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April 01, 2002
--William Gates Buys GE Capital and CIT
                Gazelle Leasing—Tom Depping Returns
                      GoodRodi Financial---East to West Coast      
                         Mike Fleming Retires
               ELA, EAEL, NAELB, UAEL Merge
                   Newell Runs Away with Britney Spears
                     Investment Tax Credit Tax Law Signed

April 02, 2002--Small Ticket Leasing
   Pat Roberts - What Golf Means
      Tranax Technologies ATM Expansion
         GE Capital/CLP Chicago Sympathy
            April Fool's Edition Reaction
               EAEL/UAEL Las Vegas Conference
                  ePlus Expands Presence
                     Dancing Our Way- NY Times

April 03, 2002--Leasing Co-Op---May Change the Face of Equipment Leasing
    New Century Bank---Community Banks Beware!!!!
       Former President of PinnLease May Be Hit for Over $6.7 Million
         ELA Proposed Amendment to Ohio Up-front Sales Tax
          Apology to Pat Roberts re: G.O.L.F. Handicap
      Lease Finance Mike Price pays nearly a half-million in yacht tax-evasion case
           Poll: Most Americans think tax cuts generally benefit `someone else'
             “The Hard Truth” by NY Times Thomas L. Friedman

      Monday—Meet the Leasing News Maker----the founders of the first Leasing Co-Op.

April 04, 2002--New Century Bank, Michigan---Bancorp Group Lease Portfolio
   MAEL Conference Deadline Extended
         Former PinnLease President To Respond to $6.7 Million Charge
             Houston lands JP Morgan's investment bank technology center
                  Carl E. Myrick – North West Regional Sales Manager    
                        Donald Paynter to Head Commodore Funding Corp.
                      The List is Up-Dated

April 05, 2002--Good-Bye, Troy Molitor---Sorry to See You Go
   Leasing News---Classified/Up-Dated
      Brian Bjella to Fill Troy Molitor’s Shoes
      Sunrise Int. Leasing Terminates Special Purpose Corp.
        Interpool Secures $500 Million Facility
          Moody's: Slow Recovery for Commercial Finance
             Only 160 Attendees Registered to Date for Las Vegas Conf.
              Streamlined Tax Project May Meeting
                  Timeline of recent events involving U.S. accounting giant

             Andersen to Lay Off 7,000 in Sale to Deloitte

April 08, 2002--United Capital to Spectrum to Oblivion?
   ELFF Appoints Deborah  Monosson Treasurer
      Inside GE Capital
         Interns from Russia
           Ron Caruso on the Economy
               The Week Ahead April 8-12                 
MicroFinancial  Names James R. Jackson CFO
             Stories this week: The Funding Tree/ Commercial Money Market

April 09, 2002--Parker Leasing Up-Date
  United Capital/Spectrum Leasing Portfolio’s
   $100 Million a Year---Leasing Co-Op
      Lead Enron Auditor to Plead Guilty
           IBM Warns of Sharp Downturn in Earnings, Revenues
             American Equipment Finance LCC Expands
                 Internet Q1 Shutdowns and Bankruptcies Decline
                   The numbers underscore just how bleak is the IPO market
                     Pacific Capital Bancorp First Quarter Earnings Conference Call                                       MarCap Hires Chanez as Senior Credit Analyst
            Knight Ridder Digital president to head HotJobs expansion
            Krispy Kreme Finances Plant after Terminating Synthetic Lease
            Special: Rich People Paying More Taxes

April 10, 2002--Buy Rates Rising?
  The Funding Tree---Six Months Later
     GE to Hold Conference Call, First in 110 Years
Former President of PinnLease Responds to $6.7 Million Charge
            BancLease Names Anna Ferrell Director of Marketing
          House moves to allow interest for business checking accounts
                    Hewlett-Packard Must Face Trial Over Compaq Buy
                   Ex-Pat Owner Chuck Sullivan lived under cloud of suits, complaints

April 11, 2002--HP Carly Fiorina Not Clean
  Municipal/Government Conference
    CIT Tyco Last Press Release
      In Great Respect---Barry Reitman Wife Passes Away
          Thursday---Odds and Ends
                SEC to File Fraud Case Against Xerox

April 12, 2002---Commercial Money Center Exposed.
   Revenue Flat as G.E. Profit Drops on Accounting Shift
     GE’s Press Release ( their version )
     CIT's BrokerEdge Online Service has Surpassed $2 Billion Mark
           Friday—Odds and Ends
                 Highlights from ELA Weekly Newsletter
                    First Niagara Financial Group 1st Quarter Earnings
                      FINOVA Group Sells Franchise Finance Portfolio to GE Capital
                       SCB Computer Tech. Sells Computer Equipment Leasing Business
                            Equilease Acquires Conseco TRAC Lease Portfolio

April 15, 2002---Commercial Money Center---It Gets Worse.
  Wildwood Financial Gets Accolades
    Vendor Profile Request—Jim Flemming
       Recruiters Being “over looked?”
           The Week Ahead April 15-19
         Thalman and Boyee earn MBA from Pepperdine University
   Milestone Cap. to Acquire Privately Held VELOS Capital.
     Silicon Valley's biggest companies report loss of $89.8 billion
        SJ Mercury Survey reveals staggering tech plunge
          Sign of the times: Cities stuck with too much office space
            Gerry Egan, TecSource, New Prez. NAELB-New Officers

April 16, 2002---Rates fall in Treasury bill auction
   Stocks Fall as Citigroup, GE Weigh
     GE Capital plans to lay off 7,000 employees
         Accounting, revenue worries assail GE
             Marlin Leasing Secures $75 Million CP Warehouse Facility
            Commercial Money Center---San Diego Tribune-Union on the Job
   Inter-Leasing Association Committee Meeting in Orlando, Florida
        NAELB Orlando, Florida Conference Reaction
          U.S. Economy: Higher Energy Costs Erode Spending
             Leasing News Recruiter Reaction
                Barry S. Marks, Esq. NAELB Orlando Address
                   Microvision Initiates Customer Leasing Program
                     Comdisco Begins Trading on the Over-the-Counter
                      Streamlined Sales Tax Project Definition Report Wrap-Up
                           GAO Says Amtrak should make better decisions
                                  Providian agrees to sell 1.7 million high- risk accounts
                                           Tales from the AMT battlefront

April 17, 2002---Fed Is Expected to Hold Steady on Rates for Next Few Months
         Sun Community Bancorp Limited Announces Leasing Services Partnership
           Factory Strength Erases Economic Doubts-Some Say
              Housing Starts Decline in March
                March 2002 Monthly Report—with predictions
                   GATX Predicts First Quarter Report Next Week Down
                      Caterpillar Reported First-Quarter 2002 Earnings –Down
                       Rutgers, CIT Present 15th Annual New Jersey Journalism Awards
                           M & C Leasing Alleged Fraud Case Up-Date
                             Intel Reports Its Earnings Matched Expectations
                                  How Bad is IT in Silicon Valley???---
                                      Berry Drink from Sweden for Leasing Executives
                                         Making Amtrak an Easier Choice

April 18, 2002---CIT Tyco Lives
   Recovery is strong, new data indicate
     KeyCorp Reports First Quarter 2002 Earnings
          Wives of Leasing Execs find power of love in berry drink from Sweden
            Beijing Corporate Credit Information System Enters Into Operation
                   Baltimore, Here I Come
                      Recruiters Are Misunderstood---Suggests a Feature Section
                            BancPartners in the Great State of Texas
                                Leasing News----“We Get Letters”
            Wells Fargo Reports Record Quarterly Earnings Per Share of $.80
                Glory days long gone for venture capital, FleetBoston trims its sails
                     Apple beats Wall Street expectations 
                       Nigerian E-mail Scam Still Dupes People

April 19, 2002---ELA Capitol Hill Day 2002: A Great Day on the Hill
   Republic Leasing of South Carolina Seeks National Marketing Manager
         Niagra Takes Leasing Industry by Storm
              CIT Tyco Revealed----
               To Promote Cyber Security/ Commerce Department changes its name
                   Senate Committee approves large increased in federal funds for Amtrak
                     Google Still Number One---Teoma On the Rise—Copernic the Best
                          What we asked Google and competitors
                               ePlus To Showcase its Enterprise Cost Management Solution
         National Cooperative Bank Announces New Alliance With CitiCapital/Leasing
          Bankruptcy Court Extends Comdisco's Exclusivity Period to July 31,2002
    Where to Find Knowledge on the Leasing Industry
      New to Leasing News: Leasing Books and Where to Purchase
              Leasing Recruiter’s Forum
                 Concerning BancPartners in Texas  
                    Fleet says service is its new crusade
                         Pacific Bancorp Earnings
                   Gateway computer reports quarterly loss on 50% lower sales
                     UPS posts flat first-quarter earnings of $563 million

April 22, 2002---Cal Bank Automates DecisionExpress™ from LiveCapital
                      Shari Lipski NAELB Conference Chair 2003
                        CIT Tyco Floating Rate/Fix Payment
                           Fred is Back!!!
                               Executive Caliber Most Recent Newsletter
                    BancPartners Chooses Steve Logan as VP for Austin, Texas office.
                     The why behind your FICO score is what's important

April 23,, Inc. Launches The Lessors Network
    Fitch/ABS Equipment Leasing Delinquency Index
          Latest Office Survey Shows More of the Same---
           California economy seen soaring over decade-forecast
               Fed Chairman  Greenspan credits technology
                     Consumer Debt At An All Time High
                             Pop-Up Killers
                                   Library Research from Home
          Recruiter Teri Gerson does not agree with Recruiter Fred St. Laurent
            Pomeroy Computer Resources Closes  Asset Sale of Leasing Division
            BancPartners Announces New Bank Affiliations
               American Express---Back in the Winner’s Circle!!!!
                  Behind American Express' $4 Billion Outsourcing Bet
                     Credit Raters Get Scrutiny and Possibly a Competitor
                         Access National Bank Acquires Commercial Finance Corp.
                              Patriot Bank First Quarter 2002 Earnings Up 33%

April 24, 2002---Steve Geller on ELA Funding Exhibition, Chicago
  Tyco Rethinks Planned Sale of Its Plastics Operation
    Fitch/ABS Equipment Leasing Delinquency Index—pdf
       AOL's $50-Billion Loss Is One From the Books
              U.S. Places 3rd in Capital Markets
      Alliance Financing Group selected by IBM Canada
         SNL Financial Y-Merge Moves Smoothly
             Equipment Leasing Recruiters’ Debate
                    Wednesday---Odds and Ends
                        Irwin Financial  First Quarter Earnings
                          Advanta First Quarter Earnings After Losses
            Greystone Solutions Taps Barry Wolfield as New VP
            MicroFinancial First Quarter to Previous Not “Great”
             Hilton Hotels posts 38 % drop in 1Q net  (Waikoloa Village)
                 GATX Reports Q1 Results   Really Not “Great”
                     Congress Panel Agrees to Limit Home Shield in Bankruptcy

April 25, 2002---ELA Chairman Joe Lane to Leave IBM
  DVI ---Tell Me True
    Economy—“It Just Goes to Show You....”
      What You or Your Employees Would Pay for Rent in California
        Immelt says GE remains on track to increase earnings
          Data suggest recession delivered blow to incomes---huh?
            ELA Chicago Funding Exhibition Reaction
              Equipment Leasing Recruiting Debate
                Business Travel to Decline Further in 2002
                  Laptop Sales/Who Uses Laptops
                    CFNB Reports Third Quarter 2002 EPS of $0.34
                      MB Financial Reports 41% Increase in 1st Quarter
                        Planning Ahead

April 26, 2002---Tyco to go IPO—“The Whole Truth, and Nothing But”
  Corporate Profile of DVI—Tell Me True
        ELA Funding Exhibition---More Reactions
            Leasing Recruiter Debate
               1st Quarter e-tailer report
                   e-Plus gets Reward
                        1st Source 1st Quarter Report
                  Jeffrey Taylor To Lecture In Kuwait
                      CIT 2nd Quarter Full Report

April 29, 2002
---CIT Gamper Talks to His People about the “Quiet Period”
   Tyco, CIT Split Seen As Better For Bondholders
       The Week Ahead April 29-May 3
           E-Commerce Goes On a Roll
              Monday---Odds and Ends
      Comdisco Acquisition Closed
           Comdisco Files Reorganization Plan/ Disclosure Statement
              Not Silicon Valley' Is Not Such a Bad Thing After All
                   Amtrak Is Put Under Special Safety Watch

April 30, 2002---
Christensen Joins Allco Leasing & Financial Services
   CIT Employee Telephone Q
      Venture capitalists 1st Q fall to lowest levels since 1998
        Sudhir Amembal Comes to Odessa Technologies—LeaseWave
            Lessors Network To Offer An "Event Discounts" Service
               65 Percent of Employees Unsatisfied Most Recent Review
                 Information tech workers' earnings fall for 1st time since '97

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