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July 1, 2002---CIT---Support the Leasing Industry
                Gamper is touting $5.8b stock offering
                   The Week's Economic Events
                     May Chip Sales Reach $11.37 Billion
  Is the United Association of Equipment Leasing going to survive?
    Reaction to Ken Greene's "Bad News" In Leasing News
      Monday--Odds and Ends
          Longshoremen and shippers say they'll keep negotiating
           Bad times turn worse for venture capitalists
            Sage Ron Caruso Views the Leasing Industry
             Choosing Whether to Cover-Up or Come Clean

July 2, 2002---  Tyco Raises $4.6 Billion in CIT Sale
      IPO of CIT Priced at $23 Each, Will Begin Trading This Morning
         Goodbye, Mike Taft---Smarter than the average bear
            National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers Grows to 460
  GE Pension Cash-----London Times   
Inflation fears rise, trade deficit jumps, foreign investors flee
        Internal WorldCom Memo (not a joke)
         LINC Capital, Inc.---Up-Date
           HSBC to take over private clients from Andersen
             Downtown Las Vegas casino workers walk after contract talks fail
              Manfi Leasing-Accused or Racketeering by Massachusetts AG
                SEC Head Assails WorldCom Statement
   Longshoremen and Management Negotiate Beyond Deadline Longshoremen
     Patrot Commercial Leasing Adopts American Lease Insurance Program

July 3, 2002---Fleming and ELA Applaud CIT IPO
     CIT Shakes Off Tyco's Leash in a bumpy stock market Poll Calls It Right on CIT IPO
    S&P raises CIT Group's counterparty credit ratings
     Fitch Raises CIT's Sr Debt To 'A'
      Tyco Not Out of the Woods----
Financial Federal Announces $200 Million Unsecured Term Financing
   Manufacturers Leasing Purchases Bancorp Group Portfolio
     Bob Fisher, CLP---Future of United Association of Equipment Leasing
        National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers Membership Up 10.5%
         Dell setting up kiosks in malls
        Martha Stewart Broker Handled Shares for Her Friends
          Pacific dock workers still in talks
          Poll: Voters citywide oppose breakup of Los Angeles
            San Diego housing market in 'bubble,' consultant says
              Economy deals blow to San Jose hotels
                Business leadership is `taking a beating'
                  Economists Say Fed Will Wait to Raise Rates

           Happy Fourth of July Message from Kit Menkin, editor/publisher

July 8, 2002---Machine tool consumption up 7.7 percent in May, falls from year ago Shakeout Slowing Down
   Internet Attacks On Companies Up 28 Percent, Report Says
     ACC Capital announces internal promotions
        Monday---Odds and Ends
        Twenty-Five Years, One Billion PCs         
FCC Stymies Broadband in U.S.

July 9, 2002---Vacation Survey---First Results
  EBay to Buy PayPal in $1.5 Billion Deal  
Ex-Tyco Counsel Changes Lawyers
      Equipment Leasing Association:  817 Members
        41st ELA Annual Conference-San Francisco
         UAEL ACE Conference-San Diego
          eLNA Conference-Atlanta
 Report: heavy-duty truck orders continue to slide
   Ted Williams on a Stick????
   Intel chip plant located on disputed Israeli land

July 10, 2002---Vendor Leasing & Finance Conference
  Marlin Leasing Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
   Vacation Survey--Gerry Egan
    Leasing News Classified Ads

June 12, 2002---
   "Popular Digital, Inc." in Brooklyn, NY
      Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors Down 26 members
        NAELB Chicago Conference March 20-23,2003
      Corporate Exec’s To Keep Majority of Assets If Convicted
      E-mail Not from Kit Menkin at Leasing News
       Vacation Survey--- 3 ½
Association of Government Leasing and Finance Nov 20-23
   Feds Nix NextCards--Plastic No Longer Good
     Top 100 performing banks in the U.S.
          Questar Capital Selects Techfi's AdvisorMart Platform
           Krispy Kreme Big Hit in Boston
             "The Fix is In," McCain says
        Silicon Valley's New Pessimists Talk of Pain Beyond the PC

July 15, 2002---Non-Leasing Business News In Brief
                      The Week Ahead 
Capital/Finance Leases---Beware!
   Speros on Feds Nix NextCards
     Layoffs last longer than unemployment pay
       Moneyjobstore---New website
        Key Equipment Names Jim Epstein VP
           Boomers' farms can go bust
            A rich history of corporate crime

July 16, 2002---
Greenspan Tells Congress--On the Road to Recovery
  Stock Markets Tumble in Europe, Asia
   AGLF Loses 32% Membership
     Photoshop Owner: Open Complaint   
Advance Rentals---Accusations
           Confidence Falls With the Dollar
              Not My E-mail Still Making the Rounds
e-ClassicSystems Leasing Program for ATM Manager Pro
  eLessors Networking Association Evolving Beyond Technology
    Take Me Out To The Ball Game . . .July 24th, Anaheim, CA
     First Niagara Financial Reports 2nd Quarter Earnings
      Willis Lease Finance Recruits Monica J. Burke as CFO
       Business Leasing News---July Edition by David G. Mayer
         Why stock options are an evil not addressed--NY Times
          Dennis Brown---Streamline Sales Tax Report
            Non-Leasing Business News In Brief

July 17, 2002---Chicken Little
 Wednesday---Odds and Ends
   PinnFund investors sue audit company
    24-year sentence overturned for convicted infomercial guru
     Earnings rise at four banks, despite sluggish economy
            Bank One,  KeyCorp,  Mellon, Wells Fargo
             U.S. Bancorp QII Net Income Rises 46 Percent
                Housing Market Index Rises One Point in July
  Options Must Be Treated as Expenses, Global Panel Says
    MicroFinanciald “Preannounces “ Second Quarter of $0.13 to $0.15
     D&B plus Fair Issac Launch "Small Business Risk Insight"
        (New credit score program, eliminates more real people)
           Top Business Briefs

July 18, 2002---Where is Chuck Brazier?
     Barry S. Marks on: Photoshop Owner Complaint-Advance Rentals
      Capital One Stock Falls By Nearly 40 Percent
       Polls: Public concern about economy grows;
          four in 10 say it's getting worse
Housing construction slips in June, but sector remains healthy
  American Bank Leasing Appoints Jeffrey G. Schubert EVP
   Bid to Simplify State Sales Tax Snags on Level of Enforcement
      News Briefs----including Seahawks Stadium Ready for Opening
 as promised: African E-Mail  (non-Nigeria )

July 19, 2002---
Commercial Money Center Up-Date
  MSM Capital---Up-Date
   Fed chief fears SEC `overload'
    August 6---Arizona Diamondbacks Game
      Friday---Odds and Ends
 LeaseTeam, Inc. deepens its investment in Customer Retention
   Excerpts form ELT E-Leasing Newsletter
    News Briefs---including
       Boss George not the only player in baseball's Blame Game

July 22, 2002---WorldCom files for bankruptcy, largest in U.S. history
  To see the latest in the stock market----
   BK should not mean any sudden problems for WorldCom customers?
     Samples from a bag of accounting tricks
        1963---Bank of America First to lease Personal Property
         The Week's Economic Events-----
Equipment Leasing Partnerships Settle Class Action Claim
  West Coast ports connected to every aspect of U.S. business
   Blacks making steady progress, but still litter parity with whites
     Amtrak's woes leave passenger service on east coast in limbo
      Leasing---The definition---Jerry Withrow
        Bob Rodi on Stadiums and Amtrak
         State Bancorp 2nd Q 18% (Studebaker-Worthington Leasing)
            Are we on the verge of a double bubble? ---Ann Perry

July 23, 2002---
Origins of the Leasing Business--Stan Evans
    Citigroup Said to Mold Deal to Help Enron Skirt Rules
     $3.1 billion lost since final quarter of 2000
        MB Financial Bank to Acquire LaSalle Systems Leasing
          Tuesday-Odds and Ends
            Pacific Capital Reports Record 2nd Q Earnings
             Bank of Walnut Credit Reports Earnings/Leasing Div
               MB Fin. 53% Increase in 2nd Q Net Income
                News Briefs---49ers, Will They Surprise You Again This Year

Extended Family Unites in Tribute to Ted Williams

July 24, 2002---Finally---A Major Stock Rally
    Banks Lead the Way--NY Times
     Northland Financial Group, Minnetonka, Minnesota Complaint
      Personal Credit Information Available to Anyone----Not!!!
        UAEL Philadelphia Funding Retreat---Go for It!!!
          Leasing News Library
           Wednesday---Odds and End
            New Jersey's Lakeland Faces Suit Over Surety Bonds"
               MB Financial Bank Agrees to Buy LaSalle Systems Leasing"
                "Large Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Highlight Use of DIP Loans"
   U.S. Export-Import Bank Leasing U.S. Equipment to Russian Farmers
     Rhode Island bank embezzler leaves prison after 10 years;
         says money is 'all gone'
     News Briefs---Rumph signs 5-year contract -49ers' top pick ready to go

July 25, 2002---National Penn Forms Leasing Company; Bennett Named CEO
  Congress agrees on new accounting laws
    Leasing News Classified Ads------
      PostOnce---New Website for Posting Jobs
        IKON Reports Third Quarter Earnings Up 12%
Uncertain Business Climate Continues to Affect Commercial Real Estate
  Price of Homes Continue to Rise in S.F. Bay Area
   Dockworkers rally for deal--Could Come Monday
     UCB Appoints Edward Schultz to Sen. VP & Mgr.
       PACCAR Reports Higher Sales, Net Income
       News Brief----Football Rarity: Da Bears--- All draftees signed

July 26, 2002---Consumer confidence in economy drops in July
  Bustin Survey--Business Recovery Early 2003
   ( other surveys says late 2003 )
  In Silicon Valley the onslaught of bad news is nothing new
   Community Financial Merger With Synovus
      ELA San Francisco Conference
        Northland Financial Group, Minnetonka, Minnesota Complaint
         Phony E-mails Making the Rounds in the Leasing Industry         
  Prospect of Hershey sale raises questions about town's future
        American Express Profits Wrap Up---No Haiku for CIT
          News Briefs--plus
                Cowboys ride into San Antonio with high hopes

July 29, 2002---
GE Competes with Itself
 CIT to Assist Women
  Anderson Joins LeaseTeam
  Monday---Odds and Ends
    News Briefs---plus
       4 Golfers to Do Battle at Bighorn

July 30, 2002---ORIX's First Quarter Earnings Grow 62%
  VC Investment In Q2 2002 Continues To Slide Back
      Seismiq Announces Plan to Launch Loan Application
         PayPal Integrated into FrontPage
             eLNA Last Chance to Register
Accounting scandals, falling market boost sales of some books
  Jury awards woman $5 million for credit bureau mistake
   News Briefs----N.B.A. Will Use Instant Replay

July 31, 2002---Consumer Confidence Falls Nine Points in July
   Economic Growth Slowed Sharply 2nd Quarter
     Republic Leasing of South Carolina Cuts Over 100 Brokers
       Feds Round Up Alleged Internet Scammers
        Everyone Invited-August 6th---Tempe, Arizona Get Together
         Putzmeister America Signs with eMarket Capital
           Corrections---Statement from Editor re: eMail News
             Chicago 2003 - Plan to Be There!
               News Brief-plus
         Chiefs' Coach Describes His Team Practice as Horse (manure)

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