotions on radio and through a singing group, the "Waring Blendors," and a national campaign with a leading beverage supplier, the spectacular drink-making ability of the Waring Blendor® (as it was soon called) made it a fixture in most restaurants and bars. More and more people decided they wanted this in their kitchens. At that point it was an instant hit and the rest as they say is history.

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