April 6, 2001


         PinnFund/PinnLeasing Closed/

                       Opening on Monday as " Aloha Leasing?"

           Victor Harris, Esq. Receives Kudo's

            Financial Services Sources Now On Line at  www.ALClists.com

             Robert New--The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

              "They Were People Who Knew How to Live," Los Angeles Times             

            In Defense of JDR Capital

                Bob Rodi Surfaces---Busy Signing Deals

                   BellMicro Introduces LeaseEase with Wells Fargo

                    Malcolm Bladrige Award Goes to Dana ( former major lessor )


   ListServe is Explained to Members of the National Association of Equipment Brokers

        by NAELB Director Gerry Egan




MidAmerica Association of Equipment Lessors...


...Register now for the 3rd Annual MAEL Warm Up Weekend May 19th - 20th, and

the 17th Annual MAEL Golf Invitational May 21st in Chicago, IL. Event

includes warm-up weekend, invitational, reception and dinner. For details or

to register, visit www.mael.org or call Alison Huhn at 312-541-6000.




                PinnFund/PinnLeasing  USA


We reported that we thought all the offices of PinnFund/PinnLeasing were closed,

and there will be millions of dollars, perhaps $100 million unaccounted for,

as this may be the largest financial scandal to hit California.


Here is visual confirmation:


"No one is home at PinnFund/PinnLease...Shortly after Charles La Bella was appointed receiver by the U.S. Attorney, he dismissed the employees, closed PinnFund building and changed all the



FBI and U.S. Attorney are sorting through a lot of documentation as they follow the trail going  backwards.  I personally believe that numerous people will be traveling "up the river" as the evidence is tallied.


Mike Freeman will have more to reveal in coming days...stay tuned!



Larry B. Turner


Vision Capital Corporation




  +         +            +


There is a report that "Pinn Lease changed their name to Aloha Pacific and are back in business! Right now they are working out of their homes. As soon as their new office space receives the Certificate of Occupancy they are moving into it. I don't know where the new office space will be."


The name is withheld as this broker may be doing business with this group again!!!! editor





 see our April 5 Special Report: http://www.leasingnews.org/archives.htm


               Kudo's for Victor Harris, Esq.


Having served on the UAEL Standards Committee for several terms with Victor

Harris, I can attest to his diligence and dedication to adherence by the

membership in the principles set forth in the Code of Ethics.


Steven B. Geller, CLP

Leasing Solutions LLC


20 Dike Drive, Wesley Hills, NY 10952


phone:(845)362-6106 fax: (845) 354-2803

cell phone: (914) 552-0842


         +             +                +


Not only is Vic very knowledgeable and a strong advocate for the

association, he knows the best Chinese restaurants in SF.  Vic, I still

remember the very fine dinner we had many years ago after a WAEL meeting.


Jerry Withrow



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Financial Services Marketing Lists Now Available Online at www.ALClists.com; Direct

Marketers/Sales Executives Can Get Counts, Order Lists at ALC's Website


    PRINCETON, N.J.----April 6, 2001--Mailing list compiler, American List Counsel, now offers

online browsing and ordering for financial services mailing lists including ALC's Banking and

Finance Database at www.ALClists.com.

    "Our website provides access to the largest selectivity of financial services prospects

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    Immediately available for downloading are:

    99,845 Banking Executives

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    ALC's online Banking and Finance database offers market saturation for the leading financial geographical areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Mailers can select by title, headquarters vs. branch offices, and amount of financial institution assets. Those looking for business leads can order telephone and fax numbers as well as the contact name and address.

    "The site is so user-friendly that a mailing list novice can easily find the right list for

a particular market, get counts for any selection criteria, and place the order in minutes,"

adds Girt. "Because ALC original compilations are comprehensive in market scope, containing a deep offering of targeted data, we simplified the inquiry process with point and click drop down menus to help users navigate the lists."

    The ALClists.com website is designed to speed up the prospect list acquisition process.

Registered users can query the lists for as many selection combinations they want and get

immediate counts versus waiting for an ALC representative to look them up. However, the site does offer a "click-to-talk" feature that connects users to ALC's team of financial services list experts who further help marketers target the right audience for their offers.

    Register to search and order ALC lists at www.ALClists.com.



    CONTACT:  American List Counsel

              Stacey Girt, 609/580-2973

              Vice President Database Commerce








   I hope you don't mind, but I catch typo's all the time, especially

        at the bottom of your newsletter.... 'Whatever Happend to?"



Terry Waggoner, Executive Recruiter

Executive Solutions for Leasing and Finance, Inc.

5555 Holly Ridge Drive

Camarillo, CA. 93012

Phone:  805.383.8922  Fax: 209.821.7252

Email: terrywaggoner@exsolutions.com

Web Page: http://www.exsolutions.com



  ( You are really very good, as it has been there over half a year and you

    are the first one to bring it to our attention. It has been fixed. Thank you.

    editor ).







    Doomed Jet Got OK for Procedure Banned by FAA


          ("They Were Just People Who Knew How to Live.")







    ASPEN, Colo.--The chartered jet that slammed into a hillside here Thursday night was cleared for an instrument approach by air traffic controllers even though such an approach required a circling procedure that the Federal Aviation Administration had banned earlier in the week, crash investigators said Saturday.

     The pilot was authorized to execute an instrument approach which, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, can be accomplished in Aspen only by circling to descend, versus heading straight in.

     Yet, the FAA had issued a ban on circling at night just two days prior to the crash that killed 18 people, most of them from the Los Angeles area.

     The pilot, Bob Frisbie, had been informed of the nighttime ban before departing Burbank, but FAA controllers said they knew nothing of the ban, said acting National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Carol Carmody.

     "I find it troubling, no question," that the controllers didn't know that the agency that supervises them had issued the ban, Carmody said at an afternoon briefing. But she stopped short of saying the pilot should not have attempted to land.

     There is no evidence that the doomed Avjet-owned plane tried to circle before landing, she said. But if the pilot tried to land without circling, that would have been unsafe under the conditions that night, according to at least one aviation safety expert.

     The so-called "Notice to Airmen," known to aviators as NOTAM, was ambiguous, Carmody said, because it did not ban an instrument approach at the airport, but simply the circling approach.

     "The language is confusing, quite frankly," Carmody said.

     Carmody said weather was also "something we are looking at very closely."

     Weather conditions here change abruptly, and investigators are still trying to determine the visibility at the time of the crash. Pilots reported the visibility eight minutes beforehand to be 10 miles, compared to only 1.75 miles 10 minutes afterward.

     On Friday, the FAA ordered a temporary ban on nighttime instrument approaches at the airport after talking with NTSB investigators.

     Local pilots here said such temporary bans are typically ordered by the FAA as it investigates crashes.

     The NTSB investigator in charge of the Aspen probe said pilots using instruments to land must circle before actually touching down to avoid having to descend too quickly.

     Local pilots said they seldom circle at night--because it is safer to approach the runway straight-in.

     But aviation safety expert Barry Schiff said that based on the information available under the first FAA notice, the pilot "should not have executed the approach."

     "You cannot make the approach," he said. "It is in fact a circling approach. It was clear from the NOTAM he should have received [that] you cannot make the approach at night."

     FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said Saturday that his agency was pursuing its own parallel investigation into the crash. "Since the NTSB has come up with this question [about the ban not being enforced], we'll put greater focus on it," he said.

     The FAA ban on nighttime circling was issued as a result of a routine FAA flight check of the airport on March 19.

     Two planes that reached Aspen shortly before the Gulfstream III ended up flying to another airport, one of them after trying twice, Carmody said.

     The Avjet plane was on its first approach when it crashed. The Times erroneously reported in a story Saturday that it was on its second approach.

     The plane's left wing struck the ground first, and both engines were on at the time of impact, Carmody said. There was no evidence of engine failure or fire, she said.

     She also described Frisbie, of Fallbrook, as "well qualified."

     A friend agreed.

     "In my opinion, I think you had one of the best guys for that situation at that time," said Tony Blum, a pilot. "He had a lot of experience in that airplane, and as a charter pilot for so long, those guys see a lot of different and varied things."

     The NTSB team will return to Washington by Monday and wreckage cleanup, which begins today, will likely be finished by Tuesday, she said.

     NTSB investigators also will go to Burbank today to review Avjet manuals and the plane's maintenance records.

     Carmody met for an hour Saturday with the relatives of the crash victims, who flew to Aspen to claim their loved ones' remains and see the place where they died.

     About 30 grieving relatives were taken to the crash site off Colorado 82 at noon in a chartered bus escorted by the Colorado State Patrol. A crackling police radio announced that the road had been closed to all traffic for 15 minutes to heighten the visitors' privacy.

     The resulting eerie silence was pierced by the sound of several family members wailing as they got off the bus.

     Within two minutes, the sounds of crying subsided, and the group, largely hidden from public view by vehicles, stood quietly under a blue sky broken by large white clouds.

     The only other noise was a harsh reminder of the tragedy: four jet aircraft--two of them charters and two of them commercial airliners--flew just a few hundred feet above them as they barreled toward the runway about half a mile away.

     Some of the relatives handed nine bouquets and two single roses to two crash investigators. They carefully trod around the aircraft fragments and anchored the flowers through the top wires of an 8-foot-high fence designed to keep elk off the highway.

     The flowers were the first tributes left in the vicinity of the site since the crash.

     The jet had been chartered by Robert New, 36, a multimillionaire financier who had built the firm UniCapital into a national empire in the equipment rental industry before it went bankrupt.

     New had organized a lavish birthday bash for his Los Angeles business partner, Mario Aguilar. The evening began with the chartered flight and was to have ended with a catered dinner. New owns a $1.85-million Victorian home in Pitkin County, Colo., where his wife Monica and 8-year-old son Mathew live full time.

     It was typical of New to pamper friends and business associates, his brother Jonathan New of Miami said Saturday. New, the flamboyant former chief executive of UniCapital, had raised $532 million in its initial public offering in May 1998, and bought up 12 businesses that were rolled into the firm.

     The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2000, lasting just 2 1/2 years. New and Mario Aguilar were business partners in Prestige Automobiles Inc., a luxury car rental firm in Beverly Hills. Aguilar was traveling with some of his family members, including his mother, aunt and two brothers at the time of the crash.

     Mario and his older brother Joe, who was also killed in the crash, had moved to a Silver Lake home last year, according to Isaac Mena, who has known Joe for eight years.

     Mario, who had modeled in Mexico, had also just purchased a Ferrari and a Bentley, Mena said. He enjoyed dressing in designer clothing and traveled all over the world. Mario and New spent a lot of time traveling together to Miami, Aspen and Europe.

     "They were just people who knew how to live," Mena said.


        +                 +                     +




                         The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



I did not know Robert New personally.  Stories of his

involvement in the Unicap debacle were well

circulated. However, in obituaries which were

published to report his demise, the word "generous"

was ubiquitous.  So I can only conclude from this that

while Mr.New may have had his share of character

defects, he apparently had some strengths as well. I

would suggest that those who rush to judgment behind

the veil of anonymity look inward to themselves before

pointing the finger.  I also do not know if Mr. New

took accountability for whatever role he played in

Unipac's folding, if he attempted to make amends to

anyone, or sought forgiveness from his higher power. I

do know he leaves behind a grieving family.


For those who were harmed by Unicapital's closing, I

can only suggest that forgiveness is a powerful

healer, as it forfeits any right to negativity and



Sorry for having this come across as a Sunday Sermon, Kit.


 Jim Fleming



 +           +                    +



I noticed a posting today on the Monitor Daily concerning Robert New

(Unicapital) from unknown it says "What comes around goes around" that is

pretty sad.  What about the others on that plane did they deserve it as well?

 Then not being professional enough to reply with a name that is truly sad. 

That is the problem with this entire industry people simply will not take

responsibility for there actions.


Sean Wheeler

1 Lease

(800) 996-7440

(800) 977-4666-fax


  +             +                +


A Note to John Kenny regarding Robert New.


Was the timing of the posting from "Anonymous" poor?  No question about it.


Was anything "Anonymous" said in his posting false, inaccurate or

exaggerated? No, not at all.


It is obvious that Mr. Kenny never met or had any dealings with Robert New. 

I think the point "Anonymous" and Steve Geller tried to make was the fact

that Robert New, as President and CEO of Unicapital with a hand-picked Board

of Directors, was principally responsible for the demise of Unicapital and

the forced unemployment of literally hundreds of dedicated leasing

professionals with little or no severance, while Robert enjoyed what has been

described as a lavish lifestyle, the lifestyle of a "philanthropist with

homes in Miami, Beverly Hills and Aspen", a lifestyle that allowed him, on a

whim, to charter a flight to Aspen rather than fly commercial. 


Mr. New may have been a loving and caring father and husband.  As an employer

he should not have been given control of a lemonade stand, much less a

multimillion dollar leasing company.


As one of Mr. New's "victims", I will shed no tears.


Mark Speros, Director-Broker Division

Landmark Financial Corporation



 ( Please note Mr. Speros was employed by Unicapital at BSB Leasing, when

   they were part of this company---they are independent now, as they were

   before Unicapital purchased them.  I have known Mr. Speros for almost

   thirty years and he has a very experienced eye of the leasing industry.

   editor ).



   In Defense of JDR Capital Terms in Letting Employees Go



 Hello Kit,

       I understand that you are doing your job reporting the leasing news, however, I think

that you are way off base on the JDR Capital soap opera that is being printed here.  First and foremost, I would like to say that I am indeed an ex-employee of JDR Capital.  My time spent with the company has been great. I have learned a career from JDR.  One in which I am proud of, they have taught me everything I know about lease/finance, and I would go back to work there in a heartbeat. I am not really sure who the "insider" would be and that would be for JDR Capital to figure out and let them go as well.  I would like to say that JDR Capital was the best place to work.  The owners of JDR cared, they got involved with their employees, unlike the corporate world.  We did fun things together like a family would.  I remember having a bar-b-que in our parking lot. The owners cooked the burgers and hot dogs, we had salads and games.  It was a great time.  They were so generous that when it was time to hand out the holiday bonus', the owners gave everyone $5000 each for obtaining a company goal.  They did not have to do that, they just wanted to.  In addition to that, the owners once again stepped up to the plate and took the entire company the Bahamas for a long weekend.  Do these owners sound like bad people to you?  I would like to say in their defense that severance pay was not necessary, the company had already been so good to their employees. As far as the notice is concerned, everyone there knew what was happening, we would all talk about it, wondering who was next. There was NO notice required.  As far as the medical/dental, being cut off, everybody had the option to purchase COBRA for 18 months.  You either paid it or you didn't.  It was our choice. It makes me angry when I see the newsletter printed such horrible statements about a company that shares everything with their employees and customers.  Who would be as so low as to say this information about JDR Capital?  Kit, I would like to think that before! you print and article about a company that you would confirm the information with the owners of the company directly.  Leave my name and information withheld.



  Name With Held as requested.


 ( JDR Capital problems have been reported since the end of last year, and many

   funders, brokers, and employees are sorry to learn about their problems, which

   unforunately is not uncommon in today's economy.  It isn't just the leasing

   companies. editor )


                                                     List of Recent Job Cuts


                                            By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS




                                      a number of major companies have announced job cuts in the

                                            past few months, including:

                                                  -DaimlerChrysler 26,000

                                                  -Motorola: 22,000

                                                  -Lucent Technologies: 16,000

                                                  -Delphi Automotive Systems: 11,500

                                                  -Verizon: 10,000

                                                  -Procter & Gamble: 9,600

                                                  -Nortel Networks: 9,000

                                                  -Solectron: 8,200

                                                  -Sara Lee: 7,000

                                                  -ADC Telecommunications: 6,000 -7,000

                                                  -Whirlpool: 6,000

                                                  -J.C. Penney: 5,300

                                                  -Compaq: 5,000

                                                  -Supervalu: 4,500

                                                  -Xerox: 4,000

                                                  -The Walt Disney Co.: 4,000

                                                  -Textron: 3,600

                                                  -Schawb: 3,400

                                                  -Ericsson LM: 3,300

                                                  -Gateway: 3,000

                                                  -ShopKo Stores: 2,500

                                                  -AOL Time Warner: 2,400

                                                  -Standard Register: 2,400

                                                  -Sears: 2,400

                                                  -Electrolux: 2,000

                                                  -Winstar Communications: 2,000

                                                  -Visteon: 1,800

                                                  -Service Merchandise: 1,750

                                                  -Hewlett-Packard: 1,700

                                                  -American Greetings: 1,500

                                                  -Amazon.com: 1,300

                                                  -3Com: 1,200

                                                  -Freightliner.: 1,085

                                                  -Norfolk Southern: 1,000/2,000

                                                 Source: Individual companies.



we encourage you to quote us without permission, and to send to a colleague. We are

trying to build up our readership, as most of the good news comes from our readers,

who contribute information "on" and "off" the record. editor





  Bob Rodi Plugs "Relationship Business" and the Scottsdale Conference of

   the United Association of Equipment Leasing



I have been watching and reading, with a great deal of interest, the

transformation of the "Internet" brokers.  It appears that someone in the

E-commerce community has finally figured out that it is at the vendor

location, and therefore the point of sale, that the "need" to involve a

lease/finance company finally arises.  Those small business owners, that

eventually become our lessees, rarely secure the financing for the widget

maker prior to the moment the vendor asks "How are you going to pay for it".

Those of us who have been around more than two years have always known this

even if our businesses were leveraging automation to become more efficient,

more profitable and better at servicing our vendors and customers.


With all that has transpired in our industry over the past several years it

appears that the formerly defunct art form which was the vendor sales call,

may indeed be experiencing a re-birth.  It couldn't come at a better time

for the leasing business which really needs to get back to its roots.  Let's

hope that while we're at it we re-discover customer service.  I hope that

the remaining funding sources and third parties can also take a look at

trusting each other again.  Let's all quit looking in each others pockets

and get back to making money--together.


For those of you who stayed the course, preserved your relationships, and

didn't join the "Rate of the month" club, congratulations.  You are still

the foundation of a great business. Now that those who did not have your

strength of character and perseverance are gone, and still going, you will

be in a position to reap some incredible benefits over the next year or two.

Remain opportunistic and focus on creating goodwill and good business.  Now

that the Goldrush has stirred everything up, the experienced miners can move

in and find the real wealth.


Bob Rodi

LeaseNOW, Inc.



1-800-321-LEASE (5327) x101





Bell Microproducts Launches Dynamic New Leasing Program



Bell Micro LeaseEase to Provide More Creative Financing Options to the VAR,  


Reseller, OEM and System Integrator Channel 


SAN JOSE, Calif.,  -- Bell Microproducts, Inc. (Nasdaq: BELM), announces the

launch of Bell Micro LeaseEase, the company's full service leasing program.  Bell Micro

LeaseEase allows financing of equipment and inventory from Bell Microproducts and its

subsidiary, Rorke Data.


Through a strategic partnership with Wells Fargo Financial Leasing, Bell Micro LeaseEase is equipped to provide easily accessible and comprehensive leasing services to Bell Microproducts' large customer base of VARs, resellers, OEMs and integrators.


With fully automated and online application features, Bell Micro LeaseEase offers a variety of leasing options.  In addition to the standard leasing services, it offers customizable program features including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), upgrading programs, credit intelligence and customer protection programs.


Qualified resellers receive added benefits of the Bell Micro Premier Finance Program with services ranging from a Dealer Advance Payment Program (DAPP), advanced funding services and discount programs to co-operative advertising, private labeling and customized lease documents.


"By making the most of our partners' strengths of industry recognition and proven success in the leasing arena, Bell Micro's LeaseEase is not only of great value to our customers, but is also a program they can trust," said Gary Gammon, Sr. Vice President Commercial Sales, Bell



"Customers choose to lease equipment for a variety of reasons," continued Gammon.  "Bell Micro LeaseEase is convenient, robust and is a comprehensive offering.  Customers will find it consistent with Bell Microproducts' reputation in the industry as a total solutions provider."


For more information about Bell Microproducts and the Bell Micro LeaseEase Program, visit www.bellmicro.com or call 800.800.1513.


About Bell Microproducts  


Bell Microproducts is an international value added provider of a wide range of high technology products, solutions, and services to the industrial and commercial marketplace.  The company's offering includes semiconductors, computer platforms, peripherals, and storage products of various types including desktop, high-end computer and storage subsystems, fibre channel connectivity products, RAID, NAS and SAN storage systems and back-up products. Bell Microproducts is an industry-recognized specialist in storage products and is one of the world's largest storage-centric value-added distributors.


The company's products are available at any level of integration from components, to subsystem assemblies, to fully integrated, tested and certified system solutions.  The company adds value with a broad range of services including testing, software loading, kitting, mass storage system integration, and computer system integration.  Trained and certified technical personnel complete each of these processes at Bell Microproducts' ISO 9002 facilities. Bell Microproducts markets and distributes more than 150 brand name product lines, as well as its own BellStor storage and Trademark(R) computer brands, to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) customers, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators in the Americas and Europe.  More information can be found in SEC filings, or by

visiting the Bell Microproducts Web site at www.bellmicro.com.





This is the last week The EFJ will be accepting nominations for the Pioneers

of Leasing feature article, which is slated for this Spring/Summer. You can

make your nominations on our website until April 15, 2001. Visit

http://www.efj.com/pages/poll_form.asp to cast your vote today!


National Association of Equipment Brokers "listsever" Explained to Members



There’s been quite a bit of conversation ---and more than a little

confusion--- here recently about the security and several other aspects of

this list server.  This particular member benefit was launched as a test to

see if there would be any interest in and use of it, and it has proven to be

popular beyond what anyone could have predicted.


A number of people have posted here or written wondering how non-members

could gain access to this service, whether the list of subscribers is

provided to potential advertisers or marketers, and whether a virus can be

spread through this service.  I’d like to address those and some other

questions here, but first, a detailed explanation about what the list server

is and how it works.


What is it?  The list server is a software program provided by our web and

e-mail hosting contractor.  The software automatically receives and re-sends

e-mail, distributing the messages it receives to everyone on a pre-defined

list.  There’s nothing particularly new or high tech about the technology;

it’s been around for years.


How does it work?  A mailbox address is created and defined as the host or

post office for the service, (ours is: post@naelb.org).  The properties for

that mailbox are set up so that when it receives incoming mail it compares

the address of the sender against a predefined list of subscribers.  If the

sender’s address is a member or ‘subscriber’ to that list, the post office

mailbox automatically forwards the e-mail to every other subscriber on the



How does someone become a subscriber?  A separate, special mailbox is set

up, (in our case it’s called: imailsrv@naelb.org).  When any mail containing

the appropriate wording is received by this special mailbox, the sender’s

e-mail address is automatically added to the list of subscribers.  From then

on, any mail sent to the list via the post office mailbox will also be

forwarded on to that new subscriber.


It’s important to know that the subscription process is a fully automatic

process, is not monitored in any way, and is not a ‘secure transaction’ as

that term is generally used related to internet commerce.  The security,

(and therefore any exclusivity), of the subscription process relies on two

things: the fact that you must send a subscription message to a specific

mailbox who’s address is unlikely to be widely known; and ---most

importantly--- the honor system of NAELB members not giving that address to

non-NAELB members.


Because many of our member users first found out about this special

subscription mailbox through the members only section of our web site, they

may assume that only members can send e-mail to that address.  That’s not

true.  Anyone can send an e-mail to that address and become a subscriber.


The address was exclusively listed in the members only section of the NAELB

web site so that it would become known only to NAELB members.  It was never

intended or anticipated that the special subscription address would be made

known to anyone, or published in any way, outside of the association.


Let me state clearly that, unless they made a random or very lucky guess,

every non-authorized, non-NAELB member who has gained access to this service

did so as the result of one or more authorized NAELB member users giving the

subscription address out.  It is entirely possible that was done

inadvertently; perhaps by forwarding an interesting post to a non-NAELB

member friend, or re-posting a message on another service or electronic

newsletter; but nevertheless that’s how it happens.


Why can’t we compare subscribers’ e-mail addresses to those in our member

database and then only allow current members to subscribe?  While that would

certainly sound ideal, unfortunately, not all of our members provide their

e-mail addresses to the association office; also, many members have and use

more than one e-mail address and may attempt to subscribe to the list server

using a different e-mail address than the one they may have provided to the

association office; and, finally, to keep costs down we’re trying to keep

from requiring personnel time to check and update each e-mail address upon a

subscription request.  To do that we have to rely on the willing cooperation

of our members.


So anyone can read my posts, is that right?  Yes.  Anyone ---authorized

NAELB member or not--- who has sent an e-mail to the special subscription

mailbox and become added to the list of subscribers can read any post you

send to the list.  As we become aware of non-authorized users, we will

manually delete them from the subscriber list and put their e-mail address

on another ‘un-authorized’ list to prevent them from re-subscribing.


Can I get a computer virus through the list server?  Yes; but not from a

plain e-mail message itself.  The most common computer viruses, (the ones

that are getting so much press coverage recently), are generally contained

within an executable file which is then  ‘attached’ to an e-mail.  Many

others are embedded within signature files or script files which activate

colors or other features on web pages and script enhanced e-mail messages.

Plain text e-mail messages cannot carry a virus since they don’t, in and of

themselves, ‘do’ anything.


Every new subscriber to our list service received a welcoming message which

included the rules prohibiting attached files on postings to the list.

However, again, this relies on the honor system.  Many people like to attach

electronic business cards and/or use HTML coded pages for a more colorful or

distinctive look for their e-mails.  Additionally, some have attached files

to their messages anyway.  At this point, with the system and resources we

have, we can only rely on the users to self-police these practices and we

ask that all attachments ---of any kind--- and all active page content or

HTML coding be left off.  We ask all users to send plain text only messages

when using the list.


Can I send an attached file directly to another list user?  Certainly.

Please address your message directly to them and do not copy the list post

office address in on the message.  As with all e-mail, we recommend being

careful about opening any file attachment you receive.  Since the majority

of viruses send themselves by activating a user’s address book file, any

virus you receive is likely to come from a friend a business associate you

know well.  If you receive any e-mail from anyone and it contains a file

attachment you weren't’t expecting, it’s a prudent practice to call the

sender and ask them if they personally created the file or have opened it on

their own system before you open it on yours.


Is the subscriber list being sold or given to people for mass marketing

purposes?  No.  Neither the list server subscriber list nor the NAELB

membership list is sold to anyone.


I know I’ve gotten solicited at the e-mail address I use for the list

server, how could that happen?  Anyone with anything beyond basic e-mail

skills can capture e-mail addresses from any e-mail they receive.  It’s more

than likely that some users of the list server capture every address of

every poster and add them to some kind of marketing list.  The NAELB can

neither stop or control that.  When you attend any meeting and wear a name

tag, anyone can make a note of your name and call you later to sell you

something.  Using the list server is like participating in an on-going

electronic meeting and your ‘name tag’ is visible to all other participants.


Does the NAELB archive all past postings?  No.  At this time we do not have

that capability.


Some people don’t sign their names to their messages and their e-mail

addresses does not tell who they are, can the NAELB identify specific

message posters?  No.  Again, this is an honor system.  Each new subscriber

was told that anonymous posts were not allowed.  We can only hope that

common business courtesy would compel everyone to sign their full name and

company name to each of their posts.  The only way to identify or reach

someone who does not would be to send a message directly to that person.


Thanks for taking the time to read this unusually long message.  I felt it

was important to clear up the confusion surrounding the use of the service.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the NAELB thanks for using

this popular member benefit and thanks for your cooperation in keeping it

running smoothly.


Gerry Egan






President Bush, Transportation Secretary Mineta Present Baldrige Award to Dana Corporation's Spicer Driveshaft Unit



ARLINGTON, Va., April 6 / -- President George W. Bush and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta today presented the 2000 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for manufacturing to Dana Corporation (NYSE: DCN) leaders in a ceremony held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott.


(Photo:  http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19990903/DANA )  


The award, which recognizes the quality-oriented achievements of Dana's Spicer Driveshaft unit, was first announced in November.  Spicer Driveshaft was one of two recipients in the manufacturing category this year and one of only 19 operations to have garnered the honor for manufacturing since it was first awarded in 1988.


Chairman and CEO Joe Magliochetti and Spicer Driveshaft Vice President and General Manager Joe Sober accepted the Baldrige award on the behalf of Dana.


"When the subject is quality, there is no greater honor than the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award," Mr. Magliochetti said.  "And there is certainly no greater distinction than to represent the people of Dana Corporation's Spicer Driveshaft unit in accepting this award from the President of the United States.


"It gives me great pride to see our driveshaft group -- which represents the very products on which our company was founded -- still achieving breakthroughs in innovation, technology, and quality nearly a century after Clarence Spicer developed the first practical application of the universal joint for an automobile," he added.  "More than 10,000 patents have been registered by the Dana Corporation since that first product achievement, and yet this extraordinary commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has always remained a very fundamental tenet of our success."


Spicer Driveshaft is the second Dana unit to earn the Baldrige award.  In 1996, the company's leasing subsidiary, Dana Commercial Credit Corporation, earned a Baldrige award in the competition's service category.


Often described as "the standard of business excellence," the Baldrige award was established by Congress to promote awareness of performance excellence, recognize quality and business achievements of U.S. companies, and publicize successful business excellence strategies.


Earning the Baldrige award reflects Dana's dedication to quality in all its operations.  Since 1992, Dana has used its own Quality Leadership Process, based on Baldrige criteria, to evaluate and improve the performance of Dana divisions in key quality categories.  In addition to the Baldrige award, Dana operations globally earned 24 state and national quality awards in 2000, as well as 46 quality certifications from Dana customers.


Spicer Driveshaft is the world's leading independent supplier of cardan driveshafts and related components and systems.  It is a global authority in the research and development of advanced driveshaft and power-transfer technology.  Spicer Driveshaft employs 3,400 people at 17 facilities in the United States.  For more information on Spicer Driveshaft and the Baldrige Award, visit Spicer Driveshaft's Internet site at: www.spicerdriveshaft.com , or call toll free at (866) 494-3258.


Dana Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers to vehicle manufacturers and their related aftermarkets.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, the company operates some 300 major facilities in 35 countries and employs more than 75,000 people.  The company reported sales of $12.3 billion in 2000.  Dana's Internet address is www.dana.com .



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