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August 2000

August 31, 2000

August 31, 2000 -- Directional/Direct Funding and the NAELB tm
                            Wyse Financial and Sierra Cities
                               ( Brian Mrurry of explains what this means )
                                  McCommon, a Capital System User Goes Docutouch Digital
                                       ( digital signatures on line )

August 29, 2000 -- Receives $40 Million--Purchased by Future Vest
                             ( note affiliate relationships in their press release... and if you
                               don't think this will generate more vendor business for
                                 eLeasing, put that highball glass down, boy!--editor )
                          Enters the Internet Fray ( farmers on line, too!! oh,no! )
                                     Netbank Promotes "Wire Money" over the Interne
                                        ( paying vendors gets faster with Netbank )
                                           Microsoft Goes After Quicken with New Money Services

August 28, 2000
--  Whatever Happened to......

                         Hal T. Horowitz

                         Former United Association of Equipment Leasing President with over
                           thirty years experience in the leasing business.

August 25, 2000 -- Tom Allanson has resigned as president of
                               GE/Colonial Pacific "to take the opportunity of a lifetime." He has
                                   joined Intuit to head their Turbo Tax division.

August 22, 2000
--UAEL's "Tree" Kabot Announces Membership Drive    
                            DellSets Up On Line Off Lease Computer Leasing via CIT.
                                FirstInternational Bank/Electronic Signature.
                           laysoff 100/ delisted by Nasdaq.

August 21, 2000 Joins Internet Fray
                   with Trinity Leasing Comdisco Takes Big Hit
                   ( is this the near future to come with dot.coms?) Bob Rodi--

August 18, 2000 -- UAEL Forms " Ethics Task Force"
                   Metrolease Reportedly Is Closing
                   The List Up-dated
                   More Charges in LeasX Scandal

August 17, 2000 Launched by Rick
                   eLease Signs
                   MyContracts ( leasing software ) Partners with Ernst & Young, CPA Firm
                   Thorn and The
                   List Menkin Apologies

August 16, 2000 -- LendX Joins Internet Fray
                    BidExpress Also Joins Internet Fray
                    Sovereign Bank
                    eLease and Ceramic

August 15, 2000 -- "Orix Going Strong," Says Geller
                    UniCapital Reports Quarter Loss of $11.4
                    Million Linc Capital Reports $13.4 Million, in default of loans,they state
                    LeaseCredit Starts On Line
                    Cocoexchange, Inc. Announces Joint Venture with\
                    Fidelity Leasing to get Re-Financing from EAB
                    Sierra Cities Chooses System 1 Software for Rentals
                    First Source Chooses VenServ for Internet

August 11, 2000 -- UAEL Forms " Ethics Task Force"
                    Metrolease Reportedly Is Closing
                    The List Up-dated
                    More Charges in LeasX Scandal

August 10, 2000 -- SierraCities reports $7.7 million loss for second quarter

August 09, 2000 --Byrne is Out!!!!
                    Ken Ross Moves Up the Ladder
                    Dell Expands Internet Leasing
                    Two LeaseX Go to Jail for Fraud in Spokane, Washington
                    ( took committment fees, up-front lease payments...)

August 08, 2000 -- Headlines
                    Matsco Sold to Greater Bay Bank
                    eLease Management Major Change
                    Balboa Byrne--Where are You?
                    Funding Directory
                    Leasing Company Site
                    The List
August 07, 2000 -- Unicapital Moves Forward---Good Reports
                    The List--Up-dated
                    LeaseForum Adds New Sales People
                    Their claim,"the only online commercial equipment leasing marketplace
                    providing lessees an integrated suite of Web-based solutions for
                    managing the leasing life cycle..."
                    Finova funds $3 million to help Diabetics and others
                    ABB Enters Internet Leasing Fray "
                    The equipment finance group will provide web-enabled tools to originate
                    equipment leases online, including credit adjudication and lease

August 04, 2000 --Harcourt Capital Opens Leasing in China
                     Post It Naelb Correction
                     Question regarding Lease Capital, Hunting Beach, California

August 03, 2000 -- Kit: Following your opening notice about NAELB's new
                      "Post It" you have the UAEL website address. I'm sure this is just a typo!
                      The NAELB "Post It" for Members Only WORTH ANNUAL BROKER DUES of
                      $295---If you haven't joined for the many other reasons, this alone is
                      worth the yearly dues. editor

August 02, 2000 -- Orix Closes Lease Division in Portland, Oregon
                      Capital Stream Signs 30 New Customers
                      NAELB Starts "List Serve" For Members Only!!!
                      Finantra Buys Back $3.8 Million in Stock
                      Wall Street Journal Reports Internet Investment Down
                      The List is Up-dated
                      Bulletin Board

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