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July 31, 2000 -- CIT Moves Stronger into Technology
                      GATEWAY Computer Leasing Plan for Internet Start-Ups
                      Free Software From Bob Rodi
                      ( CapitalStream,iLease,LeaseForum,elease, and there are others, provide
                      internet access and abilities---perhaps the most popular is CapitalStream.
                      These are generally for "larger users" or "large leasing shops." And/or
                      for those without the internet expertise. This is to not a
                      recommendation but to make available to those who are interested
                      in learning more and become better educated about new trends:
             Again. This is not an advertisement nor an endorsement.
                      We publish newsworthy events and press releases and try to remain unbiased.
                      This is an availability to those who want to learn more from
                      an experienced internet and leasing individual, who is also
                      president of the United Association of Equipment Leasing--editor ).

July 28, 2000 -- NAELB Brokers Don't Forget to Send Your Questionnaire Back--
                      Monday is the deadline Bob Teichman Teaches "Pushing the Deal Through
                      Workshop" August 9, 2000, Oakland, Calif.
                      This afternoon course will be excellent for all those involved in the production
                      of leases and loans--salespeople, credit personnel, documentation and UAEL
                      member rate of $55 is "cheap" for the benefit to be received. Worth airfare
                      and time to Oakland, too. Don't pass this by. Questions, call Steve Crane,
                      Bank of the West 925-975-3899 or e-mail:

July 27, 2000 -- Announcement of New Feature on
                      UniCapital On Come Back Trail--
                      Finova Reports Loss/May Sell Company ( rumors that it is up for sale )
                      note: loss provisions more than doubled plus expect better gains
                      from a larger bankrupt customer, as noted, may be euphemistic or
                      may not be--you decide: read the complete story )
                      Sierra Cities Hits All Time Low 2 1/4
July 25, 2000 --
Equilease Goes On Line with "Free Decision" for Brokers
                      Textron Backs On Line Leasing
                      "Off Lease Car Prices Take Dive," says Associated Press
                      eLease Making Big Splash Again On Line
                      How is Lease Business?--Slow?
July 24, 2000 --
UniCapital Saga--More Resignations/Cutbacks
                      Irwin Leasing Shows Loss, Bank Shows Profits
                      eLease Expands/Becoming More Aggressive
                      LeaseForum Expands/Targets Lessors

July 20, 2000 -- First Portland Gets $75 More for Small Ticket Leasing
                      Elease Adds More Power On Line
                      eCredit Teams with Global Exchange for Faster Leasing Approvals

July 19, 2000
-- Brings Leasing Industry Closer to Paper-less Model
                      The List is Up-Dated
                      Bulletin Board

July 18, 2000 -- Irwin Completes Equity Investment of Onset Capital
                       Fisher-Anderson Hooks Up to 41 Brokers via Capital Stream
                       eLease Expands in Bandwidth Marketplace
                       LeaseTec Picks Up Large Herman Miller Furniture Line
                       The List is Up-Dated
                       Bulletin Board

July 17, 2000 -- Fidelity Leasing Announcement from EAB
                       Leaseforum Launches Service to Lessors/Brokers
                          plus offers off-lease and surplus lease exchange
                       The List "Up-Date"
                          Estarlita Green, Cindy Spurdle, Ken Greene
                          Bulletin Board

July 14, 2000 -- Imperial Bank Telismart On Line / Speedcom Finance for
                       Wireless Equipment / For those interested in "Ag" deals,
                       here is a good source with news about a lot of changes
                       going on at Farm Credit Leasing
July 12, 2000 --
LeaseForum Announces Management Team --Experienced Team
                       Bringing Change to Online Commercial Equipment Leasing

                       AGAIN!!!! BID-COM AND GE TO SELL CARS OFF LEASE ON
July 10, 2000 -- Leasing News Now Also On Line -- The List/ Bulletin Board, Dennis Doyon Found/ First Sierra                        Stock.
July 08, 2000 -- Bod Rodi believes honeymoon is over.
July 07, 2000 -- Amembal Joins the Fray/ Reaction to Bob Rodi's Internet Observations
July 06, 2000 -- Bob Rodi takes issue with
July 05, 2000 --
VGM Alive & Well/EAEL Endorses CLP Program/Capital-Stream-Textron/
July 05, 2000 -- KEN GREENE'S LEASE AND LAW LETTER July 2000 Volume 14

July 03, 2000 --
Unicapital Fights Back / Manifest Training Camp / First Sierra Portfolio
                       Rating/Ironically Stock Declines / Leasexchange---Your Opinion Request

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