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August 31, 2001 --


             Louis Schneider of Preferred Lease Exclusive

        American Express Business Finance—Yes, a tree on a desert island

              makes a sound when it falls----

           Keeping your Computer and software Up to Date/ Jerry Whitley 

        CitiCapital Sells Canadian Fleet Management Operation to GE Capital Fleet

               Mutlitstate Tax Commission  Conference Call

                    Friday---Odds and Ends


August 30, 2001 --

        Leasing Industry’s Celebrated Jim Raeder Speaks Out

          Richard Shapiro Apologies to Jim Raeder

            Irwin Financial announced its third quarter dividend.

             GE Capital Extends Tender Offer for Heller Financial

              Information Leasing Names Mary Long to Develop Leasing Biz

                    U. S. Dollar Smothered by Falling U.S. Stocks

              Crash Squeezes Lloyds of London

                            Training: Key to Success During Tough Times

                               EFJ Ron Caruso Drives a Lincoln/Wants to Know about the AmX “Bomb”

                                          ( If a tree falls on a deserted island, does it makes a sound?  Yes )

August 29, 2001 --

     AmX Bomb Went Off—--Ka-Boom

              If You Were Not There , You Would Not Have Heard It--but we did

      Saddleback Says Richard Shaprio Speaks for Himself Only

        Fisher-Anderson Ex-Employees Start Mark III Credit

           Deadline Approaches for San Antonio, TX Conference Early Bird Discount

                Donald P. Campbell Named to eMarket Capital Board of Directors

                     AmSouth Launches Web Site for Small Businesses


August 28, 2001 --


   American Express Business Leasing to Get Education Tomorrow

     New Non-Profit Leasing Association to Launch Soon

         Preferred Lease, a Capital Werks Company

              Dell Offers Easy Paperless Finance Options for Small Businesses

                   eMerge Interactive Gets $30M Credit Line From CIT Group

                       Where Was Jim Merrilees?---On the Golf Course,  Of Course

                                Jeff Cholley Joins National City's Vendor Equipment Finance

August 27, 2001 -- Merrilees Joins First Corp      
Simex Technologies Acquires Vendor Financial Services

          Preferred Lease Sold---Confirmed Old News

                Where is Eric Brown????

                     Mike Graneri Top Gun Seminar Dates/Places

                        Nigerian Money—Los Angeles Times Sunday Story


Dennis Brown, Equipment Leasing Association, Sales Tax Project Report

   Congressional estimate shows tax cut, economy Cutting into Social Security

        Job-seeking dot-commers find the good old days are no more

          M & C Leasing Co., Inc. Hires Patrick Gallo as Senior Leasing Consultant 

            Business Bank of Nevada Selects S1  for eFinance Solutions   

                 Tice Technology/Leasing Has $547,523 loss  


August 24, 2001 -- PinnFund's Fanghella pleads not guilty to all charges

       Where is Erik Brown or Erik Boron of Preferred Capital fame?

          European American Bank/Equipment Lease Finance—Fred Anderson

           Wave of high-tech failures could be a deluge come fall

               Gateway's credit rating is lowered to 'junk' status


    Free “Firewall” for Personal Computers from “ the Computer Guru” Whitley


                                Friday Car Survey Results


 EXCLUSIVE Name of Nigerian Letter/E-Mail Writer Revealed,

   PLUS----- Option #7


August 23, 2001 -- Internet Commerce Financials Reports a Profit

          Comdisco to Come out of Bankruptcy Early Next Year

          eLessors Networking Association (eLNA) To Assume:

                    Technology Conferences From

                       Last Fed Prime Rate Decrease Expert Say

                          Japan on verge of recession

                            Equipment Leasing Association News Highlights


EXCLUSIVE--- Bob Homans on Where Nigerian E-Mail Comes From!!!!


August 22, 2001 --


   Finova Emerges Signs Distribution Agreement With U.S. Wireless Data 

          NetUPDATE, Inc. Acquires DocuTouch Corporation

            Streamlined Sales Tax Project --ELA  

                Wienermobile Celebrates 65th Birthday

                   More Nigerian Money

                     CIT’s Bob Cragin Drives a Company Car   


August 21, 2001 --


     The Fed Drops ¼ Point

        Official Announcment

           Associated Press Story

              Bloomberg Analysis

                Asian Marketplace

                   Agilent Cuts 4,500 Jobs

                     World Commerce Online Files Chapter 11

                  Third of venture firms expected to fail—San Diego Tribune-Union


August 20, 2001 --


  BancLease Announces On-Site Training Program

   Leading indicators rise for fourth straight month, hinting at stronger economy

     Bloomberg Predicts  The Fed to Cut Prime Rate for a Seventh Time

       Duane Russell Drives a 1964 Mercedes Unimog 404.114


August 17, 2001 --


      PinnFund boss  faces 20 counts

              Steve Dallas E-Mail Address

        Dell posts $101 million loss as demand for PCs dwindles

Trade deficit widens to $29.4 billion in June as exports fall faster than imports

            “Jackson, she said, has seen his now 2-year-old daughter

                    --- only once in the past seven months”—Scuttles Presidential Bid

           China passes U.S. as the nation with most cell phones


August 16, 2001 --

   Commercial Money Center Has Plenty of Money

     MicroFinancial “Cardservice” Business Practice

       BB&T Again Ranked Nation's No. 1 Small Business-Friendly Bank

              ( They also do leasing )

        Sterling Bancorp Declares 223rd Consecutive Quarterly Cash Dividend

               Best-Ever San Antono, TexasLeasing Conference

                            + UAEL San Antono Highlights:

                    Governors Urge End to E-Tax Ban

                        After $17.1 billion buying spree, Tyco planning to cut 11,300 jobs

 Poll: Economy in Bad Shape  ( surprise! surprise! as Andy Kaufman would say )    

              Heller Press Release: A Silver Lining in a Soft Economy?

                  GE Capital Completes Safeco Purchase

                     UPS Chairman and CEO Jim Kelly to Retire


 special report by David Brown, Equipment Leasing Association

                    State Taxation COST




August 15, 2001 --




  Steve Dallas is “Unknown”

   Microfinancial Stock Drops— So Help Me, Joe Bonanno

     ePlus Reports Earnings

       Bank of America to End Auto Leasing

          B of A Press Release exiting its auto leasing

               & subprime real estate lending

             Fitch Rates B of A Stock Tops

                Heller Financial Enters Internet Fray         

August 14, 2001 --


  Ampent Says Rumors Aren’t So

     William Tice Withdraws From Purchase, Tice to Sell Assets   

 Tyco cuts 6,400 jobs over 9 months/58 plants shut amid deals; more cuts loom

       Leasing Guy Drives “FMV” Vehicle


August 13, 2001 --

    TCF Launches 'TCF Totally Free Online' Banking Service

      Comdisco Announces Third Quarter Financial Results

        The Financial Resource Conference Extends Registration Deadline

              Captive Lessors

                Monday “Viri” Report



August 10, 2001 --


      Happy Birthday, John Kruse:

         ---Capital Stream Announces Cuts in Staff

                   Comdisco Receives Court Approval of Bidding Procedures 

                          Finova Bankruptcy Judge Approves Recovery Plan

                                  Friday—Odds and Ends

August 9, 2001 --


     Comdisco Objection Announced

        Lindsey McLorg says, “ Goodbye.”

           2001 ELA Survey of Industry Activity is here!

               PLM International Announces Second Quarter Results

                             United Capital Request from Phil Duley

                  Willis Lease Finance Reports 95%                   

                     ILC Names New V. P Operations: Delphia Hamms

                      Manufacturing weakness spreads across USA—USA Today

                        Globalnet's Woes Spin Cautionary Spending Tale-New York Times


August 8, 2001 --



  Viri Going Through the Leasing Industry

    Capital Avenue/ Enter the Internet Fray

      ALTA Group—Top Equipment Finance/Leasing Consultancy Group in US

        Trade Finance Magazine Ranks CIT Factoring “Tops”

           NetBank, Inc. Reports 13th Consecutive Profitable Quarter

              Chesapeake System Solutions Software Gains Two Major Clients

               PAYNET Launches Online Payment History Database

                  Colwick, Wagner and Karstens Join TCF Leasing

                        Microforum Appoints Schofield as New CEO

       Fred St. Laurent Has Job Opportunity Available--

          Imperial Bank Appoints Mick Myers as Vice President—Redux


August 7, 2001 --


   DoveBid Acquires TradeOut;

       ILC Golf Division Expands Operations

        Imperial Bank Appoints Mick Myers as Vice President

          Donald J. Murray Joins Textron Financial's Finance Company Services

               Cusick to Retire from TCF Financial Corporation



                          FULL STORY

“Net" Working The Equipment Leasing Industry---

            with Exclusive “Inside” Report on Financial Resource Conference


                              The List to be Up-Dated Tomorrow

August 6, 2001 --


Jeff Allard says, “ Goodbye.”

   Heller/GE Deal to Close by September 1st

     Orix Hype Improves “Image”

        Mike Price Resigns from Westar Financial

         CIT Employees Seemingly Not Interested in Tempe, Arizona

            U.S.Bancorp—Changing Name to Emphasize What They Do

               “Check “Em Out” says Alfredo R. Vionnet,  Vionnet & Associates


August 3, 2001 --

                      Feds file charges on PinnFund founder

                            College Grads and Lease Execs Go to GE—USA Today Story

                            Metropolitan Financial Corp. Reports Second Quarter Loss

                                 ( how the feds and banks react with losses )


August 2, 2001 --


Fugitive PinnFund founder gives self up in San Diego

   GE may appeal decision on Honeywell deal

      GATX Realigns Its Legal Structure

             Internet Based Commercial Financing Firm Seeks Investors

                          --- "On the Way to the Top"

Hubba-Hubba: Ford exec explores wide world of credit

    Some Good News: Buying Spree in June Gives Nation a Boost

       Heller-GE job Cuts To Follow as Tyco-CIT Cuts

         Consolidated Container Co. Names New President

         Finance Event Sept. 10-11 in Chicago   $1,195/ $1,295 after Aug. 10

            Finova Financial Results: Net Loss of $426.5 M for 2nd Quarter

                 NUR Macroprinters & CitiCapital Launch 'NUR Capital' In the U.S

                        U.S. Real Estate Market Will Face Sharp Contraction Thru 2003


August 1, 2001 --


Source One Earns $225,338, But Blames Leasing Losses for Low Earnings

  Yesterday it was “Capital Stream,” Today Lease Forum Adds Main Control

      Technologic Names Top Ten at Financial Services Outlook

         Weather in Tempe, Arizona at Press Time

         CIT Launches New and Expanded Web Site

           Source Capital Reports Low Earnings due to Lease Portfolio

              Loan Demand at Business Bank of Nevada Increases Significantly

               Securelease New “Secure” Product

                  Recent FTC Rulings—Barry S. Marks, Esq.

                     Bankers Having Tough Times Too Finding Work

                          In full-year slump, U.S. manufacturing sags in July


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