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July 31, 2001 --


 eFinance Receives Credit Application/Workflow Patent

        CapitalStream & LeaseForum Form Strategic Alliance

         Berkshire Hathaway to Acquire XTRA for $587.9M         

             Marlin Leasing Celebrates 4th Year—Press Release

                  The Vaughn Group, Inc. Announces New Hires

     Who’s Hiring Today—Fred St. Laurent

        List of On Line Job Opportunity Sites

          Analysis of GE Buying Heller---SLMA ( best one we have seen )

              Certified Leasing Professional Course---Northwest  Oct 4-7

                 Code Red Tonight---Do You Have “the patch? “

July 30, 2001 --


   GE Buys Heller for $5.3 Billion Cash

      Code Red this Wednesday, but “Hi,How are You?”—Watch Out

          SecureLease Delivers First ASP Solution

                US Bancorp Manifest Funding Services


  Leasing News List as of Saturday, July 29.


July 27, 2001 --



 Economy Slowest, Weakest Performance in Eight Years

   Look Out for “Code Red” Next Week

     Irwin Financial Corporation Announces Second Quarter Earnings

        Small Businesses Flourish in Nevada

         Orix Financial Hires New CFO 

           Friday Odds and Ends:

              Ron Caruso/Not Enough Time//Listserve/Enough is Enough/Not Manifest


July 26, 2001 --


       CIT to Let 150 Go—Move to Tempe, Arizona or “Goodbye!”

          1Lease “We’ll be There.”

           “ If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t send it.”


                Menkin on 109 Leasing Companies

July 25, 2001 --


       TROJ_SIRCAM.A Hits the Leasing Industry Hard---B E W A R E !!!!!

           1Lease Exits Broker Application Business ( to focus on vendor and

                     “buying” lease portfolio’s )

             Capital Stream---New Version of Capital Advantage

                Paul Menzel, CLP, says to “ Keep it Up! “

          Rejects Three Week Offer to Buy Company

                        U.S. mortgage lending expected to hit record levels in 2001

                 Sale of equipment-financing/leasing unit to GE cuts Safeco debt in half


July 24, 2001 --




   Fraud Alert

      Rumor Stage---CIT-Atlanta/ US Banc

        MicroBilt Expands's Capabilities with

               First  American CREDCO's Merged Credit Reports

                     Bay View Capital Announces $94.5 M  Loss 2nd Quarter Result

                         Advanta’s Latest Press Release ( but look at the figures )

                              GATX Reports  $21.6 M profit 2nd  Results


 Comdisco, GE Near Agreement on Sale of Lease Business--Or are They?



July 20, 2001 -- Heller Financial Reports Strong Earnings

     Hey,Bob!—The Final Shot

          Certified Leasing Professional Mentor Program

                Wajnert, Ogle Join The Alta Group


July 19, 2001 -- American Express Cuts Again---

       CIT and ALSTOM Team Up for the Second Time in Less than Six Months 

            Regions Announces Earnings and Dividend


                    Leasing Ethics----Last Call


                             In Defense of Certified Lease Professionals---  


       United Association of Equipment Leasing Conference Oct.25-28

            ( funding sources who have signed up to exhibit )


July 18, 2001 -- Tyco Reports 24% Increase 3rd Quarter

   IBM Reports 3% Decrease,But Profit $103 Million

    Greenspan Describes Economy as “ Still Standing.”

     Capital Stream Details on TIBCO

       Advisa, McCue Systems Offer Like-Kind Exchange Application

         Heller Financial, Inc. Declares Dividends for Class A and B Common Stock

eFinancial Projects Are Destined to Fail

           Without Concerted Project and Resource Management Methodologies


July 17, 2001 -- Barbados Court Freezes PinnFund Exec's Assets

      Chicago Tribune-Comdisco + Execs face bankruptcy, too

       Who Are Comdisco's Largest Credtors---

         Capital Stream Selects TIBCO

           AmSouth Reports 2nd Q. Earnings of $133.5 Million


                Leasing  Ethics Dialog---New Viewpoints & Runnalls Final Word?

July 16, 2001 -- Comdisco Pulls The Plug---Full Story-Hopes to Recover from #13 by 2002.

    --Fitch Lowers Senior Debt Lowered To `DD' ( See 50%-90% Recovery )

        Progress Financial to Reduce Lending to Early Stage Technology Companies.

            Electronic Financial Group Ltd. secures $3.5 Million in Equity Financing


July 13,2001 -- Funder OnLine Acquires BrokerWare, Inc., of Tampa, Florida
    Used Equipment Central Renamed Asset Management Central


You Are the Problem---If You Don't "Blow the Whistle" by Bob Baker, CLP
    plus Joe Bonnano, Esq.: legal Aspect
        plus Hal Horowtitz & Mark Speros , COF, Historic Viewpoint


    Friday the Thirteenth ( some say feels that way every day in the leasing business )
Senate takes procedural vote on bill as U.S. bankruptcies soar
    Dow Jones on Why GE Did So Well----
        Odds and Ends-We Mean It.!


July 12, 2001 -- GE Reports Highest-Ever Quarterly Earnings-up 15%

     Amembal Capital Corporation (ACC) Announces Record Earnings

          The Monitor Isn't Talking---Nor Are We about Industry Forum

               Until UAEL, NAELB, ELA, CLP Foundation.....

          Middle Market Leasing--- Dale Kluga and Dexter Tong

     Dechert Expands Finance Practice

Cute and Cuddly Barry Reitman

July 11, 2001 -- Ampent Enters the Internet Fray

    Bob Rodi Says "Rest in Peace" but Keep the Wood Stakes In

        Ted Pierce-GE/Colonial Pacific Lament

            Manifest Gets Kudo for Lessee Insurance Guarantee

                Why the Plug? Barry Reitman

           To Be Acquired?

                        A Plug? Or an Opinion? You Be the Judge

                    Vectra Bank Colorado to Acquire Minnequa Bank ( leasing )

                Brokerware Selects Triad Consultant Networks

            Financial Federal $125 Million Asset Securitization Financing

        Valley National Forms Valley Commercial Capital, LLC

    New Comdisco in Chicago?????

Where Businesses Go When the Bank Says No


July 10, 2001 -- SDI Capital Filed BK
    T&W Mike Price charged with evading taxes on $3.2 million yacht
        Textron Makes It "Official"
            EAB Makes It "Official"
                JDR Capital Success
            Where is Larry Brittingham from JDR fame??
        Does the Recent FTC Decision Change Anything?
    LENDX to Deliver Web-based Equipment Financing Applications for Alcoa
Web Van "Out of Gas" But Safeway Profits Grow-including opening new stores


July 9, 2001 -- Leasing News "The List" is Up-Dated

    Hello from Ray Williams
        Willis-Lease Names Hickerson to Board

            Leasing Association Meeting Schedule is Up-Dated


July 6, 2001 -- Sterling Business Solutions 47% + 2nd Second Quarter--

    ( increase of 47.8% over the prior quarter's revenue of $11,500,000. )

        FTC Revises Credit Report Signature Policy

            Unethical? Untruthful? Business as Usual?

                Leasing World Yearbook 2001-Great Source!

                    Equipment Leasing Association "Principles of Leasing"

                        US Bancorp Manifest " Insurance Policy"


July 5, 2001 --


 Textron Broker “Goodbye” Date

     Marlin Raises $115.7 Million Securitization

         Fidelity, PA, Alert????

            Comdisco Announces Financial Management Appointments

                  PDS Gaming  Terminates  P.T. Gaming Agreement

                    Three Major Banks Add Internet ID’s

                        The Price of High Tech—South Florida Sun-Sentinel Article


July 4, 2001 -- I am the flag of the United States of America.

July 3, 2001 --


      Fraud Alert: Vector Services, Granite Bay, Ca.


                         EU Kills $41 Billion GE-Honeywell Merger

                          HPSC Buys Centaur Financial Services

                              Telemark Discontinues Broker Program ( for the Leasing News List )

                                   Besides Article 9—Postal Rates Went Up, July 1

                                         TCF Express Leasing Helps CITGO Fast Lube Operators  

                                             RVI Promotes Egan to Senior VP/Fitch Upgrades Rating!

                                               McCormick & Company Upgrades Computer Systems               

                                                              --through Lease with U.S. Bancorp

                                                                        Intel sends its fastest Pentium off to market


July 2, 2001 --


   Amresco Files for Bankruptcy

      Textron Vendor Finance Group:  Going, Going, Gone!

        JDR Capital Residual Complaint/Asks Readers for Help

           Fidelity Leasing, PA, “ ‘No” to Broker Business.”

            Tyco Sells More CIT Assets

            Rates Rise in Treasury Bill Auction

             Article 9-UCC Now in Effect

               IBM New Rate   * as low as 5.3%

                  Austin, Texas Group Targets Silicon Valley, California

                    Amembal Capital Corporation (ACC) Announces Record Earnings

                       Charter One/Alliance Bancorp Merger Final Today/Top 30 Banks



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