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February 29, 2001 -- 

       Studebaker Worthington Leasing Sold to State Bancorp

          LeaseExchange To Receive "Live" Pilot

             U.S. Capital, Santa Barbara, California--A Mail Box!!!

                 Efinanceworks to Return $150 Million

                   Greenspan Says Economic Downturn Isn't Over Yet, Blames


                     Kropschot Financial Announces Completed Transactions

                        Advance Rental Controversy Continues


  Earthquake in NorthWest--just happened.




February 27, 2001 -- 

   Finova Bailed Out by Buffett-Led Group

    eFinanceWorks Bites the Dust

     United Capital Survives---They Say.

       Advance Rentals and/or Committment Fees?

        VenServe Gets New CFO-- R. Jeff Macartney --formerly Balboa/Col.Pacific/LB Credit

         Sixty-Two Percent Of The $1 Million Plus Homes Sold In 2000 Were Located In

          Viking Capital Enteres China Arena---

               Bob Rodi to Give Special China Leasing/finance Report in March---


   March 14,2001  The Los Angeles Venture Association:

  --  More than $100 billion in capital sources to be represented

               amongst the 65 speakers from leading firms in the investment capital field....

                   full story and agenda near end of report


February 27, 2001 -- Requesting a Proposal
Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask


February 26, 2001 -- Advance Rentals---Rage!!!

   eLease--Employes Let Go, Prime Street is "History."

     Finova Hurtle Tomorrow---Dow Jones Predicts Showdown

       (( note: Lehman Bros. ( who are also involved with United Capital) are

        discouraged,in addition, Finova needs operating cash---see story ))

February 23, 2001 --

 Advance Rentals---Ken Greene,Jr./Barry Marks/Name and Company Name With Held

     Ampent/PDC Solutions "Small Ticket Internet Platform"

      UAEL Funding Retreat--early returns

        Auto  Leasing Customers Sues Banc One over "Late Fees"--Triggers Class Action Suit

          Farm Credit System Reports $1.422 billion Year-End

                 ( They are also very active in equipment leasing. editor )


February 22, 2001 -- New Trouble at GATX Jury Trial

       WINR Business Credit Changes Name to TCF Express Leasing

            Microfinancial Turns Internet Profits

               Advanced Rentals Comments

                Committment Fees

                    Reader's Comments



 Special: What American Express Brings to Sierra Cities Besides a Lot of Cash

February 21, 2001 -- Preferred Capital/Advance Rentals Becomes Ampent

        Baltimore Technologies and eOriginal Enter WWW Fray

          Citibank Also Picks Up Dell Computer Financing

           Comdisco Gets Serious Class Action Fraud Lawsuit            

             Rents in Fog City Falling After Dot-Com Shakeout

                ( Is Silicon Valley Next? )


    Readers Rate the Rodi-Goodman Show------------


February 21, 2001 -- Steve Geller will be joining the Leasing

      News Advisory Board


February 20, 2001 --

   Preferred Capital/Capital Werks--Announcement Soon!!!

    Where We Get Our News-----

    Amstat Joins On

     Lyons Financial to get New Digs

      More on JDR and U.S. Capital--There is a Soap Opera here!

         Heller Quits Doing SBA Loans

          Oracle Has the Ex-President and B2B, too at Emeril Lagasse                                               

            GATX and Airplane Warranties

             Netbank CEO Gets Federal Reserve Board of Governors Appointment


   Rodi-Goodman---Will You Pay to See Them Wrestle at a Leasing Conference????

February 16, 2001 --

     Lyons Credit Correction to Yesterday's Story

         Lyons Credit:-) Still Seeking New Business

     You Heard It Here First:-( eLease Bites the Dust

      Sierra Cities--Houston Chronicle Story--Quotes "Leasing News"

         J.D.R. Complaint Backfires????? What is Your Opinion?

    $100 Million Office Equipment Leasing Conviction, Newark, New Jersey

        Lafayette, Indiana Loan Indictment--Trailer Tractor Industry


        and THE "DINOSAUR" RESPONDS -to Mr. Bob Rodi a "pompous ass"



 February 15, 2001 --
Sierra Cities/Amex---More Like Christmas!!!

            Rodi Doesn't Take it Standing Down-----Hits Back

             United Capital---Leasing News Would like to hear from Steve Dallas

                ( We have e-mail, phone messages to his cell phone, plus have

                  spoken to United Capital attorney to obtain a comment, verify

                  or deny the many broker complaints we are receiving.editor )

             "Smartmoney" Expects Finova to Fold along with other large leasing companies )

                  " the truth is no one really knows how bad the credit-quality issues are

                       at the nation's banks ( leasing companies)."

              "DowJones" Sees It the same way as "Smartmoeny" re: Finova

                  ( "When Will the Bad News End???" )

              Lyons Capital--Remembered ( List to be Corrected )

             U.S.Capital, Santa Barbara--makes "Customer Complaint" List


               Bay View Capital Reports fourth quarter 2000 net loss of $92.5 million

                CIT Freezes Broker Business--But They Want the Fashion Industry: 

                   7thOnline Provide Financial Services to the Fashion Industry via CIT

                 Sterling Bancorp Declares 221st Consecutive Quarterly Cash Dividend          

                   Penske/Rollins Truck Merger Deal Gets Clearance

February 14, 2001 -- First Sierra sold to American Express for $5.68 per share in cash. We predicted this last week, naming the company and floor price. American Express active in

         equipment leasing, likes what it sees, and Sierra Cities is the vehicle,

         not Advanta or others that it has viewed to purchase.

   -United Capital Warning--from "Name With Held"

   -Wells Fargo Equipment Leasing Pres. Jim Renner Views 2001

   -Conseco Accused of Falsifying Data

   -Finatra Moves to Consumer Financing/No More Commercial Financing

   -Banks Investing Millions in mBanking

   -Ken Goodman Returns Bob Rodi Gauntlet

   -GE & FEI Good News


February 13, 2001 --
CIT is Closed to Brokers!!! Official

      Brian Madison Leaving U.S. Mellon--also U.S.Mellon for Sale????

      It is Official: GATX Buys El Camino Portfolio

       ( as we reported a month ago, world's largest independent leasing

         company is now ATEL Capital, San Francisco)

      Dana Corp. posts a fourth-quarter net loss-once a major player in leasing

      First Sierra: Announcement to be Made Late Thursday

         Greenspan "Sober" Message--Fed Ready to Act ( but really only affects 10%

               of bank business, tax cut appears necessary for economy. editor )

       Rodi Throws the Gauntlet:  "... keep charging those fees. Now that I think of it it's a

              great sales tool  that I can use against you." Bob Rodi, LeaseNow

       eMarket Signs GMAC

        Broker Says, "Let's Stick to Major Issues": Survival

            How Much Will You Save: Pres. Bush Tax Plan aka

                Venturi Sticks Funder with $2 Million Loss--Who is it?

                   Fitch Changes Rating on CIT and others ( bottom of report )

                     Netbank Gets NCR On Line

                      Point Capital, San Francisco, Appeals NASDAQ De-Listing

                       Arizona Cardinals Get New Stadium ( what the heck?

                          It's a big news day, and this is important to all fans ).


February 12, 2001 -- CIT-Atlanta Open or Closed?

    Old Kent Closing Doors to Broker Business

         More Pro Linda Kester

      Funders Leasing Fee Comments

        NCC Scam--Vendor "sale/leasebacks" as New Equipment

         eSignatures--Business Technology Editors----

         GE Named "Most Admired Company" by Fortune Magazine Survey

           ( Fourth Year in a Row!!!   no wise cracks accepted, you're just jealous )

              Comdisco Electronics Tops $100 Million in Sales in First Year in Mexico



  The Story " Sierra Cities "Private Labels" CompuBank " we considered not as

   a major story.  Compubank announced a similar program for loans on

   January 17th with Lending Tree.We will re-print it at the end of today's newsletter.

   We expect more news about Sierra Cities, but will not wait any longer to send out

   today's news.

   I expect the suitor to be American Express, who were trained by Advanta personnel

   and they thought American Express would buy them, but did not.  American Express

   has cash, great customer base, and is approving deals at low rates without much

   information like they have money to burn. $5 floor rate is the scuttlebutt on

   the marketplace. As I have stated before, Depping is perhaps one of the best

   leasing salespeople in the business, a real magician, and I don't think

   this is just cigar smoke. editor ).

February 09, 2001 -- Linda Kester Pro and Con
  NCC:  "Deja vu all over again."
   Compaq Leasing--Now Offers Free 60 day Trial
    CompUSA Goes to Trial in Texas--fascinating story
      Source Capital Declares Dividend—
they stopped accepting lease broker application last November.
" the Company experienced significant early loan pay downs in the fourth                            quarter of 2000 causing an 18% decline of loans outstanding from the                             beginning of the quarter to December 31, 2000. The decline in loans    
outstanding during the fourth quarter was a significant contribution
to reduced fourth quarter earnings. "

February 08, 2001 -- NCC Enterprises: Fraud Alert
   Joe Bonanno Has a Web Site!!!
      Charter One Registers Its 25,000th Online Customer--Free Banking/Service Launches New Financial Technology Company Called "Equidity"
            Banc One, Heller Financial Team With Compaq Leasing/Finance
               PAYNET Partners with Predictive Business Decision Systems--New
        Top Gun Schedule 

   Linda Kester: Let's Get Some Positive News


February 07, 2001 -- EAEL-NAELB Joint Meeting Comments
   Linc Capital--Chapter 7 Filing
    Howard Clark--American Express Visionary Passes Away
        PLM International Deal Completed
         The List is Up-Dated

February 6, 2001 -- Colonial Closes former "Tilden Operation" in New York and Anaheim
   Seismiq Cuts Staff/Moves to "Airport City"
      Fed Finds More Banks Tightening Loan Rules--Today's L.A.Times Reports
      List to be up-dated tomorrow--
there are several up-dates we have not mentioned, such as
         Comstock Leasing filing bankruptcy and they will be in Chronological
         order. We try to keep the List up-to-date on line, and not
         send it out every day.

February 5, 2001 -- Conseco Closing Office as Reported Last December
      Advanta Announces 150 Laid Off
       CIT Sees Lumber Industry Decline--due to economy
        Finova--Situation Continues to Deteriorate
           ("With significant debt maturities due in May 2001 and Leucadia National Corp's $350
            million investment withdrawn, Finova's ability to operate as a going concern faces
                 serious challenges." )
         United Capital, Austin, Texas--No good news to report( story to follow this week )

  We hope to have reaction to the EAEL/NAELB Atlanta Joint Meeting Happening as You Read This


February 01, 2001 --Steve Geller Says "Goodbye" as Orix Closes Rediscount Center
        AOL/Time Warner Post $1 Billion Net Loss--and Stocks Go Up!!!!
         Would You Believe----Leasing Priest????? Fred Schiavo???
               Jane Hackworth On the Job Market--You Should Grab Her Quickly!
                    U.S. Auto Sales Dip in January
                      Wells Fargo Completes Conseco Purchase (Leasing News announced in December)
                        TechSmart Raises $15 Million in Second-round Financing
  The List is Up-dated

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