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April 30, 2001 --  Leasing Salesman Pay Survey

             Illegal or Unethical---Neither is Good Business/Paul Menzel

                U.S.Capital--Ken Nelson

                   Humboldt Bancorp---"Closing" is the same as "Selling"?

                      Membership Chairman Bill Grohe ( photo on line )

         Fleet Claims First Major Bank in the Northeast

               to Introduce Wireless Banking and Bill Paying Capabilities

           eCredit Makes Red Herring Top 100


April 27, 2001 -- Correction

         -Bancorp Financial Services, owned by Humboldt Bancorp, is Very Much In Business


April 27, 2001 -- A.J. Batt: Richest Man in Leasing Retires


         Amplicon Reports Net Earnings Loss Compared to Previous 3rd Quarter

            "...over the past few weeks, the company has undertaken a series of

             steps to improve the productivity of the sales organization and bring

             overhead expenses more in line with the current level of lease originations,"

                 says Chairman  Patrick E. Paddon


       LeaseLoan Introduces Affiliate Resource Center

         PinnFund Asset Freeze Is Extended

          Panel: More Jail for Finance Crime            

             U.S.Capital/Ken Nelson Redux

               GATX Bad Week


April 26, 2001 -- Ken Nelson Remembered

                CFS Group/Decision Systems Loss

               CIT Reports Profit/Plus Declares Dividend

             Tech Com/Universal Products Fraud--$1 Million

         Oestreich Predicts 450 New Orleans Attendance/300 signed to date

     CapitalStream Names Fuhrman New Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


  Leasing News List is Up-Dated


April 25, 2001 --

     "End of Story" for U.S.Capital

       ELA Code of Fair Business Practice

        Consumer Confidence Now 52.7%, Reports BIGresearch

         eLease on the Monitor Daily News

           Bob Rodi Small Broker Re-Visited


April 24, 2001 --

       Yes, There Are People in the Leasing Business Stupid Enough to Send Money to Nigeria

        Average Top Credit Card Rate is 14.66%--variable interest, too, plus

           no schedule of principal pay down when comparing to a lease

         Advanta Credit Card Business Earns 2%, They Report

          Baseball Special ( as it appears many will have the time to attend ball games )

           GATX on a Roll----Their Press Release


Thursday, April 26, San Francisco, Equipment Leasing Association Luncheon Meeting

April 23, 2000 --

  225 Expected to UAEL Scottsdale Conference, including 40 "first timers"

    Bob Rodi Christmas Prediction---Coal or Bonus in your Fireplace Stocking?

      BrokerWare Merges with Funder OnLine

            Bank Wire by Internet: Instant-no possible 24 hour time delay-

              NEC Leasing Lowers Price, Plus $500 up-front Bonus

                  Pacific Century Cuts Back in U.S. Leasing/Concentrate on "Home Market"

                     Old Frauds Remembered


 eLeasing--Duffy Sums Leasing News Report Correctly

April 20, 2001 --

      The United Capital Thrust Appears to be "Spectrum Leasing"

       Leasing Association Conference Up-Date

           Michigan Heritage Bancorp Announces Formation of MHB Leasing, Inc.

                 Computer Makers Take it in the Shorts

                    Want Beach Front Property????

April 19, 2001 --

       Irwin Leasing Shows Loss

        Lakeland Leasing Noninterest Expense Up

         Depping: Lion or Gazelle?

           Superbroker: Definition

   , MachineryLink Announce Business Alliance

               Intuit Appoints Former GE/Colonial President to New Position

                All United Capital E-Mail Accounts Come Back/No Longer Connected???


April 18, 2001 --

Feds Surprise All with Early Decision/Economy Scares Them

      Orix Financial Services Moving to Atlanta

        Leasing and Selling Art via the Internet--New York Times story

          ADP Credit Corp. Selects eFinance

          Sterling Reports 17% Profit over Previous Period

            So did Depping go out as a lion or a gazelle?


 What is a Super Broker?

April 17, 2001 --

     The Value of Sierra Cities Stock---Depping as the Gazelle

       Heller Financial Chooses Doc 4i

         CitiCapital's Profit Off 67% --Wall Street Journal Story

            U.S. Bancorp building in Marshall to Break Ground Thursday

    Intuit Acquires More Tax and Accounting Software--appropriate after April 16                         Largest Peterbilt HD Truck Dealers Reports DownTurn

                      Intel First Quarter Profits Down 80 Percent,

                               while they slash new Pentium IV Prices


April 16, 2001 --

  United Parcel Post to Buy First International Bank

    PinnFund/PinnLeasing--Latest News

      Fraud's Remembered  Part II

         Ethics and Standards

          Latest Listserve News


            Bank Fraud--International


April 13, 2001 --


       Colleagues Applaud Bob Rodi "Revisit to Ethics and Standards"

        National Association of Equipment Leasing "Listserve"

         LiveCapital On Line Credit

          Countrywide Bank Joins On Line Fray

             eLeasing Reaction

            Old Frauds Remembered


April 12, 2001 -- PinnFund/Leasing Founder Skips/Judge Issues Arrest Warrant

    eLeasing Companies---Up-dated Report

     Yahoo.Com Reports Major Loss

        Heller to Redeem Shares

         GE Profits Up 16% First Quarter

           Lakeland Bank ( leasing ) Reports Earnings

April 11, 2001 --

     Official Tom Depping Resignation from Sierra Cities

      JDR Capital “Open for Business,”, according to Bob Baker

       Linc Capital Bankruptcy Hearing Continues

        First Tennessee Bank Launches eFinance Suite for Small Businesses

         Accesspoint Showing Steady Growth In the Face of Slowing Economic Environment

          Monitor Daily Website Hits 2 Million Mark on Fifth Anniversary

           More Sunday Sermon Reaction

April 9, 2001 --

Three Leasing Companies Begin Again----

        United Association of Equipment Leasing Scottsdale Conference

          Sunday Sermon

            The Leasing News List Up-Dated


  Coda: Menkin Answers Stan Nathanson,"Why Would You Move to Indiana?"

April 6, 2001 --

         PinnFund/PinnLeasing Closed/

                       Opening on Monday as " Aloha Leasing?"

           Victor Harris, Esq. Receives Kudo's

            Financial Services Sources Now On Line at

             Robert New--The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

              "They Were People Who Knew How to Live," Los Angeles Times             

            In Defense of JDR Capital

                Bob Rodi Surfaces---Busy Signing Deals

                   BellMicro Introduces LeaseEase with Wells Fargo

                    Malcolm Bladrige Award Goes to Dana ( former major lessor )


   ListServe is Explained to Members of the National Association of Equipment Brokers

        by NAELB Director Gerry Egan



April 04, 2001 --

     PinnFund/Leasing USA "Out of Money""/Millions Are Gone", says San Diego Union-Tribune

         Broker also reports "bounced check" from PinnFund Leasing

      Robert New---Most Readers Have Little Good to Say

        Comdisco Takes Big Hit in Stock as Investors Fear Their Investment Portfolio

                    Orix Issues Press Release/Revealing Part of What Insider Has Told Leasing News

             GE Capital Picks Up NCR Leasing

               PDS Gets Action Gaming

                  Internet Capital Lists Their Successes, including Mellon On Line Leasing


 Meet Kit Menkin and Leasing News Advisory Board at the New Orleans Conference in May

 National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers Special Workshop

   All association members can obtain the "member" conference price, plus if fax,

  telephone, or check dated April 5, "Early Bird Special"

April 03, 2001 -- "ORIX To Close Offices," Insider Says

            Robert New/UniCapital Co-Founder

             Sanwa-Tokai Merge




                   Attorneys Doing Well in Economy, says Kelly Staffing


NAELB April 5 "Early Bird" Closes

April 2, 2001 -- UniCapital Robert New Dies in Private Plane Crash
American Express Finalizes Sierra Cities Merger
CitiGroup to Buy American Express????
Finova Continues Losses
GE Buys Franchise Finance


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