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December 31, 2001--1971 remembered

December 28, 2001 -- Interest rate rises in two-year Treasury note auction
    Consumer Confidence Rebounds
        President grants permanent normal trade relations to China,
            Ending annual struggle opens international equipment leasing
                Xerox Receives $340 Million in Financing From GE Capital
                    Request to Readers---Magazine/Newsletter Back Issues
                AOL subscriptions climb to 33 million
            OnLine Holiday Sales May Outperform Offline
        Internet Fatalities Slowing Down, But Still Happening
    Dot Com death Toll Doubles in 2001, report says
Dot Com Deaths Doubles, But Not as Bad as Reported
    (San Francisco Chronicle Writer View Point)
            Survey Says: Consumer Confidence in Web Rises
                Year-2001 Job Losses ----Back to When Boom Started

Apple Stores To Post a Loss (leasing to blame?)

Can You Believe it??? Chevrolet Avalanche is Motor Trend Truck of the Year

ALERTS---- (the only leasing media to notify readers)

### Denotes Press Release

December 27, 2001 -- Alert Responses
    Leasing News Classified
        Best Congress Money Can Buy

December 24, 2001 -- UAEL Memo Re: Appointment of Joe Woodley,CLP as CEO
    FNF Capital Closes All their Small Ticket Programs
        Monarch Capitals Sells Assets/Liabilities= Interchange Financial Services
            Randy Freeman Joins AAB Business Finance
                Associated Press says, "Weakest Performance in a Decade."
                    Streamline Tax Agenda Jan 23-24 New Orleans
                Wells Fargo Gets Approval to Acquire Texas Financial & Marquette
            HotJobs deadline for's to top Yahoo takeover bid
        Comdisco Reports Q4 Loss of $142M
What of Greenspan? David Warsh, Boston Globe

Looking for Signs of Recovery-
If the End of the Recession Is Near, It Is Also Well Hidden
By Steven Pearlstein
Washington Post

Classified Expands to Include: Legal Services Available

ALERTS and FLAGS ( special by Barry Reitman, Keystone Leasing )

### denotes press release

December 21, 2001 -- Commercial Money Center
  Interchange Buys Monarch Capital
   Official Press Release—It is “Announced” from UAEL
     Key Corp to Build Loan Loss Reserve, Strengthen Balance Sheet
             Bank of the West Parent Deal Closes
                  XP Windows Vulnerable to Hack Attacks

December 20, 2001 -- Stock Guys Hit Too!!
    GE to cut 3,000 jobs, sell units
        Monitor Promotes Angelucci to Vice President
            Heller Financial/GE Capital Launches Fastraq Web-Based Lease Tool
                CapitalStream Signs Up Merrill Lynch Business Financial Services

December 19. 2001 --

Controversy Continues on the Appointment of a Leasing Exec. as CEO of UAEL

  GE Cut 22,000 jobs in 2001, Changes Tune from Last Week about Business

     eLessors, new non-profit leasing organization, Continues to Grow!!!!

         Housing Constructions Up

December 18, 2001 --
LeaseTeam, Launches Integration With American Lease Insurance
                Arrow Capital Clarifies Purchase of MarCap Vendor
Former Heller Execs Looking to Launch Rival Ventures                                                Joe Bonanno eMail Explained

                                                                 Unicapital Plan Filed---Copy Now Available

                                          NationsRent Files Chapter 11, Announces Resignation

                                             Analyst: Disney park attendance may not fully rebound for years

                                                ( so if you think the leasing business has changed,

                                                           please read this story )

December 17, 2001 --
PinnFund/PinnLeasing Deal Gets Judge’s Okay

    Unicapital Plan Filed with Bankruptcy Court

        Streamline Sales Tax Project /Delegates Schedule

           James Loughton Joins Electronic Financial as VP/Operations

              MicroFinancial  Announces Quarterly Dividend

                    Online Sales Reach $1.5B a Week/Below Expectations, However

                      Fall Internet World Shows Sedate Side and Why

                                  Monday---Odds and Ends


Leasing News List Tomorrow—Up-dated


December 14, 2001 -- Cal Fed Launches Equipment Leasing Program

  Caterpillar Financial Introduces ExpressTrack

                  1982 “Great Snow pile Play”

                          Nigerian e-Mail

                              “Show Time” for Online Retailers

                                      History of Christmas Lights


### denotes press release


    Ten More Days Until Christmas


December 13, 2001 -- Universal Express Acquires FedFinancial    

     Tyco Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend

      Comdisco Reschedules Year End Earnings Release

             American Express Cuts 6,500 More Jobs

                Life in  the Fast Lane---When You Are Laid Off


Auto Leasing vs. Buying Quiz: What Will You Do When Your Lease Runs Out?


December 12, 2001 -- 11th Time--- Official Press Release from the Federal Reserve

  Chronology of changes in the Federal Reserve's discount rate since 1958

                   Dan Ciaco Now at Delphi Capital Corp. in Chicago

                     Parker Leasing Still Advertising in USA Today

                          Two Certified Leasing Professional Graduate: Fitting and Powloski

                               Ohio Department of Taxation Meeting on Tuesday, December 18

                                Arrow Capital Expands/MarCap Vendor Finance

                                     Man in East Coast $100M Leasing Scheme Jailed                                      

                                         Mark Coffman/Joe Woodley/UAEL

December 11, 2001 -- Go GE!---Double-Digit, Immelt predicts

                            Fed to Cut Rate for 11th Time Today

                                  Tuesday’s Odds and Ends

The History of Colonial Pacific Leasing-----

December 10, 2001 -- BNP Paribas, Parent of BancWest, Will Acquire United California Bank
    CalFirst Bancorp Announces Second Quarter Dividend
        Homeowner experiment faces test under dragging economy
            Co-Founder of Kelley Blue Book Dies

December 7, 2001 -- PinnFund Executive to turn over $47 Million

      Unemployment increases to 5.7 percent in November, Six Year High

          Silicon Valley to Boom Again---The Question is: When?

             Report sees seeds sown for next boom in Silicon Valley

               House Gives High Tech a Boost

                Retailers Say Weakest Thanksgiving Sales Since 1990

                  The December 7th Anniversary Finds Japan in Another Recession

This Day in American History Included in On Line Report

  (It is available every day as our e-mail signature. It is an exclusive

     written for Leasing News e-mail readers).


December 6, 2001 -- Ohio Creates Up-Front Sales Tax---Important

    It’s Official----Colonial Pacific/GE Closing Portland, Oregon Office

      “To Whom It May Concern”—Our apologies to Jones and Woodley

                              Streamlined Sales Tax Project Meets In Denver

                                    Live Capital/Federal Capital

                                          BancWest-BNP Paribas Transaction Approved by Federal Reserve

                                                CIT/Tyco/Number One SBA Lender

                                                       Intel, AMD say revenues are recovering


December 5, 2001 -- Financial Federal Reports Record Earnings----

     Great Leasing Christmas Gift Recommendation

           Capital Stream Ranked 15 out of 25 Technology Companies

                  ADP Credit Corporation Selects LENDX

               Citigroup Signs Mantas to Manage Money Transfers

                     Dominic Janney: New Head for S=E Division, Marlin Leasing                                                

                            Jack Welch Visits  Silicon Valley

                                      Cisco CEO says orders in November on target                                                           

                                           AT&T restores Internet connections


U.S. Economy to Emerge From Recession by Third Quarter of 2002 According to Fleet Capital's Annual Survey of Middle-Market Manufacturer CFOs


December 03, 2001 -- Colonial Leasing/GE---"Unplugged."

     Implementing States Convenes In Salt Lake City

                               Alert Pros and Cons

                     Classified Ads---Help (indirectly)


  History of Colonial Pacific with Comments: This week

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