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June 03, 2002---ELA Report: New Biz Increased 4% 1st Q 2001 to 1st Q 2002
   Economic Production Best in 19 Years
     Tyco Chief Said to Be Focus of Sales Tax Investigation
            CIT Observations from Sage Lowell Sims
               Only Eight AAA Companies Compared to 60 in 1979
                  (Ron Caruso on HSBC and CIT)
                 Economic Indicators Expected This Week
Secrets for improving credit score revealed—Anne Perry
   Seismiq, Inc. Nominated For eLNA Web Award
      Comark Capital Selects Isis Leasing System
        eMarket Capital Releases Latest Version of Trinity 

June 04, 2002---CIT Group President Al Gamper says, “ Oh, Sh*t !!!”
                 ( full round-up of all news re: Tyco-Cit )
     Bank Earnings Rise to New Record of $21.7 Billion
      Telemark Back Up for Sale?
          The Funding Tree---All Monies Still Not Returned
              Bill Graneri’s Top Gun Seminar Series
        Credit card companies' late fees hit record high
                San Jose Symphony Declares bankruptcy
                 ePlus New Manage V3.0
                  Norstan President Granger Named to IDS Board
                     Steve LeBarron to Northern Consulting

June 05, 2002---Commercial Money Center Files Voluntary Bankruptcy
   Bleeding Continues---Centerpoint Financial Services Calls It “Quits”
        MSM Capital, Irvine, California Down to Skeleton Staff
           Telemark Sale Falls Apart with GE Capital
              Saddleback Financial Sold to Precom Technology
                   Former Tyco CEO Faces Charges of Tax Dodging
                         (Wrap-up from major US Newspapers)
OneSource Financial Hires Mark Zimmerman as Director of Finance
 Nara Bancorp, Inc., Declares $0.10 Dividend for the Second Quarter of 2002
   HP Ups Savings Target, Details Job Cuts
     TransAmerican Selects Techfi’s Tech Platform
          SafeCheck Adds Check Platforms
            International Decision Systems Strengthens Management
               Thomas Ware Joins PAYNET as VP Marketing
                Irwin Capital Promotes LaLeggia to President
                    Joe Cool Visit 49er Practice Field

June 06, 2002---Dennis Kozlowski---Delusions of Grandeur
   Tyco Turmoil May Hurt CIT's Sale, IPO, Investors Say
     Telemark---Seeking Information
        From: Andrew Thorn
            Leaseback Capital---Canada
Need Suggestions for Top Gun Salesman and Sales Manager
  Semiconductor industry group projects recovery
    Subject: Woden From: Jim Harrington
      For the "High Brows"---Jeff Taylor on FASB
         ELNA Conference August 28-30 Atlanta, Georgia
             Harborside Capital/Wafra Investment Join Venture

June 07, 2002---
Equipment Leasing Association Survey: 85% Recommend Leasing
     Centerpoint Financial, Colorado Still Not Funding All Deals
          Funding Tree---Up-Date
            Tyco Ex-Chief Is Said to Face Wider Inquiry Into Finances
Tyco's stock up 8% since CEO quit
Over 300,000 Small Businesses Recruit or Hire Employees Online
   New Amtrak president proposes reorganization and more public disclosure
      Jon S. Haas Joins Cyence

June 10, 2002---Centerpoint Financial Needs Help in Funding Approved Deals----
     Tyco International Lost Over 30% Stock Value on Friday
        Ex-Tyco Chief, a Big Risk Taker, Now Confronts the Legal System
          The Week's Economic Events
             T.Rowe Price Offers New College Investment Calculator
               Dun & Bradstreet Includes Goodwill
               Now is a Great Time to Buy a Business.”

June 11, 2002---Centerpoint Financial, Colorado
  Summit Introduces Next Generation Solution
    MSM Capital, Irvine, California-NASBA—CMC/FundingTree Scoop
        Tuesday---Odds and Ends
           Andrew Thorn Report re: Auto responder Message
Tyco Replaces Chief Lawyer, Is Hit With Downgrade of Debt
   Changes will consolidate responsibility, Amtrak president says
      eLessors Leasing Company White Pages
      OneWorld Leasing Launched as Leasing Cooperative—up-date
         Venture capitalists sustained 27.8 percent loss during 2001
           New study says nonprofit arts groups generate $134 billion annually
     December Issue about Commercial Money Center 

June 12, 2002---Haiku by Al Gamper
  U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray under investigation
     U.S. Rebound Less Certain, CEOs at Mid-Size Firms Say
Now, Questions Turn to Why Tyco's Lawyer Received Bonus
   Fed's Bies: Not Clear Unemployment Peaked
      Centerpoint Leasing Close to Funding All Leases in Backlog
         Accolades for Chuck Brazier’s Performance ----
              Leaseback Capital, Canada---Found
                Great Mantanzas Creek Merlot Special!!!
The Funding Tree---Kendra Bernal Probation Requirements
  GE Donates $1 Million to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
      Pacific Capital Bancorp Distributes 4-for-3 Stock Split
         UCC Direct Services First to Offer XML Filing via Internet
            Lycos offers new subscription music service
                 Free Calculator for Your Website: 

June 13, 2002---One More Worry for Wall St.: A Potential Plunge in the Dollar
   Good News----Tyco Cleared to Sell Unit to the Public
     Bad News----SEC to investigate Tyco
             Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors Crabfeast
                    by Steve Geller, Leasing News Advisory Director
                Equipment Leasing Foundation Request
                  Sean Wheeler---Deep Blue Sea Marine
Reader’s React to Leasing News Saluting Chuck Brazier
    Needs Leasing Company--- Barry Bourdage
           USXP to Acquire Go Automotive Leasing
              Fitch Presale Report: Marlin Leasing
                  CRS Financial Merges with Tasco
LFC Capital Acquires MFP Medical's Equipment Refurbishing Business
   New Netscape shows promise--- Ms. Computer

June 14, 2002---Tyco—Tyco---Tyco
    Sean Wheeler/1Lease/Wet Pet/Deep Blue Marine
  Funding Tree, Riverside, California---Arrest Charge
          Centerpoint Financial Services Latest Fax
            (Connie Brazier thanks readers for their support)
              American Express Medical Division
                  E-Commerce - Color It Green
                    Hard times sting Arizona's bee industry
Sunrise Int. Leasing Board Approves New Growth Strategy
  Direct Alliance Simplifies Delivery of Services Thru Marketplace Suites
    Key Equip. Names Paul Frechette Senior VP Global Biz Development
       Comdisco Reaches Agreement with Creditors' and Equity
         Two More Tyco Board Members Had Hidden Dealings

June 17, 2002---Finance company operator arrested
  Will the Real Sean Wheeler Please Stand Up?
         New Business-where is it?  by Ron Caruso
              The Week Ahead June 17-21, 2002
Tyco Plans to Repay $10 Billion of Debt in Next 6 Months
   American Equipment Finance LLC opens Scottsdale Office
      Authors berate 401(k)s as a 'great hoax' –Ann Perry
         San Francisco--- Dog Attack Judge Orders New Trial
            Omtool Adds Leading E-Form Provider Create!form
                IDS’ InfoLease Managed Service

June 18, 2002---Textron Celebrates Customers on its First Customer Appreciation Day
   Tyco Sues Ex-Lawyer and Director--New York Times
     Former Tyco CEO Kozlowski May Face More Trouble-Bloomberg
      SEC wants jail for executives in fraud cases-Phil Inquirer
         Sean Wheeler of Fresno, California Stands Up-----
          Kenneth Wheeler Takes On NAELB Legal Counsel Joe Bonanno
           Walnut Equipment Leasing Up-Date ( remember them? )
  Business Leasing News---Latest Edition--David Mayer
   EFJ's Ron Caruos's Past Columns Now Available
     Amtrak's time is running out, USPS stands ready
        SBA deploying Gateway computers
         HPSC, Inc. Discovers Employee Defalcation
          MarCap Promotes Whaley, Names Kappel As Rep.
            Telecom Outlook:
               First the Bad News, Then the Bad News

June 19, 2002---Commercial Leasing of Louisiana---Kelly Hebert
 Leap in US housing starts boosts economic confidence
  Tyco Summer--A fish slips through the gill net
   Home equity loans fuel spending boom
     Bank of America sees profit in new branches
Declare Your Independence With Alaska Airlines' 4th of July Sale
 Bad news form Apple, AMD and Ciena prompts more selling
  Senate committee votes to close loophole on tax havens
    The Mystery of Tyco's Mark Belnick's Indignation    
GE Cap. Launches Healthcare Financial Unit
          Citigroup Fills International Post w/Stanley Fischer
            Fleet Capital Leasing Selects mySAP CRM

June 20, 2002---New Prez at The Funding Tree, California
 Thursday—Odds and Ends
  Are There Adequate Choices for Vendor Lessors?
   "Bankers Make May Pennies - But They Lose Dollars"
      Weak PC Outlook, Says HP
       California economy improving but at risk
        IT Execs See Security Driving Recovery
           Mineta to Ask for Big Changes at Amtrak
Gregory A. Lefebre Promoted to CEO at Rochester Equipment Leasing
 Michigan governor, lawmakers proposes 50-cent cigarette tax increase

June 21, 2002---Dollar Hits a 2-Year Low Against Euro
 Pay Pal---Wells Fargo Sets the Stage 
  Fed May Not Raise Rates at Least Until September
   Mortgage rates dip; rates 30-year mortgages lowest since mid-November
     U.S. trade deficit hits record; jobless claims fall;
             gauge of economic activity rises
      Friday---Odds and Ends
     25 Annual Commute Trips in United States
       Fleet confirms Stephens buyout talks
         Vendor Leasing Market
             Jeff Taylor Complimented by Colleague
              Fleet confirms Stephens buyout talks
  Amtrak May Begin Shutdown in Days (This is serious!)
   David Gunn---Amtrak
     Zinke Joins IFC Credit as VP/Legal Affairs

June 24, 2002---$200 Million Fraud Charge---RW Professional—Four Are Arrested by FBI
  Federated Capital Corporation of Farmington Hills, MI.
   American Express Business Finance Medical Exodus?
     Tech firms push back estimates for recovery
       High-Speed Internet Demand Growing--Only 21% Hi Speed
        Scandals, Profit Worries Send Stocks Near 9/11 Lows Last Week
         The Week Ahead June 24-28, 2002--Economic Indicators
           CIT To Redeem CIT Exchangeco Shares--Gamper Haiku
             Jim Coston on Amtrak
               Bailout to Amtrak Uncertain
                 Mineta to Push for Amtrak to Stay Open
                  U.S. Says Banks' Earnings Are Up 18.6%
                     Mortgage interest rates fall again
Plan ahead for new postage rates, 37-cent stamps available now

Tomorrow----Leasing News List Up-Dated

    This Week---Exclusive---
             ---Special download/Full Report on PinnFund
                                   (reads like a Jacqueline Susann novel).

June 25, 2002---Confirmed Exodus from Amex Biz Finance Medical
     HPSC Jumps to 65th Largest On Monitor 100 2002 List
      Is Sal Maglietta Still with Citi?
       Lease Acceptance Closes Their Doors?
        Gamper Gets Green Light
          RW Professional Leasing---Ten Months Later
            The Gazelle is Back????
              Mineta Is 'Confident' On Future Of Amtrak
eLNA Expands Networking Event To Invite Monitor 100 Companies
  Jeff Taylor Website Tops in Search Engine Report by MarketLeap
    California home prices surge to new highs in May
        BBC Reports----US could default on debt

June 26, 2002---WorldCom Finds $3.8 Billion Error, Fires CFO
  What Has American Express Buried from Its Stockholders???
    Report: Martha Stewart facing wider probe in stock sale
      Up-Date on RW Professional Leasing Arrests
       UAEL Managing Director Joanie Dalton Resigns
        Fed meets with little expectations of changes in interest rates
Leasing Co-op: Six Showing--- Seven on the Line!!!
  Fitch Expects To Raise CIT's Senior Debt To 'A'
    Yahoo closing streaming radio, video services
      eLNA Breaks All The Rules! Invites Monitor Top 100 Free
         Amtrak Postpones Shutdown---"Very,Very Close," Mineta says
             Wednesday---Odds and End
              Mahr Federal Selects eMarket Capital
                Fitch Rates Marlin Leasing Receivables
ePlus Reports Record Fiscal Year-End Net Earnings of $8.9 Million

June 27, 2002---Monday-Monday-C.I.T.
   U.S., Amtrak Agree to Keep Trains Going
    Feds Leave Everything Unchanged
      New-Home Sales Up 8.1%; Orders for Goods Rise, Too
        Mixed outlook for builders--S.F. Trade Show
  WorldCom Facing Charges of Fraud; Bush Vows Inquiry
    Feds Widen Probe of Martha Stewart     
      Former Tyco Chief Faces New Charges
        GE Not to Purchase DVI
         Varilease Technology Opens Four New Sales Offices
          Centerpoint Financial, Denver, Colorado-Up-Date
Eleven Community Banks Sue RW Professional Leasing, Long Island, NY
 Sentenced to 46 Months in Jail
     ---Signature Financial Service, Austin, Texas
 IRS returns to random tax audits
  More on Sal Maglietta Leaving Citti
   "Day in American History" format
     Pictures of "Brunie"
     (if you don't read anything else, or go anywhere
            else on the internet---this will make your day. Editor)

June 28, 2002---Lease Acceptance, Farmington Hills, Michigan
  Andersen at Center of Scandal Again
   Remaining CEO's Left Make a Break for It
    ELA S.F. Convention Registration On Line
     Rob Yohe, Stillwater, Kansas Doing Better
      Ken Greene, Esq. Thinks Too Much Bad News
        The List---Up-dated

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