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UAEL Membership Directory

  Economics---Bob Rodi in Pittsburgh

     Classified Ad----Up-Date

          New Tech Leasing Book Available

              Thomas Butler Joins PayNet as CEO


# Denotes press release



UAEL Membership Directory




Our members of the United Association of Equipment Leasing have written to you that they wanted a printed Membership Directory again. You sent me an e-mail about it, as I remember.


Well, we heard the same thing here, so with Joe Woodley, CLP, on board, we have the latest directory at the printer as I write this to you.  We asked members to up-date their listings on line or to let us know directly so it could be as current as possible.


We will be making some more changes to our website with the

purpose of keeping the membership information as current as possible.

Look for other changes on our website, too.


Bob Fisher, CLP



Fisher-Anderson, L.C.


(Actually the e-mail was from Charlie Meaker, Lease Financing/

You certainly will make him happy, plus other UAEL members.  Also let

us know when the registration forms are up for the February 22nd Funding

retreat at Costa Mesa.  You should get a large turn out here. Editor)


Economics---Bob Rodi in Pittsburgh


I attended and Economic club luncheon in Pittsburgh a couple of days

ago. The keynote speakers we the chief economists of PNC Corp. and

Mellon Financial.  They were both on the mid-year recovery bandwagon

although they disagreed on whether or not the Fed would ease one more

time at the 1/22 FOMC meeting.


They are forecasting negative GDP growth in Q1 with GDP growing at a

pretty strong 3.5-4% by Q4 for an overall 1.9% increase for the year.


This seems to be the consensus and I think it bodes well for the leasing

industry this year, especially small ticket.  The banks are drowning in

liquidity with the tightest regulatory pressure they've seen in 10

years.  Small business owners literally cannot obtain credit from their

community banks in this environment which usually means a strong year

for small ticket leasing. Add to that the fact that your list grew

considerably last year leaving big holes in the vendor marketplace.  The

environment might be enticing enough to bring some investors back into

the leasing industry.


Bob Rodi


LeaseNOW, Inc.



Classified Ad----Up-Date


Eight  “Job Wanted” Ads


Contract Administrator: Phoenix, AZ
I have 20 + years in Equipment Leasing and Consumer Finance. Good written, verbal and analytical skills. Background in Management, Customer Service and Documentation.

Credit: Hayward, CA.
Versatile/ creative senior financial executive w/extensive experience in varied areas of the commercial lending environment. Strong written/ oral skills with a results-oriented team-player attitude. Email:

Funding: Northern, NJ
Coordinate all aspects of financing for leased equipment; prepare necessary documentation for discounting with banks. Handle renewals of and amendments to lease schedules.

Operations: Austin, TX
5 years experience in leasing including processing credits, reviewing and funding transactions and performing quality control. Looking for a new challenge and opportunity.

Sales: Silicon Valley, CA
VP level Business Development and Sales Manager, well connected in Silicon Valley. Experienced in major vendor programs on a global basis.Email:

Sales: New York City, NY
Equipment & computer leasing marketing expert/ knowledge of all leasing structures/ documentation; seeks position where my high productivity & knowledge will be recognized financially.

Sales: Mission Viejo, CA
Account Sales Executive with 10 years of leasing experience looking for company to bring existing customer base.

Sales: Los Angeles, CA.
4 years experience in Leasing from start to funding. 10k-30mil size tickets.


This section does find people jobs.  It is the most active section of

the classified, changing the most often.


The largest section is the Industry Help Wanted


1 Administrative Assistant,  1 Collector,  3 Contract Administrator,  2 Marketing,

1 office manager/admnin,  2 Operations,  27 salesmen, 1 Senior Management,

 1 Syndicator


Jobs have been fulfilled as readers not only tell us, they tell us to take out their

ad.  The only requirement is the advertiser belong to a leasing association.


Six Outsourcing Ads


2 Asset Management, 1 Collector, 1 Consultant, 1 Sales Trainer,

1 software service provider


No attorneys!!!.  The original purpose of this section was not “advertising,”

but for readers who are looking for an attorney in their area, or for an

attorney specializing in the leasing industry.  Leasing News gets requests

from lessees, vendors, and others who have need for such services.  They

get on the web and use their browser for “help” with a specific need.


The browsers work simply: the more popular the site, the higher it goes

on the list.  Since we are the only Leasing entity that seeks “alerts” and

“bulletin board” complaints or reports about the problems in the industry,

we get a lot of “hits.” This brings us higher on the list of people searching

for help.


Many of these are civil disputes, in our opinion, or should be for the attorney general, department of justice, or local law enforcement. Often they are “too small”, we are informed, for such legal action. They need a leasing attorney. Thus

we have this site.  It is not only from someone on one coast looking for

an attorney on the other coast, but for small lessors, or sellers of equipment,

or lessees themselves who do not know where to turn.


Perhaps we don’t have many leasing attorney readers, or perhaps they do not

like to “advertise,” or maybe every law office is so business, they have not

need for new clients.


If you know an attorney who specializes in leasing, please ask them to post.

Our only requirement is that they belong to a leasing association.  That way

we know that is their specialty, and number two, they abide by the associations

code of ethics and standards.


Our last section is Recruiters in the Leasing Industry.


We do not permit recruiters to place ads, and we know they contact both

the “job wanted” and “help wanted” as readers tell us about it.  We do

list recruiters, as often they have contacts, knowledge, and are of great

benefit, especially to “high ranking” opportunities.


At this date, we have only one list:

Fred St Laurent
Senior National Recruiter
Management Recruiters of Melbourne, Inc
A Division of Management Recruiters International
134 Fifth Ave., Suite 208
Indiatlantic, FL. 32901
321-951-7644 ext 3123
321-951-4235 Fax
321-749-4618 Cell


Fred St. Laurent is also active in marketing for customers.  For instance,

he sent this out the first of the year:


I am trying to become a more effective resource for you in the coming months of 2002.


First some facts about the emails you receive from me:

1)        I am a recruiter that focuses strictly on the equipment leasing industry.

             Please see my profile at


2)        There are about 9500 people that receive these emails when I send them

out from time to time.


3)            Because of the above I may not always be able to respond in a timely

fashion or at all to your email reply to me but I do try my best to get back

to everyone, and I appreciate everyone’s participation.


4)        I am attempting to focus my future emails by sending you this survey, by

updating your file, and subsequently attempt to refine what types of emails

you receive from now on.


5)        If you have asked to be removed from my list in the past, and I have not

removed you yet, or you just haven’t asked but wish to be removed from the

list, please hit reply to this email and type remove in the subject line and

I promise to remove your email address now. There is a tracking number at

the bottom that allows me to be sure to remove you and I need that to do so,

so it is important to include the message when you reply to me. I really

only want people who see a value to what I am doing with this service to be

on the list. (Of course if you are just curious and wish to remain please

feel free to observe with out participating)


6)        The reason that you get an email from me every once in awhile that doesn’t

make sense, because we have been in contact about something recently, is

because I have sent this same email you received to almost 10,000 people

asking for help, and it was written in a personal way. Just look at the

bottom for the disclaimer and you will know that it is just one of those

occasional requests that I am describing here.



I would hope to make my emails more effective this year, by updating my

files. The questions below will help me to serve you by either being more

selective in the type of email I send to you, or targeting different types

of information for you about the industry.


Please take just a few moments to respond to this email and it will allow me

to be a better resource for you in the coming months of 2002.


1)        If you would like to update your file with me, send me a brief paragraph

about what you have been doing lately with regards to equipment leasing.

Please send whatever information you are comfortable sending that you feel

will help me to serve you. Any information you send will be treated with the

utmost confidentiality.


2)        If you would like to receive emails from me regarding a specific niche in

the equipment leasing industry, please let me know and I will send only that

type of information, i.e. big ticket sales jobs/ sales people; or only

credit and operations; or maybe "general send it all Fred" please let me

know it will help me to serve you.


3)                 What else would you like to hear about from me?

4)                 How can I serve you in ways that I may not have considered?

5)                What kind of information would you like me to find out for you, about

what is happening in the industry? If you hear a rumor, I can find out what

the story is. Confirm what you’ve heard through me. Please feel free to

contact me directly.

Thanks for your help in this. I am trying to develop my relationship with

you as well as provide a real time resource to leasing professionals in a

confidential and effective manner. Please help me to be a resource for you

this year and in years to come.


I believe that we, in the leasing industry, need to help each other today

more than ever. Please fell free to recommend me to your friends in

equipment leasing.


Fred St Laurent

Senior National Recruiter

ELA, UAEL and NAELB Member

Management Recruiters of Melbourne, Inc

321-951-7644 ext 3123



### ################################# #####################


New Tech Leasing Book Available

CHICAGO--The Leasing Power Tools Press ( announced today the availability of their long-awaited book on Technology Leasing for users of technology equipment: Technology Leasing: Power Tools for Lessees.


"This book has been years in the making, and Barry and I finally chained ourselves to our computers long enough to complete it," said James M. Johnson, Ph.D., co-author of the book along with Barry S. Marks, Esq.


 This new book is a one of a kind resource that walks technology users through the sometimes bewildering and arcane world of contractual and financial issues that can make or break a technology lease. This 15-chapter work is tailored to the needs of non-legal and non-financial professionals. It is written in an informal style to appeal to the needs of users who need to understand the complexities of technology leasing well enough to preserve flexibility and minimize their exposure in such a financing.


     The book offers detailed examples and insights into the financial comparison of lease proposals, comparing leasing to purchasing, and detailed discussions of many common lease provisions. The book's centerpiece, however, is a fascinating 60-page chapter devoted to a "standard" technology lease contract.


 After presenting these typical terms, the authors provide the reader with provision-by-provision "coaching" for the equipment user as to what provisions should be changed and how and why. The icing on the cake is the authors' commentary as to the lessor's likely comeback, and how compromise might be achieved.


     James M. Johnson, Ph.D. ( and Barry S. Marks, Esq. ( each have more than 20 years of experience in the leasing industry, advising clients on both sides (lessor and lessee alike) of the table, being engaged as expert witnesses, drafting contracts, consulting, writing extensively on the subject and giving talks and seminars. For more information on this latest edition to their family of leasing books, their website at contains ordering information, over 40 useful leasing website hyperlinks, and a dozen of their articles on various leasing subjects.


 ( courtesy )


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Thomas Butler, Former President and COO of Discover Credit Card, Joins PAYNET as CEO

Skokie, IL  PAYNET, Inc. announces that Thomas R.
Butler, former President and COO of Discover Financial Corporation, Morgan
Stanley Dean Witter's general purpose credit card arm, has joined PAYNET as
CEO, effective immediately. Butler was chosen as CEO for his many years of
senior management experience that includes developing Discover from a
start-up to its current position as a leader in the consumer credit market.
Butler continues as a Director on the PAYNET Board and an investor.


    "We are thrilled to have Tom's services as a full-time member of our
management team," said PAYNET's President Bill Phelan. "His experience
solving business problems is a major benefit for our customers, partners,
employees and investors."


    "PAYNET offers a terrific opportunity to share my management experience
with a growing business," said Butler. "PAYNET's offerings are positioned to
play a major role in the way credit is granted to business borrowers. The
benefits of this type of information service are similar to what I
experienced in the consumer market at Discover in the early 1990's -- lower
costs, increased approvals and improved credit quality."


    Butler helped establish the Discover Card in 1985, where he served as
head of operations until 1986 and then served as president and COO until
1998. Tom also serves as chair of the Northwestern Library Board of
Governors and as a board member of INROADS/Chicago, an organization
dedicated to placing minority students in business and engineering careers.


    For more information about PAYNET, contact Bill Phelan at 877-719-6757
or visit



PAYNET, Inc. delivers the nation's largest online, proprietary database of
lease and loan payment history information used for credit decision
purposes. PAYNET uses its proprietary technology and the power of shared
data to increase profitability, to improve operational efficiency and to
reduce credit losses for commercial finance companies, which represents more
than $550 billion in net assets. Many leading commercial lenders are
members of PAYNET's network, representing a substantial portion of the
industry's net assets. PAYNET's partners include the Equipment Leasing
Association, consulting firms and major lease accounting and software
providers. Founded in 1999, PAYNET Inc. is headquartered in Skokie, IL. For
more information about PAYNET contact Bill Phelan at 877-719-6757 or visit

(Courtesy of

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Don’t Forget---Mike Meacher, Live---Thursday, 1pm,


           Meet the Leasing News Maker


The popular president of the National Association of Equipment Leasing

Brokers will be available for all questions and inquiries.  No holds barred.



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