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January 31, 2002----The Federal Reserve Official Press Release  
Fed Rate Commentary From Swiss Re's Chief US Economist
 Finova Delisted from NYSE/To Go OTC Bulletin Board
   What Leasing Association Do You Belong To?:
      Streamlined Sales Tax Project Report
        AOL Continues to Lose Money
           D&B Enters Internet Fray

       Special:  Super Bowl Betting Fact Sheet from London

January 30, 2002----On Line Poll
         Arrow Capital Continues Expansion/Acquires Marquis Capital
                  Interchange Fin. Services Completes Purchase Monarch Capital
                           Leasing News Classified Ads Work
                                      Now 223 Certified Leasing Professionals

January 29, 2002
---- Commercial Money Center Has Completed Its Verbal Commitment
          Leasing News Will Not Divulge Our Sources
               American Express earnings miss analysts' reduced estimate
                    Sanchez Buys Equidity, To Incorporate Software
                         Tuesday --Odds and Ends
                            Peabodys Secures Lease Financing for Future Growth
                               McGloin Plans New Leasing Group
                                 MicroBilt to Offer Experian's Custom Strategist Suite
                                    Parker Leasing Still Advertising
                                      Used Cars On Line
                                               5.7% Gain in New Home Sales

Bledsoe/Brady Poll On Surpasses 60,000 Votes;
          Patriots Fans Urge Coach Belichick to Start Brady

***NEW!***Association of Government Leasing & Finance Insta-T.E.L.L.

### denotes press release

January 28, 2002
---Heller Financial Gets the Axe
  Commercial Money Center Return of Advance Rental Payments
        How Many Leasing Associations Do You Belong To?
             Textron Finalizes $5 Million Asset Purchase Program With TWG Capital
                     Velos Capital  to Resell Artera Turbo
                         Prime Finance Down rated by Fitch
                            FNF Capital Lease Downgraded by Fitch
                     Economists Now Predict No Fed Rate Cut/Rate Increase in Near Future?
                      State Governments Endorse New Leasing and Software Definitions
                         by Dennis Brown for Equipment Leasing News Association ELT News
                               Also Complete New Orleans Report------
                      Tomorrow:---What Leasing News Will Not Divulge

January 25, 2002
---NAELB President Mike Meacher Speaks Out 
    K-Mart Bankruptcy Fees Disclosed
          Gateway cutting 2,250 jobs, plants to close
             UAEL Funding Retreat Programs
            Comdisco Wins Approval to Sell Leasing Units to GE Capital
               Cat Financial Reports Record 2001 Results
                    Greenspan Doubts Need for Tax Cuts

                     Monday---   What Leasing News Will Not Divulge!!!

January 24, 2002---- Irwin Financial's Small Ticket Leasing Business Incurs $1.7 Million QIV Loss
Pitney Bowes Capital  Names 2 More to Franchise Finance Team

                                          Certified Lease Professionals  “Missing”
                                             Broadlane/Healthcare Enter into 3 Year Agreement
                                                Parent of Bank of Walnut Creek Reports Earnings
                                            UnionBanCal Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend
                                                    Progress Financial 4th Quarter Net Income $555,000
                                                     S&P: 2001 Successes Fuel European ABS in Year Ahead
                                                               Valentine Day-February 14th

January 23, 2002---- Tyco to Separate Into Four Independent, Publicly Traded Companies
                              Leasing Association Membership Numbers
                                Classified Ad---Two Attorney/One Recruiter
                                      Energy National Resource Organization of Nigeria
                                        (Enron Chief Quits to Join ENRON)
                                        Advanta Business Cards Results Up 40% Year On Year
                                         ePlus to Speak National Association of Procurement Professionals
                                      Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports 4rth Qrtr/Full Yr 2001 Fin. Results

January 22, 2002
----UAEL Membership Directory
                               Economics---Bob Rodi in Pittsburgh
                                 Classified Ad----Up-Date
                                    New Tech Leasing Book Available
                                    Thomas Butler Joins PayNet as CEO

January 21, 2002
----Two Leasing Conferences on February 10-12th---East Coast and West Coast                           Textron Financial Names Jay Carter President and COO
                             Economists worry debt may choke off economic growth
                                 In Tough Year, Dell Shines
                                    How to Protect Yourself by Alfredo R. Vionnet
                                       Monday---Odds and Ends

January 18, 2002
---- Association for Government Leasing and Finance Membership Up 37%
                            Sun Micro/GE--- Heller Financial-- Citi Medical "Inside Information"
                               Equipment Finance Journal Awards----Correction
                                  De Lage Landen Financial names Pete Connor Dir. Sales - Western Reg
                                      Streamlined Sales Tax---ELA Dennis Brown
                                         U.S. Housing Starts---December, 2001 Government Figures
                                       State-by-state cigarette tax rates
                                           New York's unemployment rate continues to climb

January 17, 2002
----Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing Lessors Membership Up 7%
                            eLNA Nominates & Orix for Web Award
                             Smart Online Selects NCB Capital, alliance with Republic Leasing
                               BancWest Earnings Rise 13.0% for 4th  Quarter, 17.8% for Full Year 2001
                                RISConsulting Launches Aircraft Risk Management Internet Portal
                                  Compaq had strong quarter
                                   Key Equipment Finance Names James W. Mignogna Sr. VP/Nat. Sales Mgr.
                                     Fed nationwide survey finds expectations for midyear recovery
                                      US Bancorp Reports 4th Quarter Earnings

                                              Thursday---Odds and Ends

January 16, 2002 ---United Association of Equipment Leasing Membership Up 22%
                        Empire National Leasing to Become First Niagara Leasing
                      Arrow Capital Opens New Southern California Offices
                             Mortgage Boom Boosts Wells Fargo 4th Quarter Earning
                                Silicon Valley to remain strong but faces challenges
                                          Ohio Releases Final Advisory on Up-Front Sales Tax
                                          Agenda for upcoming Streamlined Sales Tax Meeting

January 15 ,2002
---NAELB Membership Down 30%
               Comdisco to Sell  2 Leasing Businesses to GE Capital
                        Internet Business Int. & Return Assured Talk Falls Apart
                               CapitalStream Announces New Chief Operating Officer
                                  TIB To Offer BancPartners’ Private Label—New Funding Sources
                                     De Lage Landen Financial Services names Pat Neary VP Sales
                                         Glut of Used Cars on the Market Place Due to Zero % Interest

                                                More Nigeria E-Mail 

January11, 2002
--- CMC’s  Bill Hanson to Return All Advance Rentals
             Mid-American Association of Equipment Lessors: 140 Members
           eLeasing/American Leasing & Financial
                Map of States Participating Streamlined Sales Tax Project----
                  Leasing News Bulletin Board Support
                       Flex Lease, Piano, Texas Bulletin Board Up-Date
                           Nordson Corporation Signs with eMarket Capital
                              Highlights Equipment Leasing Association Newsletter
                                    Fed chairman visits the Oakland Raiders

January10, 2002 -----Leader of Multi-Million Dollar Leasing Fraud Scheme Sentenced to Prison
             No Break in Definition of Taxable Software Issues
                   Flex Lease, Plano, Texas Bulletin Board Complaint
                     Health Insurance –for small businesses      
                         Helios Marketing / Communications Announces "Verticalize!"
                                Tyco Capital Renames CIT Small Business Lending Corporation
                                   WiredCapital Names Richard Stubblefield to Board Of Directors
                                 Retailers are expected to continue with zero-percent financing deals

January09, 2002
Paperless Leasing---- `Literally Overnight'
           Wednesday---- Odds and Ends
                 Microsoft has sold 17 million copies of Windows XP
                      Transportation Department to study encoding data on driver's licenses
                         It is easy to log on to Meet the Leasing News Maker—Instructions included
                              Tomorrow, Thursday, 1pm, California time ( 4pm, EDT )

January08, 2002
----Pitney Bowes Enters the Franchise Finance Market
               Imperial Credit Industries,/ Southern Pacific Bank Management Appointments
       Unicapital Up-date---Irwin Staub
         SEC Eyes Xerox Lease Accounting
              Sales Talent Is Not Enough---John C. Dean, Alta Group
                ICON Capital Acquires $7.75 Million Portfolio
                      Salestax Streamline ----Software Issue—Dennis Brown
                         Equipment Leasing and Financial Foundation—Lisa A. Levine
                           Universal Express Renames/ Rebrands Several Subsidiaries
                           Holiday Internet Shopping up 50%----Women Outshop Men on Line

January07, 2002
--Patrick Hayes---remembered
     Classified Ads Work
                     ( free/no fee/no charges/no paid advertising )
                            Mike Granieri---A Prosperous 2002
                                   Financial Events This Week 
                                          Alliance Financial Forms Leasing Company
                                                 Web sites count declines for 2nd time ever
                                                        Credit Card Cost/Minimum Payment Chart
                                                     “Zero Percent Interest” Key second-best vehicle sales  

January 03, 2002
--Patrick Hayes---May He Rest in Peace
        Equipment Leasing Association Membership at Year-End: 873
             Leasing Group---May Not Be a Happy New Year
                 First 2002 Leasing Association Conference
                     Former AmX Equip. Finance V.P./Rockford Founder
             Larry Hartmann joins Z Resource Group
                 John Salek Joins TCF Express Leasing
             Reaction from Readers on: December,
         1971 Remembered--- Year 2001 in Review
                 DVI Closes $430 Million Asset-Backed Securitization
             Compaq Study---IT Like to Lease, Especially at Zero Percent Interest

     Streamlined Sales Tax : Sale/LeaseBack subject and January 4 Cut Off Dennis Brown, Equipment         Leasing Association

January 02, 2002 -- 2001 in Review
        Quotes from Readers during the year
             Highlights from Leasing News the Last Twelve Months

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