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August 1, 2002---Economy sluggish in second quarter; analysts forecast 'half-speed recovery'
   Fed finds economy posting moderate growth in June and July
    eLNA August Conference Sold Out-But Opens a Few More "Seats"
        What you mean, we, white man?   
News Briefs----plus
             Several key QB battles shaping up/Houston Chronicle

August 2, 2002--- HP Launches Cash Back Lease Promotion
  Computer Tips
    Mortgage Rates Edge Up
      Former MCA president pleads guilty to fraud
 Equipment Leasing Foundation Funding Raising Campaign
   Car Sales in Surprise Jump, and G.M. Leads the Pack
     Plenty of room at the inn in San Francisco
      Solarcom Selects Key Equipment Finance
        To Keep Good Credit-For you, your kids, and customers          
           Krispy Kreme comes to Connecticut
  About Our Goals at Leasing News
    Correction: Gerry Egan is not a CLP
      What do you mean we, white man?   Final Episode?
         From the Desk of the Publisher:
           Fans of the Lone Ranger----
 News Briefs---plus:
    Sayers: T.D.'s prime time is past, not in the future

August 5, 2002---Special Edition---Equipment Leasing Associations—Half-Year Report

August 6, 2002---The Week Ahead---Economic Events
  Rates fall in Treasury bill auction
      Two new members sworn in as members of the Fed Reserve Board
         MSM Capital, Irvine, California Files BK
           Frankel pleads guilty to Tennessee charges
As Roller Coaster Dips Again, They Want Another Ride
  eLNA Annual Networking Conference-Attendee Waiting List
   Eastern Association of Equipment Lessor Fall Conference
    Tuesday---Odds and Ends
      Texan Learns To Rue Remark
         ---Rifle Mention At Airport To Cost Him
Widespread drought leaves roving crop cutters with little to harvest
  News Briefs---plus
    SF stadium naming rights proposal defeated
      New England Patriots' new field to be renamed Gillette Stadium %)

August 7, 2002---
Thalman Financial acquires Business Asset Funding LLC
  Sunrise Int. 2nd Quarter Strong Results
   CapitalStream Technology Enhancements Help Marlin Leasing
    NetBank Teams up with Microsoft and Intuit
       Save This Date---August 20,2002--UAEL
     Nervous Eyes On Greenspan's Big Shoes
      Wednesday---Odds and Ends
       San Francisco Bay Area Housing Crunch
        New ranking finds U.S. cars lacking in resale value
          Excerpts from Assoc.Government Leasing & Finance Newsletter
            NAELB Announces 2003 Conference Schedule
             News Briefs---plus Bonds 599  Giants 11,Cubs 10

August 8, 2002---Ruling on recession withheld
 Fraud Alert---Oakland, California 
   MSM Capital-It is Chapter 7 Ranking of Leasing Related Web Sites
Top 100 Performing Community Banks--U.S. Banker Magazine
  Bank of America to Buy Merrill-Lynch???
   IT Recession, Depression -- Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
      PSC 2nd Q Results; Closes Revolving Credit Facilities
       PAYNET Launches "Next Generation" Credit Report
Kozlowski's questionable activities involved $135 million from Tyco
   Red Herring lays off large part of its staff
     Grand Jury Indicts ImClone's Waksal--Martha Stewart Next?
       FCC issues record fine to company for sending `junk faxes'
         Islamic Banking 101: A Primer--Financial Institution Consulting
          C2 Capital Expands Sales Force--Todd Orlando to VP
          News Briefs--plus  Hawks don't worry about keeping up with Jones

August 9, 2002---Fed Unlikely to Cut Rates, Regardless of Rumors
  New low for 30-year mortgage rates  
        Hot Linking the Web  ---New Format at
Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation Donations
      Timeline of the history of WorldCom
 WorldCom uncovers $3.3 billion accounting problem, total $7.1 Billion
         Leasing Association Editorial
                Oakland Fraud Alert----
 New Fraud Alert:  Palo Verde Women's Health (Dr. Johannes Ramirez)
"Power Tools for Successful Leasing" Labor Day Sale
    Leveraging the Web--PDF Report
       41ST ELA Annual Convention Information Now Online
Extended Hotel Cut-off for Sept. 9-11 Lease Accountants Conference
        Tipper Gore Ponies Up for the Boss
News Briefs---plus
   CBS Sports pairings for 2002 NFL season
     Madden Serves Up a Turkey on Monday Night
      Opening loss has familiar look for Steelers

August 12, 2002---The Week Ahead
Sales Tax on "Doc Fees" and " Discounting Lease"
  FDIC subpoena of the lobbying activities of the Patton Boggs LLP law firm
    Monday---Odds and Ends
     Housing prices may indicate bubble
      Stock Market Scares Consumers from Seeking More Credit
        News Briefs---plus
          Baseball players to set strike this afternoon?
              Redesigned football helmets tackle concussions, comfort

August 13, 2002--- Feds Leave Rates Unchanged
  Retail sales up 1.2 percent in July
   California Franchise Tax Board---Correction
"...every lessor in this state is looking at potential large liabilities."
     Russ Wilder, CLP, San Francisco
Possible Microsoft flaw may give access to private information
   Intel's Grove urges politicians to not hobble high tech
     Ford settles claims on lease late-payment charges
      "CIT: Stronger Now Than Pre-Tyco"
          PR WEB -Press Releases Galore
     Comdisco Emerges From Chapter    
          Willis Lease Finance Reports 2nd Quarter Profits
            XTRA Lease Selects Pivotal for Sales and Marketing
             Advanta Increases Stock Repurchase Program
              states losing millions in taxes-people buy cigarettes online
                    News Briefs----
                       Mystery virus sideswipes Andruzzi

August 14, 2002---
Dollar Drops on Fed Warning
     Poll suggests consumer confidence at lowest level since 1996
         HPSC Reports Strong 2nd Q 2002 Results Net Income Increases 292%
            Growth1 Funding
             Equipment Leasing Association Accountants Conference Sept 9-11
               Hawaii Calling---This is Bette Kerhoulas Speaking
                "We need to fight together,"  Paul Menzel, CLP
                     Federal and State Income Tax Issues, Too
                       Heat records fall in western Oregon
      CIT Small Business Lending Surpasses $2 Billion In SBA Loans
          HP Formally Announces HP Financial Services
            Wine consumption grows in U.S. in 2001
               French on road to mapping wine DNA
                 Scientists map genetic code of wine-AP
                   Wineries Cheer Appellation's Failure
                     Pitt warns lawyers on fraud
                      ePlus 1st Q Revenues Increase 35% to $72 Million
        Merrill Lynch Takes Steps to Help Build Public Confidence in American Business
            Former Detroit mayor to become first black leader of lawyers' group
              News Briefs---plus
                 Sad fact, but it's time Davis ran into sunset

August 15, 2002---CDC IXIS Capital Markets North America Picks Portfolio Financial Servicing
 CLP Foundation Looks for former GE Capital Colonial Pacific CLP's
   Tax on Discount Leases When Title is Passed
     Nearly Half Of U.S. Suffers Drought
       Record heat bakes Bay State
American Airlines Don Carty Memo to Employees
 ELA Municipal Leasing Forum Sept 25-27 Denver
   From boom ... to bust  Silicon Valley Soap Box Derby
    The Rich Get Rich and Poor Get Poorer. But not necessarily...
     Greg Jaros Named Chief Information Officer at PAYNET
       PDS Gaming Corporation 2002 Second Quarter Earnings
         News Briefs---plus
           Baseball Strike Date Most Likely August 30

August 16, 2002---H-P Financial Services " Cash Back" to All Lessees
          ---regardless if direct or from a broker--
        Correction: Blaine Tanner Not in Business with Wayne Pirtle
          Equipment Leasing Job Market Up-Date
            Leasing News Classified Ads Up-Date
       Business Leasing News by David G. Mayer: August edition
       Comdisco Expects QIII Loss Of At Least $68 Million
            CIT Puts US Airways Exposure At $75 Million
              Friday----Odds and Ends
                 Why those in leasing are not joining leasing associations.
                     Kozlowski lawyer outlines defense strategy in tax case
                          South Carolina's largest utility bans Confederate flag
                                 News Briefs---plus
               Mistakes costly for Raiders--Gruden Greatly Missed
             Leasing Company Broker Status---repeat business & protection

August 19, 2002---Saddleback Financial Rides Off into the Sunset?
  The Credit Store Files Chapter 11
    CORRECTION: H-P Financial Story
      The Week's Economic Events
       Nasdaq Calls It Quits on Asia
        Leasing in Brazil
         "the economic crisis in Brazil will surpass"
            Monday-Odds and Ends
  September 12 and 13th Sales Tax Simplification Meeting
   Sales Tax on Document Fees and Discounting Leases
    UAEL-LA Region: Sales and Use Tax Issue Meeting
       Broker Protection---New Series
        September 11 Anniversary---Bob Kieve
          MB Financial Completes $52M Preferred Securities
            San Jose SaberCats dominate Rattlers, win championship

August 20, 2002---Banks report tightening up on lending in wake of accounting scandals
  Confirmed---Saddleback Financial Riding Off into the Sunset
    Mike Cingari Back in the Leasing Business???
     The Funding Tree, Southern California---Up-Date
      Chuck Brazier---Where is He?
       Lease Co-op Gains Momentum
Gamper Elected Chairman of the Board--Proceed to Boardwalk
  Financial Fed. Results 4.5% Convertible Subordinated Notes
          Intervest Selects Techfi's AdvisorMart
            Broker Protection---New Series
              UAEL Annual Fall Conference & Exposition
               Former HPSC Official Charged With $4.7 Million Fraud
                Santana Row fire latest economic blow to Silicon Valley
                 After terror attack, city economy struggles to rebound
                    News Briefs---plus
                      49ers 12, Broncos 7

August 21, 2002---Leasing Industry Hangs in There in 2001, ELA Survey
  Area Recovery Shows New Signs of Stalling
   Weaker Dollar Has Yet to Spur a Boom in Exports
     Precom “Rescinds” Acquisition of Saddleback Financial's Assets
       CIT's Tech. Rentals & Services Gets Federal Supply Contract by U.S.G.S.A.
          Jeff Taylor Speaking at Five Leasing Association Conferences
             UAEL-September 10th-Dallas Region
               Broker Protection----New Series
                 Venture capital dried up further in 2nd quarter/Detroit
  Affinity Vehicle Leasing contracted with NDSI for its LeaseComplete
   Comdisco "loss from continuing operations of $ 94 million"
    Starbucks: Your Wireless Computer Showcase?
       News Briefs---plus
           Cal prof says coaches should kick themselves

August 22, 2002---HPSC Reports Record Originations for Month of July
     Fed Officials See Bumpy Recovery
        Thank You, Larry Faber
          Broker Protection---News Series-    
           S.F. Bay Area home prices set another record
             Letters to the Editor
                 State & Local Taxation Exec. Meeting
 NAELB's Regional. Meeting Nov. 8-9, Southern California
   California Wine Grape Growers Protest Prices
   Survey: Americans unhappier w/work, unhappiest: New England
      News Briefs---plus
         With Doering, Redskin Reception Is Very Good

August 23, 2002---ELA to the Rescue!!!
            ILC Forms PFG Capital Selects NCB Capital and Smart Online
             Banknorth Acquires American Financial Holdings
               Rates for 30-year mortgages edge up
                 Highlights---ELT E-Leasing Newsletter 8/22/02
                   Bill Colwick Made V-P/Sales Manager TCF Leasing
                    Martha on the hot seat--St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  Commerce Bank ends business dealings w/founder's wife amid claims of conflict
         News Briefs---
           Sports Briefs----
                 This Date in Baseball - August 23

August 26, 2002---Survey: US Hiring "Cautious"
    CIT Execs Directors Take Stock Bonuses-Why not?
     Business Booming for Asset-Based Lenders-American Banker
      A Remade Mellon--- U.S. Banker Magazine Top Story
      Home Sales Surge in July !!!
         Inside American Express Business Finance
           NAELB Drops " Help Desk "
            Key Equip. Names Frank Goveasszo VP Global Biz Dev.

August 27, 2002---First Q Loss for HP/Compaq
   GE likely to acquire companies, analyst says
    Equipment Leasing is Now #10 on Scam List
      Assets of PinnFund/PinnLease ex-exec to be auctioned
        RW Professional Leasing---Up-date          
             ****Anti-Virus Information****
                Consumer Confidence Falls Sharply
                     NTT Leasing Joins Bertelsmann,Intel, France Telecom,Mitac
                          Streamlined Sales Tax Project Meeting Sept 26-27
                                Intel Sees Modest Growth
                                  News Briefs---
                                     Sports Brief----plus
    Top ten Football Games to Watch This Season

August 28, 2002---One World Leasing----On Target
      "Zep" to Cover eLNA Conference
         ELFR Research Reports
          ELA San Francisco Conference Oct 13-15
           When on the Road Means on the Road
            Intel fastest-yet microprocessors
             Area businesses brace for baseball strike
               Prime - Time Nielsen Ratings

August 29, 2002---Treasury note auction lowest level on record
Alan J. Zeppenfeld Reports from the eLNA Conference
  SPECIAL ALERT ---John Ruffo
   Federal government's boost in VC funding comes under heavy criticism
    "Top Gun" Richard Shapiro
      Odds and Ends---Thursday
       News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs----
   Selig Joins The Fray, Baseball Strike Clock Ticks
      Mora calls James' touchdown story inaccurate

August 30, 2002---Mortgage Rates Back to Record Low
    U.S. Banks Had QII Record Earnings FDIC Says
      Alan J. Zeppenfeld  Reports from the eLNA Conference
        Economic recovery loses steam in second quarter; jobless claims rise
           UAEL Dallas Regional Meeting September 10th
             Summer's Over--Back to School    Ron Caruso
               ILWU makes waves in port talks
  Barry S. Marks Responds to Equipment Leasing #10 Scam on List
    News Briefs---
      Sports Briefs---Plus
Wuerffel, Redskins Humbled by Pats in Preseason Finale: Patriots 28, Redskins 14

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