Kit Menkin's Leasing Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Headlines---- Commercial Money Center Has Completed Its Verbal Commitment
          Leasing News Will Not Divulge Our Sources
               American Express earnings miss analysts' reduced estimate
                    Sanchez Buys Equidity, To Incorporate Software
                         Tuesday --Odds and Ends
                            Peabodys Secures Lease Financing for Future Growth
                               McGloin Plans New Leasing Group
                                 MicroBilt to Offer Experian's Custom Strategist Suite
                                    Parker Leasing Still Advertising
                                      Used Cars On Line
                                               5.7% Gain in New Home Sales

Bledsoe/Brady Poll On Surpasses 60,000 Votes;
          Patriots Fans Urge Coach Belichick to Start Brady

***NEW!***Association of Government Leasing & Finance Insta-T.E.L.L.

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Commercial Money Center Has Completed Its Verbal Commitment


Bill Hanson has honored his commitment as stated on "Meet the Leasing

News Maker."


There are checks that brokers are requesting and vendors requesting, and

there are some legal matters regarding withdrawals and also some other

issues, and Leasing News have reviewed several of the cases to state that

Bill Hanson has completed what he said he would do on "Meet the Leasing News





Leasing News Will Not Divulge Our Sources



RW Professional Lawsuit Up-Date



On or about August 23, 2001, Rich Tambor, Sr. Vice-President of American

Express Small Business Services, conducted a conference call with the all

personnel within his division. In that call, Mr. Tabor referred to issues

with the RW Professional Leasing portfolio and Republic Group of Anaheim,

California that were being addressed by American Express. This quickly

became common knowledge in the leasing industry since the industry is close

knit. At this point, RW Professional became known to Leasing News, as we

were not familiar with this company at all.


We asked our sources at American Express, American Express Business Finance,

former collectors, salesmen, managers, directors, officers. at what was once

known as First Sierra, plus presidents of several companies involved, who

spoke to us on a confidential basis, plus our advisory board. RW

Professional was a public issue and as such, RW Professional became a

"public figure" subject to public discussion and speculation.


Leasing News was given this statement to publish:


"A high ranking executive with Amex has verified that Amex is investigating

possible problems with the portfolios of RW Professional Leasing and the

Republic Group. There is no cover up attempt on the part of Amex, but in

fairness to everyone, the issues have to be thoroughly investigated before

any public comment can be made".


American Express Spokesman Statement----Name Withheld


October 1, 2001 Leasing News wrote: "...We are receiving reports that RW

Professional Leasing has filed bankruptcy, and the principal(s) have started

another leasing company. We are looking forward to verifying this..." We

explained why, as it was part of several stories we were working on; two

still in the works.


We had received a tip, confirmed the tip with several well-informed sources,

who also heard the talk on the street. We did not want to publish this until

we could confirm or deny it from RW Professional.


Leasing News attempted to reach RW Professional for a comment. We were

attempting to confirm or deny the "rumor." October 3, 2001. as part of our

story on the inquiry of "AmX Business Finance Mid/Am Portfolio Bond

Insurance", we wrote, "As a side note, I am surprised there has not been a

reader who has taken me to task for saying " we look forward to the RW

Professional bankruptcy confirmation . We had originally ask

for a confirmation or denial and this was an attempt to "smoke out " a

response. (


The main purpose was to up-date readers, and hopefully get a confirmation

or denial as no comment was forthcoming from RW Professional.

The bankruptcy data we searched could find no record. Everyone

we spoke to seems to have heard the rumor, but we still could

not officially confirm or deny it as RW Professional didn't want

to speak to us.


On or about October 12, a fax was received from Salvatore D. Ferlazzo of

Girvin & Ferlazzo representing RW ProfessionalLeasing, stated

Leasing News was "...claiming that RW Professional has filed

for bankruptcy protection. That is absolutely false, and, of course,

defamatory to the business reputation of RW Professional.


Leasing News had not made such a claim, but was trying to confirm

or deny the talk on the street. We tried to reach Mr.Ferlazzo by

telephone, but he was not available. We tried to reach RW Professional

Leasing, but no one was available. We sent several e-mails to Mr. Ferlazzo.

Finally we reached Mr.Ferlazzo by telephone


October 15, we headlined:


"RW Professional Has Not Filed Bankruptcy


"Leasing news heard from Salvatore D. Ferlazzo of Girvin & Ferlazzo,PC,

representing RW Professional Leasing, Long Island, New York. We have been

trying to confirm or deny the rumor floating around the leasing community.


"He says it "ain't so." We have asked him for an official statement or

comment or e-mail or any comment from RW Professional Leasing, as we have

not been able to obtain one."


Mr.Ferlazzo telephoned us back and it was not a "retraction" they

were seeking, he told me. Basically Mr. Ferlazzo said his client

"Barry Drayer" would not pursue the matter if I told him who were the

sources of the rumor.


Peter S. Hemar, of Hemar Associates in Santa Monica, agreed to

represent us gratis. December 13,2001 we received a summons

from Richard L.Weiner, Encino, California representing

RW Professional.


Mr. Hemar contacted him, and the gist was basically the same,

this could be settled if Leasing News divulged who was

"spreading rumors." In our viewpoint, wehad heard it,

tried to verify it, and really don't know who originally

started the claim, which we were trying to confirm or deny.


Now we are served with a lawsuit, deposition and order to

produce documents. Unfortunately, Leasing News is at point

that we will have to seek a new attorney. Ken Greene, on

our advisory board, has agreed to help out in the interim,

as we cannot continue with Mr. Hemar, who also represents

American Express and American Express Business Financial,

paying clients. It is not fair to put him in this position,

although he has been generous with his time and effort.


The fact is the Leasing News sources include officers

of American Express, American Express Business Finance,

present and past officers, past managers, collection

personnel, and salesmen of American Express, American

Express Business Finance, First Sierra and Sierra,

Old Kent Financial, plus present and past presidents of these



It was alleged that Leasing News has a "vendetta" against

Barry Drayer, which is not true. I personally do not

know him and until doing some research today, was not

even aware of what the company does, as I originally

thought they were in the medical leasing market place.


Again, Leasing News attempted to obtain a comment

from RW Professional Leasing, twice on Thursday, and

was told to speak with Mr. Weiner, who was not available,

although we did leave a voice mail early morning with him,

and now learn he will only talk to us through our attorney.


This is what we know publicly about the company:


Sales are stated at $10 to $20 million per year and the

geographic area is National. They are direct lessors

specializing in computer, medical, and office equipment,

in the "small ticket" and "vendor program" marketplace.




Ms. Rochelle Besser4584 Austin BlvdP.O. Box 296Island Park, NY 11558Phone:

(800) 431-4319Fax: (888) 443-4190 Business Council: Small Ticket

Function Code: Marketing Sales


Mr. Adam DrayerCredit Analyst4584 Austin BlvdIsland Park, NY 11558Phone:

(800) 343-4319Fax: (888) 443-4190 Business Council: Small Ticket

Function Code: Collections Credit


Mr. Barry DrayerVP445 Washington StreetWellesley, MA 02181Phone: (800)

343-4353Fax: (800) 822-3127 Business Council: Small Ticket Vendor

Programs Function Code: Corporate Executive




If readers can fill us in with other information, or anything that might be

helpful "on" or "off the record," it would be appreciated.


Kit Menkin, editor/publisher




American Express earnings miss analysts' reduced estimate


By Eileen Alt Powell, Associated Pres


NEW YORK (AP) American Express said Monday that its earnings for the fourth

quarter and the year were down significantly because of the drop in travel

after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


The giant financial services company said its net profits totaled $297

million, or 22 cents a share, in the fourth quarter, a 56 percent drop from

a year earlier. The results were a penny a share below the estimate from

analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial/First Call.


In the year-earlier period, earnings were $677 million, or 50 cents a share.


American Express stock fell 70 cents, or nearly 2 percent, to $36.29 at the

close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange.


The earnings report said the company's fourth-quarter results included a

$279 million pretax restructuring charge to cover the elimination of about

6,800 jobs 300 more than earlier announced and to consolidate real estate

facilities after the staff reduction.


Analysts had lowered their earnings estimates for the company after American

Express announced in December that it would record charges in the

October-December quarter for further jobs cuts.


During the year, American Express eliminated 14,500 positions, or 16 percent

of the work force that totaled 88,500 at the start of 2001.


The company said the latest job cuts were mainly in its travel business and

''reflect the sharp slowdown in that sector'' since the Sept. 11 attacks on

the World Trade Center and Pentagon.


Chairman and chief executive Kenneth I. Chenault said in a statement

accompany the earnings report that results ''reflected the overall weakness

in the economy throughout the year and the sharp slowdown in consumer

spending, business travel and investment activity after the terrorist

attacks of Sept. 11.''


He said the company was being cautious in its projections of recovery this

year. Many economists believe that the economic recession that began in

March last year will end in the current quarter.


''While we are seeing signs of improvement in volumes, we are continuing to

take a cautious view and expect the economy to remain weak throughout

2002,'' Chenault's statement said. ''With that in mind, we have lowered our

risk profile and made some important changes in our business that will

position us for good earnings growth in a lower revenue growth


American Express executives have been functioning from temporary offices in

and around New York City since their headquarters in the World Financial

Center was damaged in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The company

expects to begin returning to its headquarters building in April.


Earnings for the year were $1.31 billion, or 98 cents a share, down 53

percent from $2.81 billion, or $2.07 a share, reported in 2000.


American Express said that its full-year results were hurt by a $1.01

billion pretax charge in the first half to write off losses in the American

Express Financial Advisors portfolio; $631 million in restructuring charges

in the second half, and a $98 million pretax cost stemming from the

terrorist attacks.


The company said that excluding the restructuring charges and Sept.

11-related cost, earnings per share would have been $1.34 for the year.








Malvern, PA-based Sanchez Computer Associates Inc. recently announced it has

acquired all the assets of Equidity Inc., including the company's

Java-based, online origination software. Sanchez will incorporate the credit

origination technology into its banking platform, particularly as it relates

to the online origination of loans. Equidity was a privately owned

financial services software company previously based in Sterling, VA. The

J2EE-compliant origination solution Web-enables and automates the

origination process and can be deployed across multiple delivery channels, a

Sanchez news release said. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


eCommerce News




First Capital Group


Name = Gary Millhollon

Address = 5601 Office Blvd. Suite 2

City = Albuquerque

State = NM

Zipcode = 87109

Phone = 505-338-2430

Fax = 505-338-2431

Email =


I would like to congratulate you on your web site.


We are a company based in Albuquerque with 2000 customers in 45 states and 3

foreign countries. We specialize in deals from $250m to $10mm and are cash

flow driven. I founded the company in 1995 and sold it last year to First

Banks of St. Louis, the largest privately owned (non-public) bank in the

country with around $7BB in assets.


We do $100mm per year in new business.


We have seen a significant increase in demand as we have tried to maintain

our quick response and core philosophies during a time when many of our

competitors have failed or experienced troubled times.


We have direct and, on a very select basis, do broker deals. First Capital

Group, Inc. has always been the name of the company---no name change.


( Thank you. Will add this information to the Leasing News List. If

readers note that we have overlooked a change, or if there is a correction

needed, please let us know. editor )




We are trying to build our readership. Please do not assume that everyone

reads us. We do not Spam or advertise so the only way our readership is

built is by "word of mouth" ---meaning our readers send a copy to a friend

or recommendtheir friend read us. The news is also on line at


To get on our mailing list, please send to


We are free. No ads or banners.




Tuesday --Odds and Ends



Funder OnLine


Mike Cumby asked me to update you on our growth over the past 9 months.


We are now at 74 people in Toronto , Tampa , Denver and Sydney



We have started implementation of our plan to add 10 more staff over the

next 6 months in North America and Europe.


If you need further information or confirmation, please do not hesitate

to contact me.



Cha Loh

VP Business Development

Funder OnLine Corp.




( Now up-dated at: )



Leasing News wanted to know how many are in the leasing business. At

one time, we heard there existed a mailing list of 8,500 names. We asked

the expert, Barbara Low, who publishes Lease Source Book


(This is the only true list of leasing companies, nut just members of an

association, or advertisers who paid to be listed.


$135---for more info, go to:

or 781-259-0524 or


I did some counts of our database. We have about 6000 firms--many of whom

never completed questionnaires so we don't know specifically what they are

up to. (Some are lawyers, remarketers, software developers, etc.)


Of the firms that have responded to our questionnaire for various Sourcebook

editions, 1271 listed themselves as lessors or brokers; it is possible that

they had other roles as well.


We have names of 11,500 individuals in the database that are associated with

the various firms.


You may quote these numbers. We'd be happy to speak to anyone who would like

us to do custom searches or mailing list rentals for them.


Cross your fingers for the Pats this weekend -- the ultimate underdogs!


Barbara B. Low





Leasing News Funding Directory????


With all you guys do for the leasing broker, why don't you have a

funding source directory, with current direct funding sources and even a

super broker section?


Mitch Bedke


( Perhaps I should put this in our F.A.Q. section, as it is one of

the most often asked questions, specifically where can I send

this deal, or the other end, tell your readers we do....


Number one, we are an electronic newspaper. Our website has other

features, such as a bulletin board for complaints, a classified section

to help people find work, help companies find people, outsourcing,

even a good attorney, the list of companies no longer in business,

past articles and features. We also promote equipment leasing

associations and have a lot on this, plus eLease.


This takes a lot of time to keep current. We have considered an "alert"

section for frauds, but really don't have the time to keep it current. We

have been printing them when received and confirmed.


I personally am not in favor of Leasing News having a list.

The funders have to pay for them, so not everyone is listed. We

don't want to start taken advertising. I also note many listed

on such lists are really not "funders." Some you should never do

business with, and we would not want to list them and to refuse,

might bring up a "restraint of trade.".


More importantly, there are several solid associations that you should

join that have funders who meet their code of ethics and standards---and

if not, they get expelled. You then get in "effect" an "approved" funder.


On a personal note, leasing is relationships. This means you build

up your funding sources not for one deal, but for many; for the long

term. And the best way to start is to attend a leasing association

conference or funding retreat and meet them.


From my experience, it takes at least three leases to learn the routine,

about six months or more to understand what they like and don't like,

and to learn their personality when you have your first problem with

them---such as slow pay, default, wrong equipment or only partial

equipment, all the things that happen in the industry that you try

to avoid.


We just went through a period where everyone thought all they had to

do was find a funder who would take anything, from application only

to ATM or owner-operator trailer, and life would be grand. Those days

will be gone for a year or two. This is the age of the birth of

small lessors, investment groups, regional bank funding, and looking

for business that will pay out without a hassle.


I strongly recommend you join a leasing association

and learn from your colleagues, plus make new contacts and friends.


If you want a full list, :

bibliotech ( see e-mail from publisher above )


This source has a shorter version on the United States leasing companies,

but is rich in Foreign Countries

201-531-0760 fax 201-531-0827


editor )




Terminal Marketing


Thank you for publishing my request for information on Terminal Marketing.

I had no idea that you touched so many people throughout our industry. The

responses I received were overwhelming!


Thank you,


Kevin Pane

C2 Capital Corp.


(I would like to hear from all Brokers, End Users, Vendors and former

employees that feel they have been damaged by Terminal Marketing or their

assignees. This case seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Please contact me via email or phone.






( example of trend of private leasing investor group activity )


### ###################################### ###################


Peabodys Secures Lease Financing for Future Growth


ROCKLIN, Calif--Peabodys Coffee Inc. (OTCBB:PBDY) announced today that it

has reached an agreement with a private group of investors who will provide

the company with up to $300,000 of lease financing for the purchase of

equipment and kiosks. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Peabodys Chairman and CFO, Todd Tkachuk, commented: "We are very pleased

with the leasing arrangement as it opens the door for us to accelerate

growth. Additionally, this group of investors are very active and have

proven themselves capable of creating opportunities, such as being

introduced to Marathon Global."


Peabodys President and CEO, Cliff Young, commented: "This leasing

arrangement is exactly what we needed. It enables us to free up cash and

puts us in a position to move on new business opportunities without delay."


This release contains forward-looking statements regarding the Company's

anticipated plans in the organic coffee market. These statements are subject

to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ

materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. Among the

factors that could cause actual results to differ materially are consumer

acceptance of the Company's organic coffee products; the Company's ability

to fund and manage any further expansion of its organic coffee market

efforts; the seasonality of coffee sales; and the effects of competition.

Investors are advised to consult the Company's periodic reports to the SEC

for additional discussion of the Company's business risks. Readers should

not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which reflect

management's view only as of the date hereof. The Company undertakes no

obligation to publicly revise these forward-looking statements to reflect

subsequent events or circumstances.




Peabodys Coffee Inc., Rocklin


Tony Francel, 941/698-0158


### ############################################################


McGloin Plans New Leasing Group


National Penn Bank is pleased to announce the advancement of Paul W. McGloin

to group executive vice president and chief lending officer for the bank and

its divisions. He will continue to serve as division president for the Main

Line/Chestnut Hill/Philadelphia region.


"We are very excited about Paul's new role as chief lending officer," said

Glenn E. Moyer, president and chief operating officer. "Based on his drive

for results and proven successes, Paul's banking expertise and strong

commitment to customer service will enhance the banking experience that our

customers expect from National Penn Bank."


McGloin brings a vast banking experience of nearly 30 years to this

position. As chief lending officer, he will oversee the commercial lending

function at National Penn Bank, which includes the commercial real estate

group, the manufacturing group and the international banking group. McGloin

also plans to complete the formation of a new equipment leasing group.

McGloin was also named to the Bank's Management, Executive Credit, and

Asset/Liability committees.


In maintaining his duties as regional president, he provides executive

oversight for consumer and commercial relationship development, credit

underwriting and approval, product development, and marketplace

profitability management.


"In the past 27 years, I have worked in both small and large banks

throughout the Philadelphia region. I am proud to be with National Penn

Bank, a bank that recognizes customer service as its most important

responsibility," said McGloin. "We provide our customers with the best of

both worlds - the personalized service you'd expect at a small bank, and the

technology and products found at a large bank."


McGloin began his banking career at American Bank and Trust Co. of PA, a

predecessor to Meridian Bank, in 1975 where he last served as division

president for the Philadelphia region. Upon Meridian's merger with

CoreStates, McGloin served as the chief risk policy officer. Most recently,

he was managing director of capital markets for First Union Bank, serving

large corporate customers on a national basis.


A Certified Public Accountant, McGloin graduated with an accounting degree

from Drexel University. He serves on the board of the Philadelphia College

of Osteopathic Medicine and the Foundation for Architecture. McGloin is a

member of the American Bankers Association, Pennsylvania Bankers Association

and the American Institute of CPAs.


Additional information about the National Penn family is available at


#### ################################### ####################


MicroBilt to Offer Experian's Custom Strategist Suite

MicroBilt, leading provider of credit access and reporting products,

announced it has begun offering Experian's Custom Strategist product, now

available to the financial services industry through MicroBilt's Software

Developer's Kit (SDK). Experian, is a leading global information solutions



To optimize credit decisions in a competitive environment, lenders need

access to sophisticated, customizable decisioning tools. Experian's Custom

Strategist is a powerful decisioning service that meets the complex needs of

sophisticated credit grantors. Using a service bureau platform, Custom

Strategist allows credit grantors to implement their own credit approval and

pre-approval strategies within a few days through MicroBilt's SDK and then

provide automatic response times in under three seconds to end users.

MicroBilt's SDK is a suite of tools designed to integrate credit reporting

and retrieval into a credit application or website. MicroBilt continues to

add value through the SDK with releases such as Custom Strategist, which

provides the capability of using custom or generic models. Superior fraud

detection is accomplished with the use of Experian's Fraud Shield fraud

indicators. Credit grantors can choose from up to 22 fraud indicator

messages that can be used as part of the decisioning or display.


"We are very pleased that MicroBilt has added Custom Strategist to their

Software Developer's Kit," said Lyn Porter, VP of decision solutions

marketing at Experian. "With access to these decisioning tools through the

SDK, MicroBilt's customers can incorporate Custom Strategist for their

account opening process while automatically pre-approving and cross selling

the right products to the right prospects."


"We are delighted to release Experian's Custom Strategist through our

Software Developer's Kit to our MicroBilt customers," states Ken Hill,

president of MicroBilt. "Custom Strategist is a robust, versatile decision

making tool. It will maximize our client's account openings. The ability to

customize products offered and then instantly approve and cross-sell

products within risk management and lending strategies unique to an

institution are ideal for our client base," said Hill.


For more information, visit Experian's website at For more

information, contact MicroBilt, visit their website at


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Parker Leasing Still Advertising


USA Today--January 25, 2002 Business Opportunities Classified Section



Need Operating/Venture Capital

an Equip. Lease, Sale/Leaseback?

Call the very best @ (954)565-7600

for a free information package.

Parker Leasing & Financing

Fort Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.

Est. 1968

Minimum Transaction



Walter Unterweger NEWS told us the total dollar figure is now $1 million

dollars out of pocket by the soccer club president .Part of this is the

deposit to Parker Leasing, he claims. We were never able to get Parker

Leasing to make any comment. There were articles in the newspaper, but we

do not read



Here is the original posting on our bulletin board:



"As I told you the Austrian soccer club FC Tirol has announced to receive 15

Million Dollar from Parker Leasing. The truth is that the club did not get

at least one dollar so far.


"On the other hand the clubs president, Mr. Martin Kerscher, transferred

already 650.000 dollar to a bank account in Florida ? as a deposit ? as he

announced. Strange!!!??? But I guess now he awake and he is trying to get

the money back. The chance for success is very little. Kerscher get a lot of

pressure because he is manager with Nike sports responsible for Austria,

Slowenia and Croatia.


"I would say he is currently pretty helpless. Kerscher cooperates with an

English consulter who built up the contact to Parker Leasing. His name is

Ian Hethrington. Kerschers last comment to Hethrington: Ian, pull your socks

up, because shit is boiling here.


"And: The Austrian soccer league is thinking about taking them away the




Walter Unterweger NEWS"




***NEW!***Association of Government Leasing & Finance Insta-T.E.L.L.


-Check out - the association's website for a new feature




On the home page will be a series of up to date teaser articles from

around the nation that may affect Government Leasing and Financing.


In addition, some fringe articles will be found there on the home page -

this is due to some of the search words we have selected, but for the most

part it will be pertinent to Association of Government Leasing and Finance

and its members.


Click on the "Press Room" link and find even more headlines from around

the nation. These articles are constantly updated and Insta-T.E.L.L. is a

free service of the association.





Used Cars On Line


### ###################################### ######################


Kelley Blue Book, Reynolds and Reynolds Launch Real-time Dealer Used Car



IRVINE, Calif.


Dealers Can Showcase Used Car Inventory


On, the Nation's Most Popular Automotive Site


Kelley Blue Book today announced a new version of's popular Blue

Book Classifieds, developed in partnership with The Reynolds and Reynolds

Company (NYSE:REY), the leading provider of integrated information

management solutions to the automotive retailing marketplace.


Through the agreement, auto dealers will be able to show consumers used cars

they have for sale on the same day the dealers place the cars into their

inventory. Dealers can also remove cars from consumer view the same day they

get sold. This real-time interaction addresses the most common consumer

complaint: inaccurate inventory.


Reynolds AutoMark Web Services will provide the technology for Blue Book

Classifieds, as well as used vehicle listings from many of its nationwide

network of dealer clients.


Blue Book Classifieds has been successful in connecting used car shoppers

with auto dealers. Nearly a million car buyers use the service each month.


"Our new relationship with Reynolds and Reynolds will enable us to fulfill

the promise of what online classifieds should be about," said Stephen

Henson, vice president of marketing and business development for Kelley Blue

Book. "The reason car buyers use the Internet is to see more up-to-date and

more in-depth information about cars than possible in newspaper classifieds

and other publications. will become the leader in this important



Greg Collins, senior vice president, Reynolds and Reynolds, said, "We are

pleased to work with Kelley Blue Book in the development of's Blue

Book Classifieds. Our dealership customers will benefit greatly by being

able to tap into the tremendous number of consumers using This

relationship extends our vision we articulated earlier this month when we

announced the Reynolds Generations Series, our new family of solutions and

services -- that of a seamless and convenient approach for consumers in

researching and buying a car."


Visitors to first select "Buy A Used Car" and then use Blue Book

Classifieds to search for the availability of vehicles in their local area.

They can then contact the selling dealer. State-of-the-art technology from

Reynolds and Reynolds "polls" dealer used car inventories daily to make sure

the information consumers are seeing is the most timely on the Web. The new

user interface will also enable consumers to see "closest matches" to their

search and other "fuzzy logic" capabilities.


ABOUT REYNOLDS AND REYNOLDS: Reynolds and Reynolds, headquartered in Dayton,

Ohio, is the leading provider of integrated information management solutions

to the automotive retailing marketplace. The company's services include a

full range of retail and enterprise management systems, networking and

support, e-business applications, Web services, learning and consulting

services, customer relationship management solutions, document management

and leasing services.


ABOUT KELLEY BLUE BOOK: Based in Irvine, Calif., Kelley Blue Book is relied

on by both consumers and the automotive industry, as the trusted resource

for car-buying research and information. The company is currently

celebrating its 75th anniversary. Its website, is the number one

automotive site in the nation, according to Nielsen//NetRatings and Jupiter

Media Metrix. Over four million unique visitors generate nearly 30 million

pricing reports per month. For the 4th year in a row, is also the

most visited site by consumers who go on to buy both new and used vehicles,

according to research by J.D. Power and Associates.




PFISpindler (for Kelley Blue Book)


Paul Spindler or Bob Chew, 310/553-6684 /




Reynolds and Reynolds


Mark Feighery, 937/485-4480


#### ##################################################3

Bledsoe/Brady Poll On Surpasses 60,000 Votes; Patriots Fans Urge

Coach Belichick to Start Brady



BOSTON--(, one of the most visited regional portals in the

U.S. and home to thousands of Patriots fans, today announced that its

Bledsoe/Brady poll has received over 60,000 votes since it was posted on

Sunday evening.

The poll asked, "Who should start at quarterback for the Patriots on

Super Bowl Sunday?" The choices were: 1) Brady, if he's healthy and 2)

Bledsoe, no matter Brady's health. Over 80.9% of the 60,000 votes posted by

4 p.m. today were in support of Brady. will post a new Patriots poll every day this week, and will

showcase interactive tools and exclusive multimedia features as well as

up-to-the-minute reporting from Boston Globe sportswriters. Visitors to this week may:


-- Enter a "Bledsoe/Brady Ball" contest to predict the Pat's QB's Super

Bowl statistics. The Grand Prize winner will receive a pair of tickets to

see the Pats play in their new home at CMGI Field.

-- Participate in daily interactive polls, related message boards, and


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San Francisco Chronicle----


This one might not be over quite as early as New England's first trip to the

Super Bowl -- Chicago 46-10, in 1986. But it could get a little messier than

the Patriots' last trip -- Green Bay 35-21, in 1997. I'll say the Patriots

will be drawn and French Quartered something like 40-17.


For the third time, New England will be the Big Easy in the Big Easy. Las

Vegas makes the Rams a 14 1/2-point favorite and forecasts a high-scoring

game with an over-under of 52.


1990 San Francisco 49ers ( San Francisco 55, Denver 10 )

Highest scoring game






5.7% Gain in New Home Sales


for the full report, go to above site ( rquires Adobe software )


Sales of new homes climbed to an all-time high last year even as the country

was mired in a recession. Low mortgage rates helped to motivate Americans to

make such a big purchase.


The Commerce Department reported Monday that a record 900,000 new

single-family homes were sold in 2001, a testimony to the resiliency of the

housing market, one of the economy's few bright spots.


Last year's sales performance surpassed the record of 886,000 set in 1998

and represented a 2.6 percent increase from sales registered in 2000.


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