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March 01, 2002--
Economy grows in 4th quarter on back of big ticket spending,
 ---- economists predict recession is over

    Meet the Leasing Newsmaker---Mark McQuitty ( transcript )
     Merging Leasing Associations/Response to Bob Rodi's comments
        Friday –Odds and Ends
           Moo Bad News from Gateway (evidence recession not over)
                  NetBank Shareholders Approve Mortgage  Group Acquisition

March 04, 2002---Firerock Capital in Formation---Fisher Anderson Winds Down
   Support for Bob Fisher/Scott Anderson
       United Association of Equipment Leasing Postpones Two Funding Retreats
            Major business events and economic events scheduled this week
                 NAELB Help Desk Now Available Daily
                     Classified Ads at Leasing News are not only FREE, but they WORK
                        Bill Graneri’s Top Gun Seminar Series
                             Streamlined Sales Tax Project

March 05, 2002 --Leasing Innovations Wins San Diego BBB 2001 Award
AELB Proposes Multi-Association Committee
      New UAELB Website Up and Running
         Tuesday—Odds and Ends
              Steve Cambell Resigns as CEO of CapitalStream
                    MidAmerica Association of Equipment Lessors Golf Tournament
                       S&T Bank Launches Equipment Leasing Program
                             eFinance Raises $6 Million in “C” Financing Round
                                   Computer  “Blue Book” Now on Line

March 06, 2002 -- "Yes, we have no banana's for sale" at First International Bank 
             You Guessed it---Fred Van Etten "This is Your life."
          Credit Reporting Industry Warns About False E-Mail
               National Leasing Introduces a New Identity
                 Bob T. Tells Kit M. About "New Website"
                   ELA San Francisco Conference Oct 13-15   
                   Financial Federal Reports 19% Earnings                        
                   Denis J. Stypulkoski Joins The Alta Group              
                              Krueger Joins Farm Credit Leasing Sr. Mgmt. Team
                     Amtrack Progress in NorthEast Needs Your Support

March 07, 2002--Guaranty Capital Suddenly Closes Its Doors
  CIT---“Yes, we have no banana’s today, but maybe tomorrow.”
     eLease---Total Funding Scales Down  ( story in progress )
        Nova’s BuyMicro  Exceeds $2 Million in  Equipment Leasing
           USXP Capital Develops Nationwide Van/Truck Leasing
                UAEL Presents Education Audio-Conferences
                     Key Names J.J. McCusker Sr. VP/Dir. Syndications.
                            Amtrak Prez to resign from financially troubled rail line

March 08, 2002--Late Breaking News
  Southern Pacific Bancorp
    New Tax Law Affects Equipment Leasing
       Friday---Odds and Ends
         Annual Industry Future Council Report
             Amtrak Troubles Widen
New Domain Names Make Possible for Permanent e-Mail Address

March 11, 2002----Commercial Money Center Throws in the Towel
               Semon Associates Arranges $300 Million
                     Private Label Web Based Tax-Exempt Syndication Platform
         Pure Markets Announces Growth, Best-Practices Recognition
            Marshall & Ilsley Completes Acquisition of
             Richfield State Agency, Inc. and Century Bancshares.
    Internet Leasing Company Bashing
        The Electronic Payments Association (NACHA)
          More on the House Tax Bill and Equipment Leasing
          The List---Up-Dated
                    The List to be up-dated on Monday

March 12, 2002--Commercial Money Center Closing Reaction
   128 Employees Out of Work---Classified May Help
     ELA Says President Bush Signed Their Endorsed Tax Measures
         Ofek Capital Comes to the United Sates
          BancLease Launches Redesigned Web Site
             Funder OnLine, becomes CYENCE INTERNATIONAL
              “... more than 190 banks in 34 different states are using the BancLease program for leasing”

                Tuesdays—Odds and Ends


March 13, 2002---Tyco Reportedly Sells CIT
   San Diego Tribune Union Commercial Money Center
     The Inside at CMC
       Who Pays for this? The Employees
          Please Don’t Call Us
             Multi-Association Committee
             Money Back Guarantee—First in Industry
                 Sharpless Joins Electronic Financial Group

March 14, 2002---Inter-Leasing Association Committee—Barry Marks, Esq. Speaks Out                       Tyco Files with SEC to Spin Off CIT; Exec Comp Revealed
                     “Sit, Dog, Sit” “Now Lay Down”  “Roll Over”
                          Commercial Money Center, Escondido, California—Last Word?
                               Fitch Ratings Releases Guidelines/Synthetic Leases
                                     Enron's shadow falls on Idec's off-books lease plan
                                  NextCard fires 546, requests stock delisting

       Tax Laws—Changes Retroactive to 2001—Nancy Geary, CPL, CLP

March 15, 2002 -- Inter-Association Committee

     Merrilees Replaced at Textron

        MAEL Golf Tournament  ***

            HSBC to Sell Finance Division

               Ofek Capital Retains Three Firms

                   Streamlined Tax Project

March 18, 2002--Bank of the West Becomes California’s Fourth Largest Bank*
   Minimum Leasing Association Dues Compariso
     Monday---Odds and Ends
      Where are Jim Lahti and Rick Galtelli?
      Jeffrey Taylor---lease CPA---New Tax Laws--
          CitiCapital Launches Vendor FastFinance
            Silicon Valley---Mired in Recovery

March 19, 2002--The Fed to Raise Rates, Not Today, but Soon
  Finova Year-End Net Loss $1.14 Billion/$1.8 Billion
    CIT Announces Fixed Income Conference Call 3pm EST
       Telemark for Sale----$700 Million Portfolio
         Tuesday---Odds and Ends
            Streamlined Sales Tax Project
               MicroFinancial Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend
                   VoiceXML Planet 2002 Conference & Expo

March 20, 2002--The Fed Leaves Key Rate Unchanged.
       Tyco to Spin CIT off in Less than a Month            
                     GE Capital Bows to Pressure From Moody's on Debt
              BancPartners Announces Resignation of James R. Lahti
                  RT International Chooses ePlus
                     PDS Reports Fourth Quarter Results
                       Wells Fargo Celebrates 150 Year Ride
                        ELA/UAEL Postpone Two March Meetings

                             Special: Golf Handicaps and Jim Merrilees
                   (Playing at the MAEL Golf Tournament May 20th)

March 21, 2002
--William Purcell to Lead U.S. Bancorp Equipment Finance
     Hibernia Rolls Out Small-Business Equipment Leasing Program
       GE not interested in CIT, contrary to reports- spokesman (BS)
            NAELB---Ahead of the Pack
               Experienced Sales Professionals Never had it So Good?
                 Jim Merrilees Golf Handicap
                  Randy S. Cameron Joines Sentry Financial
                       Wells Fargo- “...pretty nice chunk of change for the ranks!”
                              Streamlined Sales Tax Report—Dennis Brown, ELA                                                      “Leasing for Dummies”—David G. Meyer

March 22, 2002--The Famous Bob Fisher
   GE/Tyco and the Rest
      Jim Lahti and Richard Galtelli
         Bits and Pieces from the ELA Weekly Newsletter
             POP Goes The Yahoo! Mail

       Special:     Executive Global Lease Training
       Analysis of Lease Volume
       Excel Present Value
             Jeffery Taylor

March 25, 2002--New Tax Law—NAELB April  4 at 12:00PM EST
    Why Bond Guru Decided To Attack GE's Practices
        Jim Lahti re-Opens Affiliated Corporate Services
           Monday—Odds and Ends
   Stream Sales Tax Project---Dennis Brown, ELA
                 February Housing Report with Economic Report
               Leasing Industry Future Council Report

March 26, 2002--Fraudulent Employment Resume
      Guaranty Bank Still in Equipment Leasing
        “Eastern” not “ National”
             Wells Fargo Bonuses
    PFSC introduces BackupPlus
        Steelcase Reports Results for Full Year and Fourth Quarter
           AGL&F Spring Conference---Baltimore/Municipal Leasing
               Streamlined Sales Tax Project Conference Call

March 27, 2002
--“Not True” says John Otto about Centerpoint Financial
   Colonial Pacific Employees Return to Oregon—Welcome Home
      Great News from Susan Adamatis 
         Tyco's CIT debt issue oversubscribed; raised to $2.5 billion
              UAEL—Las Vegas Conference—“Leave Your Children at Home.”
               Equipment Leasing Association Depreciation Schedules                    
                         More Nigeria and African e-Mail
                               Carpediem Offers Regional Seminars in April
                                  Pitney Bowes Selects mySAP CRM  (not CPL)

March 28, 2002--Economic recovery wobbly, UCLA forecasters say
       Tax Facts—Oh, No! Mr.Bill!!!
         ELA Too Busy for Inter-Association Meeting Confession
            Amtrak financial figures raise questions, critics say
                 (Lease Attorney Jim Coston quoted in news story)

March 29, 2002--Board Member of Tyco Unit Owed Millions to 2 Executives
     Fitch Rates GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables 2002-1, LLC
          Fitch Ratings Lowers GATX Financial To 'BBB-/F3'; Rtg Outlook Neg
            GE Way or the Highway.”
                Solutions for Employment—New Web Site
                    Bits and Pieces of the ELA Newsletter
                       Golf Handicap Explained

April 11 “Inter-Association Committee” Meeting in Orlando, Florida
                             and other Equipment Leasing Association Conferences

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