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March 29, 2001

Premiere Lease Attorney Joseph Bonnano, "We don't count bodies."

            Bay View Raising Capital to Offset Losses

               VenServ Gets Additional Funding From Warburg

                 Alltel makes pact to process leases, loans for Ford unit

                        e401k Resource to Small and Medium Business

                          ( may be of help to you and your employees )

March 28, 2001 -- Billie Bolton " I am ethical, professional, thorough, and honest in all my
       business practices.  I feel that I have the integrity and strength of character that a

       few people may be lacking."

         FlexLeasing ( Griffin & Associates ) Closes Their Doors

           PinnLeasing USA Experience

            Kent Financial Shows Loss

March 27, 2001 -- Deadlines Approaching for Spring Leasing Association Conferences
            Security Financial to Close San Jose Office, Get out of Leasing Business
                PinnUSA San Diego Tribune-Union Story
                    Warning Re: Columbia, South Carolina Company/Person
                        Leasing News List is Up-Dated

March 26, 2001 -- UAEL Dispute Resolution Procedures

March 26, 2001 ---

        "Went to Kansas City"---United Association of Equipment Leasing Funding Symposium

           SunTrust Credit Automates Small Business Lending with

      ( nothing to do with the leasing industry!!!! )                              files BK---Internet Not Working for Lenders Going Direct

                 Opportunity for Leasing Companies to Grow----

                   FICO Scores---Archie Julian               

     Willis Lease Finance Sets Quarterly Record With $88 Million in Additions to Lease Portfolio



             New Release: DUIT!Broker 3.0 is designed for brokers and funding sources

                   Shepard Says, "Touch Your Mouth, and Sell Your Stock, Buy Bonds."

                       Used Equipment---We Get Calls----Why???

  Special Report/This Friday  " Why eLease Companies are Failing? " Part I

March 23, 2001 -- Judge Refuses Call to Shut PinnFund, Names Investigator

March 23, 2001 --

        PinnLease USA to Fold??????  44 Nationwide Offices-- $100 Million Fraud

               Friday Odds and Ends:

                     United Capital/ City



 Equipment Leasing Association's National Funding Exhibition 2001

      April 18-20, 2001 * Fairmont Hotel * Chicago, IL

March 22, 2001 --

         Code of Ethics Survey

          United Capital-Spectrum

           UPS Cites Business Slow down

            "Going to Kansas City"

              UAEL Spring Conference "On Line"

                BankNorth Launches On Line Banking in Six States

                  eFinance to Provide NEC With Online Credit Decisioning On Line

March 21, 2001 --

          Latest News on U.S.Capital/Terminal Marketing/United Capital

            West Coast Bank + Synergy Resources


                     Bob Baker on Leasing Literature


 Leasing News List is Up-Dated----


March 20, 2001 --

          Feds Cut Prime by 1/2 Percent ( as expected )

           Official Statement on Listserve "list"

              AmSouth Introduces Free Internet Banking and Bill Payment for Life

                Plastic Card Leasing

                  MicroFinancial Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend

                    Ampent(tm) Names Raymond L. Smith as New Chief Executive

                       ( formerly )



  Leasing News List to be up-dated Tomorrow---

March 19, 2001 --

      "Listserve" Reactions----

        New York Times Economic Forecast--Great Reaction

          eMarket Chooses EcomTalk

            Miami-Hearld " Why Unicapital Failed."


United Association of Equipment Leasing  May 3-6, Scottsdale, Arizona Agenda


March 16, 2001 -- Gold Rush

March 16, 2001 --

         ListServe Gets Hot---Naming Companies Not to Do Business With!!!!

          Potential Fraud Alert---

            Fitch: US Commercial Finance & Leasing Companies -- Outlook Negative

             More on American Express and Free Internet Access

              New York Times---After Nasdaq's Big Boom, Expect a Bust to Match

                 ( this is an excellent article, worth your time to read )


  In this issue:       NAELB CODE OF ETHICS

March 15, 2001 --

         Webster Acquires Central Capital

           Safeco Credit and Leasing "On the Block"

             "The Good Guys"--- Countrywide Leasing Clarification

              Venserve to use Microbilt ( for Plastic Card Leasing Venture??? )

                 ( UAEL Standards of Professional Practice )

                    Finova's Office in Doubt ( but Prez still gets $8.3 million )

                     Pay Phone Scam,Lessors Take a Hit, too.

              in Nation's Top Ten Internet Banks

                         Allegedly Sierra Cities Loses Great Plaines to American Express Leasing


   New York Times on Nasdaq  ( at the end, but worth reading, very informative )

March 14, 2001 --

        Countrywide Prez. John Sperling---"We are not United Capital or Spectrum Leasing."



   "For the Record" does NOT accept business from: United Capital, Spectrum or Countrywide.


          More on United Capital from an  "insider"

            Plastic Card Leasing---not again!!!!

            Bill Swindells: CIT Business Credit New Midwest Regional Manager

                  Leasing Dean Menzel Clarifies Yesterday's E-Mail



   Meet the Leasing News Advisory Board at the Scottsdale, Arizona May 3-6 Conference

                United Association of Equipment Leasing

                     ( now is the time to register!)        

March 13, 2001 -- New Orleans May 17-20 NAELB Conference

March 13, 2001 --

     Surprise! Surprise!  Bermuda based company Tyco International Buys CIT

        CapitalStream Closes $20 Million in Series "C" Financing

           ELA Launches Web Site

                Legal Authorities Close in on U.S.Capital, Santa Barbara, California

                           Plot Thickens at United Capital/Spectrum Leasing, Austin, Texas

                                 Netbank Gets Regulatory Authority

                                   E-Bills and E-Payments through E-Mail

                                       NEC Leasing Launches New Program


March 12, 2001 --

      Baker Kudo's Keeping Coming In------

       eMarket Capital Names Mellon Leasing as Lender

        Pre-qualified for $100,000 from UAEL Member! Wow!



           Equipment Leasing Association March 21 Meeting, Long Beach, California

                ( Mention Leasing News and get in at the "members" price )


     The List---up-dated

March 9, 2001 --

              Spectrum Leasing "Exposed"

               Amplicon Announces Third Quarter Dividend

                Online Legal Document Firm LegalZoom Gets Ready to Launch

                   Who is Linda P. Kester? 

                      MidAmerica Association of Equipment Lessors May Golf Tournaments

March 8, 2001 -- Spectrum--Son of U.S. Capital?
        Equipment Lease Association-San Francisco Meeting April 26
        ( mention our name, get in for the "member" price )
            Lease Guru Bob Baker says Quit Whining, Make Some Money Now!!!
                Leasing News Advisory Board to Go to New Orleans Conference
                    Lease Forum/Tech Smart
                Postal Service Going Broke ( you read it here, first )
            American Banker Magazine Says Banks Hit by Bad Business Loans
        Arizona Republic Writes Finova Former CEO May Get $9.3 Million in Severance

March 7, 2001 --

        U.S. Capital, Santa Barbara, CA---BK???????????????????????????????? 

       Terminal Leasing, New York, New York--Not a Wonderful Town for Brokers/Discounters

           Linda P. Kester/Surviving a Recession--featured article

              Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors Spring Conference

                  Watch out for "Naked Wife"

                    Feds Go after First Capital for Fraud (thank you,Bob Homans)

                       As Reported Here Last Week: Finova Files for BK #11


 Coming This Friday---Whatever Happened to???.....

March 6, 2001 --  Sierra Cities-Amex Merger Gets Green Light

     Flex-Leasing Moving----

        Securitization Industry Watches LTV Bankruptcy Case Very Closely


             UAEL Spring Conference

              NCR Takes It in ATM Losses

                CIT Predicts Second Quarter Not Good, but Third Quarter--Maybe Re-bound

                   Charter One Launches Free Wireless Banking


   Linda Kester "Surviving a Recession". Written especially for our readers

    in the leasing industry.

  The main points will be: diversification, how funders tighten credit selectively,

      and how to take advantage of select opportunities. Look for it tomorrow!!!

arter One Financial, Inc.

March 5, 2001 -- UAEL Funding Retreats

"No Accusations"---Leasing News Editor Proclaims

              New Orleans Conference in May

  The List is Up-dated

March 2, 2000 --

 Manifest Changes Name

         Dow Jones Questions Finova Take Over Plans

          Financial Federal Profit Up 15%

           Printware Sells Portfolio

            Comments on Our Placement of Articles

  Next Week---Linda Kester    "Surviving a Recession".

  The main points are going to be about diversification, how funders tighten credit

  selectively, and how to take advantage of select opportunities.

   Look for Linda Kester here, Next Week

March 1, 2001 -- "Advance Rentals"--It is NOT Preferred Capital
Let's Also Straighten Out WHICH "Republic Leasing"...

         A Premier Leasing Attorney's View Point on the return of Advance Fees

           Irwin Financial Tells Dow Jones: " Not for Sale or Acquistion."

            Advanta Completes $1 Billion Sale of Mortgage Division, Moves On to Credit Card Biz

                Fleet and Summit Complete Merger

                    Synovus Completes Acquisition of Creative Financial Group

              Signs Vendor Agreement with

                           ( They are not afraid of doing business with attorneys on line )

   "This Day in History" Explained----

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