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February 28, 2002----Bob Fisher Resigns from Fisher-Anderson Leasing/Forms New Company   Gateway expects first-quarter loss of up to $120 million
     Bob Rodi Speaks Out re: Leasing Association Conference Cooperation
      Amtrak---Let's Keep the Railroad Running
       Streamlined Sales Tax Meeting

February 27, 2002---Greenspan Sees Signs Recession is Ending, but Not Over
 Machine Tool Group of CitiCorp/CitiCapital Closes
  Call for Leasing Association Conference Cooperation
     Republic Leasing of Anaheim Reaction
         American Express, IBM in $4 Billion IT Services Pact
            CIT Group Financial Statement—You Be the Judge
              Streamlined Sales Tax Project/Sales Tax Simplification Meeting
                 Cambar Software Rolls Out Software Leasing Program
Willis Lease Finance Reports 4th Q & Full Year Profits in 2001
Whatever Happened to....
  Republic Leasing of Anaheim Part III Conclusion

February 26, 2002---United Association of Equipment Leasing Costa Mesa Funding Retreat
       Rick Wilbur’s Reaction to Part I
            E-Mail Trust Platform Introduced by Kyberpass
                 US District Court Dismisses Shareholders Suite against Tyco
                   Sterling Bank Declares 225th Straight Dividend
                        Analyze this, Wall Street—Entron—by Dave Barry
                             IPNET Partners with Equipment CapitalConsulting
                                    LENDX and ADP Credit
       Microfinancial Announces  $2.1 Million 4th Quarter/Last Year $5.5 Million
          GE Says Financing Airline Customers---The Only Way to Fly
               A follow-up to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune Bob Greene Column-----
  Today, Part II
            “E-Commerce Follies:
                **Technology vs. the Salesman**”     

          “Whatever Happened to Republic Leasing of Anaheim”

February 25, 2002--CIT----Great Espirit de Corp
     ELA President Fleming Suggests More Association Conference Cooperation
           The Week Ahead---- February 25-March 1
              Fred St. Laurent Becomes a Leasing Broker
                EFJ Ron Caruso---Is the Worst Over?
                    Mississippi mayor takes over as chairman of Amtrak board
                     The suspicious thing in the old man's pocket
                                       Bob Greene, Chicago Tribune

Part I   “***Cause for Concern***”

       Whatever Happened to....
                       Republic Leasing of Anaheim 

February 22, 2002--CIT Turns Off Brokers/Issue New Funding Press Release
 1st International Bank Now UPS Capital Leasing/No Broker Biz
  Fourth Quarter Equipment Leasing and Financing Up says ELA
      Classified Ads---Latest Up-date (We find people jobs)
         Commercial Finance Association
           Original Members of LeaseTek form IT Group
             Recession May Be Over---reports Associated Press
              e-Commerce Hits Best 4th Quarter, 2001
                 Valley Vacancies---San Francisco Chronicle
     Enron Accounting vs. Leasing Accounting—ELA on the Ball
        (We in the leasing business need to do more to
           support the Equipment Leasing Association)

February 21, 2002--First On Line Associations Newsletter-NAELB Leads the Pack
  Tyco's lending unit secures $1.2 billion in financing to pay off debt
     Comdisco To File Reorganization Plan by April 15, 2002
         Fitch Ratings: 4Q Rating Actions Reflect Economy's Weakness
            Feds Approve  BancWest-United California Bank Transaction
             Barry Rose Reminisces about the Good Old Days
                What is a “Funding Retreat”—Joe Woodley Knows
                     Special Counsels Win-Lose-Tie Record
                     Official January 2002 Housing Report
                              What is E.L.A.?

February 20, 2002--GE/Chicago Office Alleged “Sick Out”
  Fitch to Rate Leasing/Finance Companies
     Leverage Leasing, Omaha, Nebraska  News---Confirmed
         H. Frank Striplin & Merrill Lynch.--Correction
                Comdisco Extension Approved
                     20:02, 20/02, 2002
Bring Your Wife or Girl Friend...and cash  ( Las Vegas Conference )
 Loan Syndications and Trading Assoc.. Launches Glossary  Terms
    Olympic Games/Report from a Leasing Company in Salt Lake City, Utah
     Len Baccaro Joins AEF---Baccaro-Baccaro Leasing
       2001 Bankruptcy up 19 percent
            Providian Financial's chief financial officer resigns
                Sunrise International Leasing Reports Record Earnings
                  Trinity Industries Subsidiary Issues $170 Million in Sr. Secured Notes                      (not to be confused with Trinity Capital, San Francisco)
               Largest network of Peterbilt heavy-duty truck dealerships in North                    America, John Deere---Rush Enterprises—Reports “losses”
                        Mellon/ Vinings Management  Announce Strategic Alliance                           Housing construction rises 6.3 percent in January
                                        highest level in nearly two years

February 19, 2002---Leverage Leasing  Says “No” to New Business
 Former Lyon’s Finance VP to Head Merrill Lynch Equipment Finance Division
   Reaction to Fred St. Laurent Open Positions/Trend to Community Banks
        Tuesday--- Odds and Ends
         Joliet Closes in Illinois

February 15, 2002--Positions Open---Who’s Hiring
  Where is Richard Baccaro?  Scottsdale, Arizona
       Ta-Ta-Tyyyyyyyyyyy/ CIT Group!
           Comdisco Loses $216 Million in First Fiscal Quarter
             Information Leasing  promotes James Cress to VP Vendor Business Unit
             E-Audit Fraud
                      E-Tax-paying Comes of Age
                         Resource America First Quarter Profits 
                            Gerard Laviec Joins Willis Lease Finance Board of Directors     

 Leasing News---The List 129 Changes

February 14, 2002--American Express Business Finance Major Loss?
   ( Would one of the portfolio letters be “R”? )
  Commercial Money Center---Returns $1.2 Million to Date
    ePlus Records 24% Increase in Net Earnings for Third Quarter
            AGL&F May 1-3 Conference, Baltimore, Maryland
              UAEL/EAEL Joint Las Vegas Conference  Faux Pas
                NAELB brochure/registration Now Available
                   eMail Chain Letters. It’s All Perfectly Legal—NOT!

Special Report:  Repair Credit
                                      Where is Richard Baccaro?  Former Executive Vice-President of American Express Business Finance—joined First Sierra, 1998.
 -------- Leasing News List Tomorrow—now at 129

February 13, 2002--Airlines Face Three More Tough Times
   Quilling Calls It “Quits,” Joins Heritage Pacific Leasing
       Baruch Forms New Muni Leasing Company
          With McGuinn
            Lease Conferences

          James White Joins TCF Leasing
          Domino's Pizza buying 82 franchised stores in Phoenix market
  Bank of the West Selects           CapitalStream to Provide Process Automation
              Leasing Group Inc. Forms Mexican Subsidiary To satisfy International Demand                     MicroFinancial Gets New Chairman of the Board---Dr. Peter R. von Bleyleben
               AMRESCO Leasing Corp. Acquired by NCS I, LLC
                   Karmart Selects Compaq  to Enhance Dealership Efficiency
                    eCredit Subsidiary Secures Funding/ Strategic Reseller Japan                                                 Thomas W. Bunn, Bank of America Veteran Now at  KeyCorp                           GATX  Elects Robert Lyons to Vice President, Investor Relations                                                      Leasing News List to be up-dated

February 12, 2002----Tyco Actively Buying Leasing Portfolio's
    Tyco shareholders sue, saying it lied about finances
        EAEL/NAELB Joint Atlanta, GA Conference Report   
           UAEL Feb. 22 Funding Retreat-Costa Mesa,CA
               Union Safe Deposit Bank / Orion First Financial
                  More Nigerian e-Mail---"Oh, No, Mr. Bill, Not Again"
         Prominent Financial Professionals to Speak at AFP Retail Industry Forum in Louisville

February 11, 2002
-- Tyco Stock Springs Back, Facing the Music Works
  Hacker Brings Down Leasing News Classified Ads
    Reaction to GE/Colonial Pacific Chicago Office Rumor
      Reaction to Leasing News Complaint
          Reaction to Kozlowski-Welch Radio Puppet Show
             International Rolls Out Zero Percent Financing
                      U.S. Shuts 'Unsound' Internet Bank

February 8, 2002
--Tyco’s Trouble Raises Doubts About CIT Among CEO’s
                               --- Tyco in Position to Sell CIT in Buyer’s Marketplace
                                     -- Good Time to be In the Leasing Business
                                        Equipment Leasing Association February 4th-5th Forum
                                        Tyco International Round-Up--Kozlowski-Welch Radio Puppet Show
                                                 GE Capital's new Colonial Pacific/Chicago office “rumor”
                                      Providian Posts Lost, Loan Defaults Rise
                               The Fed To Watch Bank’s Balance Sheets More
                                  eFund Acquires 2,500 More ATM’s
                                               Bill Graneri’s Top Gun Schedule
                                               NY Financial Community to Hear “Perfect Storm”
                     Association for Government Leasing & Finance
                 Financial Firms Turn to Web Services
                        Northern Consulting Global Enterprise
                               Sudhir Amembal Leaves/Company Now to Be Called ACC

February 7, 2002
—Reluctant Suitors Line Up for CIT—(Looks Like We Were Right)
                  The Full Story---All the Angles, including Tyco’s
                         Watch Your Back—“When Going Through Hell, Keep on Going.”                                                                            Willard Smith to Retire From Willis Lease Finance Board  
                                       Sonoma Valley Bank Selects BancLease Software Suite                                                                                     Venture Credit Picks Former CIT Syndication as  Director Northrop CIO                                                   Complaint About Leasing News
                                                        Western & Southern Financial Group Chooses ePlus                                                                                       De Lage Landen's global partnerships World Round-Up

February 6, 2002
---Confirmed!---Sudhir Amembal to Pursue Lease Education and Training
                             Where is Fred Van Etten? In Houston, Texas
                                Tyco Withdraws Bid/Court Approves Sale to GE Capital Lower Bid
                                   Tyco/GE Capital/American Express---Watch Your Back!
                                      Tyco Capital Moves to Enhance Liquidity
                                         Butler Capital Consolidates to Maryland Hq.
                                            IFC Credit Acquires Sprectrum Medical Leasing
                                               United Association of Equipment Leasing Directory Is Out
                                                  Charlesbank Cap.Invests in Computer Sales Int.
                                                     Richard L. Rockhold joins Cypress Leasing
                                                        PACCAR Financial Reports 54% Drop in Pretax Income
                                        Comdisco Completes Court-supervised Sales Evaluation Process
                                            Masterminds Of $16 Million “Lease Money” Scheme Sentenced

February 5, 2002 --- Comdisco Sale Troubles
                             Sudhir Amembal Sells Interest in Amembal Capital???
                                    Kansas City----Back in Business
                                      Banks tighten lending standard due to “economic slump” slump
                                       Venture Capital Investment Increases in Fourth Quarter
                                          System 1/Capital Advantage Users—Buckles to the Rescue
                                             What’s the Best Day to Get Something Done? Tueday--
                                      LFC Capital Appoints Bill Mount Executive VP Leasing Group Inc.
                                          Leasing Group/ Thinque Systems Strategic Financing Solutions
                                             Funder OnLine and Divine Win .NET Award
                                                IBM Selects Fair, Isaac Decisionfor New Global Credit Solution
                                                        Richard L.Rochold joinsCypress Leasingn

February 4, 2002 --- Ask Kenneth I. Chenault this Wednesday----
                             Comdisco-Tyco deal falls apart
                                 Cat Financial Acquires FCC Equipment Financing
                                    Classified Ads===New Criteria Response
                                        Major business/economic events this week
                                           Monday---Odds and Ends
                                              Amtrak Finances Near End of Line

February 1, 2002 ---Wired Capital---Free Survey Report
                Positive, but Cautious: ELA and IFC Meeting Report
                    Tyco Responds to Inquiries Regarding Director's Compensation
                       Myrna DuPape Now at BSB Leasing
                        LiveCapital Acquires Digité's Collaboration Technology
                                   Leasing Group and Silicon Graphics (SGI )
                                        Leasing Associations Meetings in February
                                                Stillwell, Kansas---Rob Yohee Stormed In
                                                   State of emergency declared; ice storm called worst ever

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