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June 29, 2001 -- United Capital-Today
    Paragon Buys eLease Assets
        CMA Launches Encyclopedia of Credit
            Comdisco Names Robert Lackey Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer
       Adds Leasing Option for Business Customers Large/Small
                    Alfredo R. Vionnet Firewall Response with Real Advice

special report from
    Equipment Leasing Association
        VP Governmental Relations Dennis Brown
            States Modify Lease Definition and Define Software

June 28, 2001 -- June Firewall Report


June 27, 2001 --


  The Fed Cuts ¼ Only

     Virginia Man Charged With Scheme To Defraud UST Leasing

        John Taylor Leaves Leasing


June 26, 2001 --


   ELA/NAELB Listserve

     Ivory Consulting/CapitalStream---Strategic Partners

        Associated Press Reports “ Light at the End of the Tunnel”

           Fitch Rates Marlin Leasing Receivables Very Favorable

             European Union Reports on GE/Honeywell “Rescue”

                Bay View Sells Mortgage Division to Offset Losses

June 25, 2001 --


   Comdisco to File BK

      AOL Hits 30 Million User Mark

          European Leasing Securitizations on the Rise

              Texas Bank Goes 24 Hours a Day

                   We Get E-Mail


June 22, 2001 --


     Tyco/CIT  Publically Lays Off 300, Expect More to Follow

        Nigeria---Fortune Magazine Columnist Reveals All---l

           GATX Corporation Establishes New $425 Million Credit Facility

                  Compaq Leasing Offers New Program to Spur Sales

                      Who’s the Wealthiest, According to Forbes Magazine

June 20, 2001 --


    Greenspan Says Weakening Economy Tightening Credit

     Former Cit Ceo Files for $28 Million from Tyco Acquisition

'Financial Destinations' Web Seminar June 27-28 Web Cast

June 19, 2001 -- Joe Bonnano, Esq.-Sean Wheeler/1lease

    : NCC Enterprises Fraud/Scam Alert

        Cooper/White/Cooper---Article 9

            GE's Immelt Sees No Chance of Deal with Honeywell

                Lehman Doing Very Well

                    Fed Ex Boxes at Post Offices


June 18, 2001 -- Comdisco/GE Talks Continue

    7Northern Leasing Selects Davox

        Heller Financial's Franchise Finance Unit Adds to Staff

            IOS Capital/ IKON Office Solutions Raises $250 Million

                Lakeland Bank and National Bank of Sussex County - Together

                    Key Lease Names Four to Top Positions


June 15, 2001 -- Finova Receives Financing Approval

    Sean Wheeler -a CLP-Sets the Record Straight

        Thalman Think Piece-the Leasing Economy

            McDonald's Reports Lower Earnings

                CapitalStream Reports Strong First Quarter Results

                    More Nigerial E-Mail---different than before

June 14, 2001 --- Comdisco Survives----

   1Lease---“Not a Joke,” says Sean Wheeler ( and more )

      Whatever Happened to....Jim Buckles


June 13, 2001 --

Comdisco Wooed by GE Capital Pending BK

   My Goodness--- Finova Bankruptcy Judge Approves Berkadia Rescue Plan

   Wet Pets”---What is 1Lease.?

       Sunday Sermon---Readers Respond

         RA9---the Next Y2K Scare or “For Real?”

           The Times They Are “a changing”— Polaroid,  one example

               Rudolph Giuliani to Become a Lease Broker?

 “ He spent 3 days in our office.  After he left he responded promptly to our support calls - this was money well spent and I would not hesitate to do it again.”

            June_Sciotto,     Regalfinance

June 12, 2001 --

    Steve Wheeler says, “Bye-Bye, Baby” to Equipment Leasing.”

      American Express Zero Percent 12 Month Lease

          Electronics Signatures -----75 cents each

                 Where is Fred Van Etten?     

Sunrise International Leasing Corp. Reports Strong Financial Results

                   Microsoft XP to Supply Telephone in Every Computer



. “ I don't know what I would do with out his expertise.”

                        – Theresa Kabot; Kabot Commercial Leasing, Seattle, WA.


     Whatever Happened to....This Thursday’s Feature Article

June 11, 2001 --


    The Meaning of Whales Swallowing Minnows

                             by Bob Rodi, CLP

                                      SDI Capital---Redux

                                                   Mellon Leasing--Redux

                      Finova Creditors Endorse Berkadia Offer,:Wall Street Journal story

                          Trading of Car Leases/Perhaps Trading of Equipment Leases Next


June 8, 2001 --


     European American Bank To Close Broker Division

           Leasing News Makes It on  Lessors.Com

                 GE Capital Completes Acquisition of Mellon US Leasing and Mellon Leasing   

        Employees asked to leave by Tuesday, we are told                   

              CalFirst Bancorp Announces Fourth- Quarter Dividend

                           Tyco Announces Sale of CIT's UK Business Equipment

                                                          Leasing Operation to GE Capital Equipment Finance

                     DVI Selects Oracle Corporation for e-Business Solutions

                        Finova Bonds Rise on GE Capital Sweetened Bid

    CVB Financial Corp Goes to Nasdaq---starting a new trend?

June 7, 2001 Extra --   European American Bank To Close Broker Division


     Wells Fargo to write down $1 billion in venture losses

          Alan Collier-Jack Winsten E-Mail/SDI Capital and More

             Where is Ravee Shrinivas????

                 Positions Open----

                      Digital Visions/CapitalClick Internet Based Equipment Leasing

                                 Bankruptcy Providing Little Relief to Cash-Strapped Companies

                                      ( Symptoms to Look For )

June 6, 2001 --


         Where is Ravee Shrinivas??????

              Hoppy’s Sidekick and Name of Horse

         Capital ( Stan & Scott Daniels )

                     Positions Open


                        CapitalStream Names Tim Stevens New Vice President

                           DVI Closes $325 Million ABS

                             GE Has New Honeywell Merger Offer—Big Bucks to be Made

                              Adminstraff/Leasemarketing---Wells Fargo

                                   eOriginal  With IBM To Support Electronic Lease Transactions


June 5, 2001 --


  MidAmerica Hits 140 members

    Count is Corrected for Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing

        SDI Capital Employee Lament

           Positions Open

              Santa Clara Valley Unemployment 2.2%/Traffic is still murder

                Peoplestreet Teams Up with Bank of America

         eBusiness Conference and Expo Announces Impressive Speaker Lineup for 2001

June 4, 2001 --


   EAEL Membership Down 24%

     Former PinnLease Pres. Larsen “Not Guilty”

        Sierra Cities Affiliate Program Healthy Under American Express

         First Commerce Becomes “Bancpartners”

          Patrick Bennett Wins Sentence Appeal in Largest Leasing Swindle

            Position Open; primarily in SDI Capital Market



Robert J. Merritt, Group CEO, CIT Equipment Financing to Retire; Burr Named 

           Successor  ( will not be ELA Chairman next year )

Financial Federal Corporation Announces Record Earnings for Third Quarter

June 1, 2001 --


    NAELB  Membership Up 148 Members!

      American Express/Sierra Cities Breaks Affiliates Agreement

           SDI Capital---What the Employees Tell us

             Tommy Larsen and PinnLease Legal Matters

                 Tyco Purchases CIT ---It is Now Official!!!!

                    Nigeria Scams Continue---Here are a few more.




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