April 9, 2001



Three Leasing Companies Begin Again----

United Association of Equipment Leasing Scottsdale Conference

Sunday Sermon

The Leasing News List Up-Dated


Coda: Menkin Answers Stan Nathanson,"Why Would You Move to Indiana?"




JDR Capital to become "Forway Partners?????"


First of all they are changing their name to Forway Partners, LLC. And yes they were once a great place to work for, we did have barbecues and a $5K bonus and went to the Bahamas.

However, we worked very hard for the bonus and the trip, which was initially suppose to be for a week and was reduced to a 4 day weekend, which we had to pay for our spouse and room if you took your spouse. The year before we missed our goal by a small amount and were not compensated for it. If the owners set a goal and the employees meet it then they should stick to it. It was not a gift it was incentive for us to sell our programs and in turn receive a reward at the end of the year. Unfortunately, when the end of Copelco came - it was a very difficult place to work and the pressure was extreme. As times got worse they reduced commissions on deals so that they would make a better profit. I am an ex-employee and I use to love going to work at JDR,

however, out of the 90% of people who were laid off I'd say 89% would not go back. We all still get together and talk and everyone is so hurt by the way that they treated them in the end. One person actually stopped in for their paycheck and was asked to find a file for them, after they were laid off!!!! Every time they had a lay off they said that it would be the last. There was no notice for anyone to make arrangements, to set up interviews with other companies, to find a way to pay bills! We were laid off at somewhere around 2 in the afternoon and that is when they punched out our time card. They couldn't even pay us until the end of the day! This can be verified with anyone who worked at JDR. The people who were left were told to make it look as though they were a "larger company" whenever they had funders come in. This is fact not hearsay. You would be able to confirm it with the owners if they would take your calls but we all know that they aren't.


Name and Address Withheld





Terminal Marketing to become Milestone Capital, L.L.C.?????


"I have a very good friend that is the President of a very large and

reputable company in Washington, DC who recently received a letter from one

of the "top three" at Terminal Marketing. My friends company had done some

business with Terminal over the years.


"Long story short........I personally had many dealings with the woman who

wrote the letter, Karen Klein, when she was at Terminal years ago and I know

for a fact that she has been with Sandy Schneiderman since the beginning.

Anyway, he read me the letter and it mentions that Terminal has dissolved

but that she (and others) are affiliated with Milestone Capital, L.L.C.

based in Corona Del Mar, CA and she hopes they can "make a seamless

transition" (Direct Quote from the letter)


"Another very interesting point is that I think Milestone was started by a

guy who used to do a lot of business with Terminal and I had heard at least

two years ago that Karen Klein, Ravi (another of the Top Three at Terminal)

and the principal from Milestone had set this company up almost two years

ago to co-mingle transactions with what was happening at Terminal when they

tightened up their belts with credit."


Name With Held



PinnLease to Become "Aloha"


Re: The "reincarnation" of PinnLease - It has been said that one should read

history, or thy will be doomed to repeat it - The largest "Ponzi Sceme" ever

perpetrated was that of Bennett Funding - in the Leasing business - based in

Syracuse, NY. They filed for bankruptcy in 1996, and one of the Bennett

brothers is now in federal prison for more than one decade.


The irony is.... one of their principal dba's was... Aloha Leasing (that

name known to every copier dealer in the US at one time.


And now we have "Aloha Pacific" ?? Also too cute!


Charlie Meaker - Lease Financing, Inc.





Note: We have not added JDR Capital and Terminal Marketing to the Leasing News

List as we do have confirmation they are no longer accepting new business. editor








The UAEL Executive Committee along with the UAEL

Standards committee and the Spring Education Conference

Chair tackle the hottest topic in equipment leasing...


ETHICS: How To Take Action!


Rule breakers beware. This general session will define the UAEL Standards of Professional Practice and instruct members and non-members how to take action against violators. You've seen the issues on Kit Menkin's LeasingNews.org, these are the hottest topics and UAEL will give you the solutions.


For further details and to register please visit our website at www.uael.org or contact the UAEL office at (510) 444-9235.


Reminder Rooms are going quickly at the Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort. Call today to make

your reservations at (480) 947-5400.


Joanie Dalton Managing Director


(510) 444-9235 x27 (510) 444-1346 fax www.uael.org joanie~uael.org



Welcome to California Not from Doug Delack



Hey Kit! This is very entertaining, but it wasn't from me. Please post the




Doug Delack




Sunday Sermon


Kit - really enjoy your newsletter, especially the "this day in history"

where I always learn something new. You might want to fix the spelling of

"thirty" in your auto signature.


Best regards,

Kimberlee Coleman, Counsel

CommVest, LLC



( Thank you.This is the first time that I used the signature from American Leasing

in the Sunday Sermon. Thank you for pointing out the typo. You are the first

to notice this.


For the last four to six months, I have been sending out a Sunday Sermon, actually including Leasing News readers on it, as I have been sending out one for a long time at American Leasing,where I make my living. The signature is American Leasings, and that was an error, as it should be LeasingNews, a separate entity and incorporated as such. Kit Menkin )


+ + +


Unfortunately Kit, some folks have to criticize others in order to help

themselves feel better and superior.


Keep up the great work on reporting on what is happening as it develops.

We'll just hope that more of your readers learn how to use their delete keys

if something bothers them. Or they do they certainly have the right to

"unscribe" don't they?


Perhaps we should all remember that if we don't have something nice to say,

we shouldn't say anything at all.


Peace brother!


Gerry Oestreich


Adirondack Leasing Associates Ltd


+ + +


Well written, Kit - thanks...


Have a great week...


Bette Kerhoulas



+ + +



Here here Kit. It's about time somebody stepped up and attempted to

re-establish some semblance of morality and decency in these insane times.

Good for you!




+ + +


This is a very special week. No other event in our history is as important.


Thanks for standing up!!


Harold E Bailey



+ + +




This Sunday issue was by far the best that I have seen to date. It is time

to move past the negative issues and start a new future for all of us. Life

is just too short to spend all of your time complaining, hating and being

negative. This is a good step in the right direction.


Sean wheeler

One Lease




+ + +


I think it is great that you are taking a moral stand and addressing

this. Business Lending can be callous at times but it doesn't mean we have

to be callous people.


Tom Williams



+ + +


Thank you not so much for the Sunday Sermon but for the message it contained. We

seem to get caught up with what's wrong with our individual universes and

miss all the things that are good and right. We chase the dollar to the

exclusion of most other things.,.,.,.,very sad. I am thankful for your

little reminder and hopeful that it will get me a little closer to the

really meaningful things in life.


Rick Wilbur

Managing Partner

Media Capital Associates,LLC


(800) 836-7753 ext. 104


+ + +


A simple 'Amen', Brother....


Thanx...... terry


Terry Waggoner








How did I get on your mailing list?


Are you a participant in the weekly publication of "Leasing News"??? If

so, please remove me from other personal mailings regarding religion. I am

only interested in Leasing & Finance materials.




Name With Held


( I suggest that when it appears, on Sunday, as Gerry Oestreich suggest, all you need to do ist delete it, instead of reading it. editor ).


His response:


please remove me from your mailing list. thanks.


( we also have received three others who wanted to be removed, most likely

they don't like the Sunday Sermon. editor )


= + +++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The List





( This is also on line at our web site: http://www.leasingnews.org/list.htm


Unicapital (4/2001) founder Robert New dies in plane crash in Aspen, Colorado

( 12/2000 files bk ) *** series of company that may be affected, end of report )

Sanwa-Tokei (4/2001) Major bank/leasing merger on West Coast, as Sanwa Bank

and Tokei merge to become United California Bank.

PinnLease ( 4/2001) PinnFund out of money, closes all offices, including leasing.,

newspaper stories say "Millions of dollars are gone."

(3/2001) PinnLease USA to Fold 47 Nationwide Offices-- $100 Million Fraud,

reads like a tabolid story, perhaps largest fraud in West Coast history.

Orix (4/2001) Orix to "consolidate;" close offices.

( 2/2001) Closes re-discount center, Steve Geller says "goodbye." Geller joins Leasing

News Advisory Board, receives many accolades from readers ( 11/10) First Six Month

Profits up 14% at Orix! ) 11/8 New President at Orix appointed .

(10/2000) "long-term Outlook has been revised from Stable to Negative" Credit

Alliance that it has changed its name to ORIX Financial Services, 9/2000 Japanese

Bank President Commits Suicide (Orix is a 14.7% shareholder in bank having problems ),

(8/2000 closes small ticket vendor division in\ Portland, Oregon, "Business as usual

(in New Jersey and with brokers)," says Steve Geller)

SierraCities (3/31/2001) American Express completes purchase/merger

(3/2001) Sierra Cities-Amex Merger Gets Green Light

(2/2001) offer by American Express for $5.68 per share in cash. We predicted this

last week, naming the company and floor price. American Express active in

equipment leasing, likes what it sees, and Sierra Cities is the vehicle,

not Advanta or others that it has viewed to purchase. (1/2001 VerticalNet Merger falls

apart (1/16/01) Sells Off UK Assets, (7/2000_ 2nd quarter loss, see report


Security Financial, San Jose, CA ( 3/2001) To close San Jose office, ceased application

March,1998, only going to do secured mortgage transaction from San Francisco office.

Center Capital (3/2001) acquired by Webster Bank, Farmington, Conn. Center Capital finances

commercial and industrial equipment through installment sales and leasing programs to customers in all 50 states. The firm employs a staff of 60 and will continue to operate under the Center Capital name.

Safeco, Seattle, Wash. (3/2001) announces they are seeking a buyer for its commercial

credit and leasing subsidiary, Safeco Credit.

CIT (3/2001) Tyco International Ltd. makes offer for about $9.2 billion in cash and stock in a

deal that would allow the manufacturer to finance purchases of its wide array of products. Bermuda Hq, N.H. operation office. ( 2/2001) Closing Atlanta office and others, "freeze" on new broker business.

FlexLeasing ( a subsidiary of Griffin and Associates),Albuquerque, New Mexico

(3/2001 ) closing office, to merge with another company, "announcement soon,"

say Chuck Griffin.

United Capital, Austin Texas ( 3/2001) reports from readers that customer base, leasing deals, being given to "sister company" Spectrum Leasing, same building; United Capital still

not taking new deals, many employees let go, looks dark.

( 1/2001 employees let go, portion of portfolio sold, discounters

not paid, vendors not paid, it is alleged. 1/2001, selling off portfolio, problems

ahead with vendors not paid, brokers not paid, sinking in quicksand 12/2000 no

new deals until after the 1st of year, Steve Dallas trying to hold it together. Dallas says, " We will survive."

Terminal Marketing, NY,NY (3/2001) Brokers report deals not being funded, commissions

not paid, appears out of money.

U.S.Capital, Santa Barbara, Ca. (3/2001) Many brokers, super brokers, discounters left hold

the bag, report they are filing bk

Finova (3/2001) files Chap. 11 as per plan, many disputes, Finova Former CEO May Get $9.3 Million in Severance, says Arizona Republic Newspaper

(3/2001) Dow Jones questions take over plans (2/2001) Finova Bailed Out by

Buffett-Led Group , Berkshire Hathaway and Leucadia National announced that they have entered into an agreement for a $6 billion loan to Finova Capital , however to clear up

creditor issues, will have to file Chapter 7 and hope creditors don't push into Chapter

11, many guess stock manipulations and other "doings" going on. ( 2/2001) downgraded to "C" rating by Fitch "With significant debt maturities due in May 2001 and Leucadia National Corp's $350 million investment withdrawn, Finova's ability to operate as a

going concern faces serious challenges."(1/2001) Deal of Leucadia National to Invest $350 Million in Finova falls apart 1/2001 laid off 90 employees, or about 9 percent of

its workforce, in an ongoing effort to cut costs. The company continues to employ about 300 people in Phoenix and 940 nationwide. (12/2000) out of market place, many problems, raises $250 MM, but not enough ) (11/2000 Announces they will discontinue business, sell units 11/2000 Suspends Dividend 11/2000 Leucadia National to Invest

$350 Million in Finova 11/2000 reports $274 million loss)( 10/2000 Dow Jones notes stock falling and problems at Finova) (10/2000 Dow Jones headlines "Finova Stock Falls As Buyout Hopes Wanes.

Manifest Group-( 3/2001) changes name to U.S. Bancorp - Manifest Funding Services Manifest

Group--( 9/1/2000 purchased by US Bancorp Leasing and Financial, "...a win for all the

parties involved," Brian Bjella. 11/2000 Donald Polfiet leaves and no one knows where

he went. If you know, please tell us.

Preferred Capital ( 3/2001) Rumor close to sell to Capital Werks, and will become

Preferred Leasing, a Capital Werks Company, this month (2/2001) internal memo about

training by company about to take over, supposedly there for several months, "training" employees (01/2000 Mark Seif confirms for sale; will make no further comments (12/2000) Company reportedly on the block "one the block." ( 11/2000). David Murray left 11/7

"didn't like letting his friends go."

LeaseExchange.com (3/2001) Tom Williams to give it a 90 day trial run, also trying

to raise money (2/2001) reported on "auto- pilot" ( 1/2001) Closes Irving office, cuts


Studebaker Worthington Leasing ( 2/2001) sold to State Bancorp

Efinanceworks (2/2001) lays off 27 employees, says will return $150 million to investors,

and is shutting down.

eLease ( 2/2001 )employees Let Go, Prime Street is "History." (12/2000) purchase by

Primestreet (June/July/2000)senior management changes )

Keystone Leasing (2/2001 ) the former management team of K.L.C., Inc. (dba Keystone

Leasing), headed by its co-founder Alan Kaufman, formerly a Unicapital, has formed a

new equipment leasing business, Keystone Equipment Finance based in West Hartford, CT.

Saddleback Financial ( 2/2001) the management team of Orange, CA-based Saddleback Financial,

headed by co-founders Warren Emard and Stuart Kennedy, survives with new investors,

and does not do broker business.

Lyon Credit (2/2001 ) founder John Bowes leaves , the company still is seeking new business,

despite reports to the contrary ( 10/2000 ) operating as United

Capital, a Division of Hudson United Bank, closes Dallas, Texas office (6/2000) closes

Atlanta and

Irvine, Calif. office (9/99 Hudson United Bancorp buys Lyon Credit

Bayview Capital ( 2/2001) reports fourth quarter 2000 net loss of $92.5 million ( 12/2000

announces $17 million loss/later does not issue dividend )

U.S. Mellon, San Francisco (2/2001) Brian Madison Leaving, reportedly U.S.Mellon for sale

Dana (2/2001) reports huge 4th quarter loss ( 7/2000 sold off portfolio, active as captive

lessor ) (2/2001 posts a fourth-quarter net loss, eliminates 10,000 jobs ( 7/2000 sold off portfolio, active as captive lessor )

Comstock Leasing (2/2001) files bankruptcy ( 3/2000) Unicapital then Linc purchased

Comstock and discontinued operation this date )

El Camino Leasing, Woodland Hills, California ( 2/2001 ) GATX announces purchase

of portfolio, making ATEL Capital largest independent owned leasing company

in the world (1/2001) ( 1/2001 reportedly winding down, sold portfolio, selling partner relationships, selling off all assets (10/2000 No longer taking broker business 11/2000 struggling to stay in leasing business, according to insider reports

Old Kent (2/2001) Closes door to new broker business

Source Capital, Spokane, Washington, (2/2001) Issues $.22 per share cash dividend, $1 million

net income, 4% decrease from previous year. ( 11/2000 ) ceases accepting broker applications

PLM International (2/2001 )MILPI Acquisition Corp completes cash offer for outstanding stock

Colonial Pacific (2/2001)Colonial Closes former "Tilden Operation" in New York and Anaheim,

rumors floating to surface: GE/CPL will leave small ticket broker marketplace ( 5/2000)

no more re-brokered applications, except from one or two sources, such as Steve Dunham's

Leasing Associates (11/98) purchased by GE Capital )

Linc Capital (2/2000 creditors file for Chapter 7 (9/2000 out of vendor and broker business,

Nasdaq halts stock sales, $13.4 loss last quarter, 10/2000 assets for sale )

Affiliated Corporate Services, Lewisville, Texas (1/2001) Merges with First Commerce Leasing

Advanta Leasing (1/2001 Advanta ceases leasing business announcement 1/2001 Chris

Ciarrocchi says "goodbye" Mortgage Division sold, re-affirms Leasing Division still for sale, former prez now at eOriginals,others let go like Kaye Lee.) (9/2000) for sale.

NationsCredit, Business Leasing Group (1/2001) complaints from brokers regarding getting information for NationsCredit and GrayRock Capital on FMV, payoffs, residuals from

Textron who is servicing the portfolio )(1/29/99) sold to Textron *** Textron does

"broker business."

Saddleback Financial ( 1/2001) Prez. Warren Emard announces "... still in business... We are

still originating business through vendors and directly to lessees. Does not accept broker


First Commercial Capital Corp ( 1/2001 to be acquired by TCF Leasing )

First International Bancorp ( 1/2001 ) to be acquired by UPS Capital First State Bancorp,

Albuquerque, N.M ( 3/2000 sold leasing division-$64 million---)

BSB Leasing ( 1/2001 Don Meyerson bought back the company and they are back in business at

303-329-09227. Official announcement to be made soon. They are notifying brokers to start sending them business again. 12/2000 Don Meyerson says to be "re-born"11/2000 closed to

accepting new business.)

Affinity Leasing, Washington ( 12/2000 to close and concentrate on Financial Pacific biz )

Banc One Leasing ( 12/2000 Lays Off 60, Closes 5 offices )

Bombardier ( 12/2000 reported having leasing problems, not confirmed, company strong in other

divisions, but appears backing out of leasing division )

Capital Associates, Denver, Colorado ( 12/2000 no longer doing business, filing bk? )

Conseco Finance Vendor Service ( 12/2000 purchased by Wells Fargo Leasing).

DVI Capital (12/2000 out of broker )

Finantra (11/2000 will eliminate its commercial finance operations in order to focus on its two

core finance platforms, consumer finance and services and consumer mortgage lending. )

Dennis Horner (12/2000)acquired by Sandy Spring National Bank, a subsidiary of

Olney, MD-based Sandy Spring Bancorp. The Equipment Leasing Company was a unit of

Progress Financial of Blue Bell, PA.

Metwest Leasing, Spokane Wa. (11/2000 is pulling the plug, confirmed by five sources. 9/2000

advising brokers that they have run out of funds so they are unable to fund a

transaction we have there for funding.)

Newcourt ( 8/2000 sold off ) Old Kent Financial ,Grand Rapids, Michigan ( 11/2000 Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio announces acquirement, to close second quarter 2001-Gateway Leasing sold to Old Kent in 1997, small ticket leasing specialists )

Resource Leasing, Herndon, Virginia ( 11/2000 MicroFinancial/Leasecomm acquires major

portion of the assets.)

Signature Leasing, Dublin, California ( 11/2000 no longer in small ticket marketplace; appears

to have closed down ).

Transamerica ( 11/2000 for sale, but no buyers, so taken off marketplace, no longer for sale )

Varilease ( 11/2000 closed down )

Copelco (10/2000 ceases broker business, many complaints in manner turning off faucet 5/2000 sold to Citibank 10/2000 stock down rated/ )

Matsco Financial (10/2000 purchased by Greater Bay Bank )

T&W, Washington (10/2000 filed Chapter 11. Creditors meeting on 12-4-00 Seattle.

Case # 00-10868 US Bankruptcy Court Western District of Wash. 206-553-7545. Debtor

Attorney-Marc Barreca 206-623-7580)

Balboa Capital ( 9/2000 Founder Pat Byrne "...office available any time he wants to use it"

Reported he is no longer "in control" or working "full time" at Balboa, the company he


Liberty Leasing, Des Moines, Iowa ( 10/2000 closed, selling portfolio, owned by Commercial

Federal Bank, Omaha, Nebraska )

Leasing Solutions, San Jose ( bankrupt )(9/2000) Files BK (10/1998 stock loses more than 50% of value in a single day with announcement that auditors were forcing LS to write down the residual values of a small portion of equipment returned for remarketing. After a long

stream of announcements of ongoing negotiations, forbearance periods, the establishment of an internet strategy (yes, the lenders let them use cash for that rather than apply

it against borrowings!)

Bay View Commercial Corporation (Bay View Bank) 9/2000 discontinuing all franchise loan and

lease production

Charter Financial ( purchased by Wells Fargo 9/5/2000 )

Onset Capital ( 9/2000 Irwin buys 87% equity )

Republic Leasing, South Carolina 9/27/2000 ( "The expected result will be a sale of Republic Leasing"---Dwight Galloway. He adds, "We have always been for sale for the right price,

but in thirteen years we have not sold off any leases or gone direct after broker's business, ever." )

SFC Capital ( 9/15/2000 purchased by Trinity Capital )

Lease Acceptance Corp---( 7/26/2000 ceases broker business )

New England Capital ( 6/2000 sold to Network Capital Alliance a division of Sovereign Bank.

Sovereign did hire two people who will run a sales office in CT, doing basically the same

deals with the same people as before. Little will change in that aspect.

Prime Capital, Chicago ( 6/2000 closed )

Scripp Financial ( 6/29/2000 ( purchased by US Bancorp )

Metrolease--( 5/2000 reports closing operation, John Blazek at Evergreen Leasing, Hathcock

losing assets, will not confirm nor deny; many serious rumors of serious fraud floating

around the marketplace, including debt to Textron Financial, reported to file bk.)

Phoenix ( 5/2000 both divisions closed )

FMA Financial, California ( 4/2000 reportedly closed to brokers )

USA Capital Leasing ( 5,2000 ) creditors force Chapter 7 ( 4,2000 ) file chapter 11 bk

Fidelity ( 4/2000 acquired by EAB, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank N.V.,

headquartered in the Netherlands, raising funds )

NIA National Leasing ( 3/2000 purchased by Lakeland Bancorp )

Franklin Leasing, Des Moines, Iowa--owned by Liberty Bank-- (2/2000)-no longer writing leases ( limited by regulations and leases are for sale ).

Bankvest (1/2000)bankrupt, voluntary (11/99) Orix, smaller banks, creditors file for involuntary bankruptcy against Bankvest (10/99) ceases new business ( 8/99 )Fleet pulls their lines.

Commerce Security ( 9/99 closed to leasing broker program )(11/99 last fundings/ 12/2000

Leasing News gives credit to Ron Wagner as the first to see the quality and margins of

leasing changing, decides to avoid what was to happen in the year 2000 ).

Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Corporation (FMAC) 11/1999 purchased Heller Financial's Commercial Services Unit ( 10/99 purchased by CIT )

Japan Leasing Credit claims ( JLC --6/99 purchased by Orix )

Liberty Leasing ( 6/1999 closed, California company )

Golden Gate Funding ( 2/99) purchased by Westover Financial

Rockford Industries (2/99) sold to American Express

no dates on these changes:

anyone can help us with dates, would be appreciated. editor

American Business Leasing ( gone )

The Bancorp Group, Inc. (Southfield, MI) (Not accepting news business. The BOD of the parent bank is assessing what to do with the leasing subsidiary.....currently servicing portfolio

but not originating. no longer in business )

Imperial Credit Industries (ICII) ( sold portfolio )

Merit Leasing ( gone )

Prime Leasing, Minnesota ( no longer doing business )


***Original Purchases by Date by Unicapital


American Capital Resources 2/98

Boulder Capital Group 2/98

Cauff, Lippman Aviation 2/98

Jacom Computer Services 2/98

Matrix Funding 2/98

Merrimac Financial Associates 2/98

MunicipalCapital Markets Group 2/98

The NSJ Group 2/98

PortfolioFinancial Servicing 2/98 --acquires assets of Unicapital

Vanlease 2/98

The Walden Group 2/98

K.L.C., Inc. dba Keystone Leasing 5/98 back in business

Jumbo Jet 7/98

HLC Financial 7/98

Saddleback Financial Corporation 7/98 ---back in business U.S.

Turbine Engine Corp. 7/98

The Myerson Companies dba BSB Leasing 9/98 --- back in business under original owner now: Don








Rabbi, Father, Pastor Kit, (You took care of everyone)


That was a wonderful sermon on this religious Sunday holiday for all faith's, and I enjoyed

it more than going to Friday night services.

I am only puzzeled about one thing. Why the hell would you want to move to Indiana? I have

been to Richmond to visit

Jerry Bishop, and even he lives and commutes to Ohio.


Stan Nathanson <stanmaven@yahoo.com>


( I am glad you asked, grasshopper. Why move to Indiana? I put this in for two

reasons,#1, if I were to move there, I would not longer be a Californian?

or a New Yorkers? I spend more time in Santa Clara, rather than Los Gatos,

where I live, so where shall I say I am from. When I go to New Orleans,

most likely I will say from San Francisco, but I live 60 miles south.

I might say San Jose, although that is not correct either, or I might

say Silicon Valley, which is true ( but there are many Silicon Valley's,


When I moved my father into a rest home near by office to visit him often, his room was a 78 year old "live spirt" person, my request for a roommate for my 82 year old father

sufferring from Alzheimers. When I met him, I asked he where he was from? He said, Portsmith, New Hampshire. He then moved to Santa Clara. I asked him how long he had lived here. Without a blink in his eye, he told me 77 years.

He lived in Santa Clara for 77 years, but considered himself from New Hampshire.

So I guess, where you are born, is where you are from, not where you live.

But if I moved to Indiana, would I still be a New Yorker, where I was born, or

would I still be a Californian ( since 1956.) I do know the correct answer

to the question that no one got: if I moved to Indiana, I would be a HOOSIER! ( not an

Indianian, as I suggested, and if you were a Hoosier, you would have caught that.

So where you are from is not a simple question, grasshopper.

editor )




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