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“Meet the Leasing News Maker”  LIVE   Thursdays, 1pm, California time


Bill Hansen---Commercial Money Center

  One of the most colorful individuals in the leasing industry, former

  football coach, who’s company puts the “tough deals” together---

  collateral from cattle to ice cubes, credit from poor to bad, and gives

  businesses the chance to not only survive, but grow. How does he

  do it?  Is everyone happy?  Ask him, live, Thursday, 1pm.






Patrick Hayes---remembered


What tragic news about Pat Hayes. I met Pat in the early '70's when he

was with Union Commerce Leasing, and we became good friends. When he became a lease broker I bought a number of deals from him (which didn't affect our friendship in the least).


He was always a gentleman, in the truest sense; quiet, gentle, kind and



He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.


Bob Teichman, CLP

Teichman Financial Training

3030 Bridgeway, Suite 213

Sausalito, CA 94965

Tel: 415-331-6445

Fax: 415-331-6451



"Providing education and training to the equipment leasing and financing





Patrick was everything that his obit. said. He came to some of our broker

meetings at the end that were in SF. He did mainly deals in Silicon Valley. He

worked for a bank leasing company out of the Midwest. (Union Commerce Leasing) Before that he worked Intl. Paper Credit. His office was where Highway 92 and 101 merge.


He later moved his office home. When they stopped doing deals, he was

a broker. I think he and his wife also owned an employment agency. I haven't

spoken to Patrick in 2 or 3 years. He called from time to time to speak about

funding sources. He did tell me that his kids were older and he didn't need to

do that many deals any more. His broker company was called Capital Funding

Group. I entered his company in my database in 1996.


Lou Funston


__________________________________________________________________ Classified Ads Work


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I once again would like for you to know just how valuable your Classified Ads have been.  Once listed in Leasing News, I received email inquiries from lessors

 I would otherwise not have known.  For that I am extremely grateful.  Your publication is a tremendous networking tool. 


At this time, I would ask that you please remove my Classified Ad, as I have just accepted a sales position in Atlanta.


I look forward to each edition of Leasing News, and wish you all the best for the New Year.    


Best regards, 


Sharon T. Silva 


404.680.3739 (mobile) 





Leasing News has been successful in finding jobs.  This section of the

classified has been active.  We have seven candidates now looking

for “better” employment; one credit, one operation, five sales.


Credit: Hayward, CA.
Versatile/ creative senior financial executive w/extensive experience in varied areas of the commercial lending environment. Strong written/ oral skills with a results-oriented team-player attitude.

Operations: Austin, TX
5 years experience in leasing including processing credits, reviewing and funding transactions and performing quality control. Looking for a new challenge and opportunity.

Sales: Los Angeles, CA.
4 years experience in Leasing from start to funding. 10k-30mil size tickets.

Sales: Atlanta, GA
Add pizzazz to your team! Highly motivated sales exec with strong relationship management and communication skills offers record of achievement and desire to succeed.

Sales: Silicon Valley, CA
VP level Business Development and Sales Manager, well connected in Silicon Valley. Experienced in major vendor programs on a global basis.Email:

Sales: New York City, NY
Equipment & computer leasing marketing expert/ knowledge of all leasing structures/ documentation; seeks position where my high productivity & knowledge will be recognized financially.

Sales: Mission Viejo, CA
Account Sales Executive with 10 years of leasing experience looking for company to bring existing customer base.



Thirty-Six in Help Wanted:


Collector, Contract Administrator, Marketing, Operations, Sales


Six in Outsourcing:


Asset Management, Backroom, Collector, Lease Trainer,  Software Support


None in the attorney section:




Mike Granieri---A Prosperous 2002


I will follow the lead of my esteemed colleague from California Mr.



* “A word to those who are relatively new to our profession .  Leasing tends to

run in cycles.  Credit is loose, then credit is tight.  There a lot of

funding sources, then there are few.  Etc. Adapt to the changes as change is

the only constant in our business.”


Ted Parker

Past President, United Association of Equipment Leasing


 In that when the economic climate changes you must be able to change

with it. If you are unable to do so you will suffer the fate that 70 or so

leasing companies and funding sources suffered, you will be history. The

business is out there you just have to do a few key things


1. Work hard

2. Work smart

3. re read #2


When our economy is soft that is when people are looking for alternative ways

to finance their equipment. I.E.: Leasing.


As I mentioned in my newsletter the lease closer on more than one  occasion

the Top Gun sales people have the following going for them


1. They are highly organized

2. They have great communication skills


They less talking and more listening. They are listening to what their

customers want from them and they are producing.


My father taught me a few things while he was alive


1. Close and Close are spelled exactly the same way but we only get paid for

one of them


2. "That raise you are looking for is effective when you are"


3. "Character is what you are when you are alone"


I know things have been rough for a lot people including myself, but you must

push forward you can't give up and complaining will get you no where. You

must improvise, adapt, and overcome.


I wish all of you A prosperous 2002.



Michael Granieri

Granieri Associates



Please be sure to read Mike Granieri’s latest:




Thursday, 1pm, California time, Leasing News Maker


Meet Bill Hansen, Commercial Money Center---LIVE




Financial Events This Week 

(some dates are tentative; times, where known, are Eastern time):

MONDAY, Jan. 7

WASHINGTON Treasury bill auction, 2 p.m. 

NEW YORK Bankruptcy court hearing with Dynegy and other Enron creditors who want the case transferred to Enron's home base of Houston.


WASHINGTON Commerce Department reports on factory orders for November, 10 a.m.; Federal Reserve reports on consumer credit for November, 3 p.m.

LAS VEGAS International Consumer Electronics Association show begins.


Nothing scheduled.


WASHINGTON Labor Department reports on weekly jobless claims, 8:30 a.m.

The nation's largest retailers report their sales figures for the month of November.

FRIDAY, Jan. 11

WASHINGTON Labor Department reports on producer prices for December, 8:30 a.m.


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Alliance Financial Announces Formation of Leasing Company



SYRACUSE, N.Y., / -- Alliance Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: ALNC) announced Friday that its Board of Directors has approved the formation of a commercial leasing company.


Jack H. Webb, Chairman and CEO of Alliance Financial stated, "We believe that leasing represents an excellent strategic fit and a natural expansion of our financial services.  As Alliance Financial continues to expand in Central New York, we are committed to the development of new and diverse sources of revenue to enhance shareholder value."  The leasing company will be a subsidiary of Alliance Bank, N.A., the banking subsidiary of Alliance Financial Corporation.


John W. Wilson has been named President of the company.  A local entrepreneur with over 22 years of diverse leasing experience, Wilson will manage the company from its One Park Place (Syracuse, New York) location.  The company will specialize in information technology, municipal, health care, energy and utilities, education, and equipment leasing.  According to Wilson, "I am pleased to join a dynamic local company committed to this region.  With our focused approach in developing a leasing program which meets the sophisticated needs of our customers, I am confident that we will become the premier provider of leasing services in our targeted markets within Upstate New York."


Alliance Financial Corporation is an independent bank holding company with one subsidiary, Alliance Bank, N.A., that provides banking, trust and investment services through 19 community branch locations in Central New York.

 ### ########################## ######################


Web sites count declines for 2nd time ever


The number of Web sites on the Internet declined last month for only the

second time since 1995, according to a survey by Netcraft, an Internet consultancy in Bath, England.


Netcraft said it counted 36,276,252 sites in December, down by 182,142 from

November. The only other previous drop was in August.


Netcraft explained the most recent decline as a consequence of speculators abandoning domains they registered during the boom of 1999 rather than renewing their claims for another two years.




  Credit Card Cost/Minimum Payment Chart


Next Time the Customer Says I would Perfer to Put on My Credit Card,

  Show Him the Chart.


   The Chart demonstrates the amount of time it would take for  cardholders to completely pay off a credit card debt at various time periods.


           This a detailed chart by the State of California illustrates

the approximate number of months, in addition to the approximate total cost, to repay an outstanding balance if the cardholder pays only the required minimum monthly payments.


 Each page of the chart represents a different account balance amount beginning

with $100 and increasing in $100 increments to $10,000. The chart also

includes a list of interest rates beginning at 6 percent and

increasing by 1 percentage point to a maximum of 25 percent, and minimum payment due ("MPD") of either 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 percent of the

balance of the original outstanding balance.


    "While the chart was designed for the credit card issuer to

provide this information to cardholders, the Department has made the

chart available to all interested parties at our Internet site," said

Donald R. Meyer, State Commissioner of Financial Institutions. The

chart is available at under the home page heading

Minimum Payment Credit Card Calculation -- as required by AB 865

(Civil Code Section 1748.13).


    The Department of Financial Institutions is responsible for

administering the State's laws regulating state-licensed banks,

state-licensed savings and loans, trust companies, state-licensed

offices of foreign banks, issuers of travelers checks and payment

instruments (money orders), transmitters of money abroad,

state-licensed credit unions, and state-licensed industrial banks. DFI

reports to Secretary Maria Contreras-Sweet of the Business,

Transportation and Housing Agency and Governor Gray Davis.




Please pass on Leasing News to a colleague, as we are trying to build

up readership.  You may quote any part without permission.  We are

free. No banners or advertisements.



“Zero Percent Interest” Key to

2001 second-best vehicle sales year in history, trucks outsell cars

By Ed Garsten,


DETROIT (AP) For the first time since Americans turned in their horses for horsepower sales of passenger cars took a back seat to trucks according to 2001 sales figures released  late last week.


Consumers snapped up about 300,000 more trucks including sport utility vehicles, than passenger cars last year, accelerating the move toward sport utility vehicles, minivans and pickup trucks that began in earnest in the early 1990's.


''Trucks have been gaining for years. I can't see why that wouldn't continue,'' said David Healy, an analyst with Burnham Securities Inc.


It's a trend that pleases the automakers since they make higher profits from trucks than on cars.


It's also a trend that has environmental groups upset.


''We burn 1.2 million more barrels of gasoline per day because SUVs and light trucks are less efficient than cars,'' said Jason Mark, Union of Concerned Scientists clean vehicles program director.


The organization is pushing for federal legislation to increase fuel economy standards.


During 2001 a total of 17.18 million vehicles were sold in the U.S., making it the second best year on record, behind the 17.4 million sold in 2000 and 16.96 in 1999.


The automakers and analysts credit aggressive incentive programs, especially the offer of interest-free financing as causing a sales surge in the last three months of the year.


However, the costs associated with those incentives may prove damaging to the automakers' bottom lines.


''Unquestionably profits will suffer from the incentives, but the zero percent financing move was brilliant'' said Efraim Levy, senior automotive analyst for Standard and Poor's. ''Regardless of the effect on profits, the move stimulated sales and may have prevented the economy from rolling over and dying in the wake of Sept. 11.''


The Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler AG said its December sales were 6 percent higher than those during December 2000, and sales for the year were off less than 10 percent from 2000.


General Motors Corp. reported its vehicle sales in 2001 were down about 1 percent, but up 7 percent in December as compared with a year ago.


Ford Motor Co. said its sales dropped 6 percent in 2001 from a year earlier.

Sales during December for the nation's second biggest automaker were only three-tenths of a percent better than in December 2000, hurt by a 25 percent drop in passenger car sales.


Toyota Motor Corp. said 2001 was its best year ever with a 7.5 percent increase in sales over 2000.


American Honda Motor Co. also reported a strong year, capped off with the Accord reclaiming its title as best selling car in America.


On the Net:


Ford Motor Co.,

General Motors Corp.,



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