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 12/2000 DVI Closed Broker Business Division


 Bloomberg Reports:


           DVI Holder Granite Capital Urges Prompt Sale of Company


                By Daniel Goldstein, Bloomberg


DVI shareholder Granite Capital Management called for a "prompt sale" of the medical equipment leasing company, a regulatory filing said.


Granite Capital, which holds a 6.6 percent stake in the Jamison, Pennsylvania-based company sent a letter to the board of directors "recommending the sale of the company in light of its inability to generate adequate returns," according to a Schedule 13D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Granite Capital, controlled by investor Walter Harrison, urged "a prompt sale" of the company in a May 22 letter to DVI's Chief Executive Michael O'Hanlon. Harrison said in the letter, included in the 13D filing, that the company's performance "would rank as an egregious destroyer of value."


Harrison said the company earns a "significantly sub par return on equity" between 8 and 10 percent and said that the company's book value per share "has grown at an even lower 6 percent."


Bloomberg reports a spokesman for DVI was unavailable to comment.


In January, the company was downgraded to "buy" from "strong buy" at U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray. The target price is $20 per share.




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   The List



104 changes  


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Corona America Financial,So.CA ( 5/2001 ) purchased by,

    although called a merger.. Corona Pres. president, Jack  Winsten worked at SDI

    Capital, leaving them the same month SDI says no more broker business.

SDI Capital,So.CA (5/2001)  reported has assets up for sale  ( 5/2000 closed to broker

           programs )

Alliance Funding Group, La Habra, CA ( 5/2001 ) purchased by MSM Capital,

              headed by Mike Cingari, formerly pres. of Col. Pacific Leasing

Bay View Capital, San Mateo, CA ( 5/2001)  Jeff Allard, CLP, COO "... decided to exit 

               the  commercial leasing business and other business lines due to the strategic   

               change in the company's direction as determined by the new management 

               team." Parent company  running out of money, a lot of good people let go.

Terminal Marketing, NY,NY  ( 5/2001) Announcement all assets for sale by creditors

          on May 31, 2001 at 2:00 p.m. (3/2001)  Brokers report deals not being funded,

          commissions not paid, appears out of money.

Bancorp Financial Services, Sacramento, CA     (5/2001) Humboldt Bancorp closes                 

            Bancorp Financial, citing second quarter  loss "...not at this time expected to    

            exceed $8 million on an after-tax  basis; Kevin Cochrane let go,  Security

             Exchange Commission, Sacramento looking into   disclosures, reportedly other 

               activity.  ( 4/2001) Humboldt Bancorp says "closing Bancorp Financial Services  

              "in press release and report to Security Exchange Commission, but CFO Pat         

                Rusnak says "company is for sale" and statement made for "accounting


CIT     ( 5/2001)   CIT Shareholders Approve Proposed Tyco-CIT Acquisition

           (3/2001) Tyco International Ltd. makes offer for about $9.2 billion in cash and

            stock in a deal that would allow the manufacturer to finance purchases of its wide

            array of products.             Bermuda Hq., N.H. operation office. ( 2/2001) Closing

            Atlanta office and others, "freeze" on new broker business from this office (

            5/2001)  Bruce Nelson, Tempe, Arizona seeking  broker business. "We are an

              asset based lender and provide equipment financing in the  following industries:

               Construction, Transportation, Logging, Material Handling, Corporate       

            Aircraft, Mining, Energy, & Marine."

Imperial Credit Industries (ICII) (5/2001)  Charles F. O'Hara, "We discontinued lease

            originations through our Imperial Business Credit (IBC) ....( last year ) ICII      

            decided that it could not  compete effectively in the small-ticket leasing arena.

            IBC, however, continues to service the   portfolio   that they originated and have  

            expanded their servicing options to include middle- market leasing.



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                        Salesman Pay Survey



Today it appears the industry average for salesmen who work for companies

that "discount" their leases ( sell their lease contracts to others ) is approximately 50% of

the profit.  This is the present value of the lease contract, less funders discount charges. 

Many are  paid a percentage of the override is fees charged, such as for documentation, site inspections, etc.


Some provide other expenses, such as health benefits, travel, but that is not common.  A few will pay up to 60% over a "quota."


One company did report paying 30%, but all expenses, health,

medical, and when the residual was received, 30% of the residual,

if the salesperson was still working for the company. ( This company

is no longer in business .) Another paid 45%, and when the quota was exceeded, 55%.


Volume was basically $10,000 to $20,000 in gross profits per

month ( less processing fees ), meaning the salesmen made anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 a year, averaging $80,000 per year.  As anywhere, 20% of the salesmen made in excess of $120,000 per year, always exceeding quota.


All were paid a draw against the commission in either by-monthly or

monthly installments with charge backs against quota not met; often

implied. Most were not given "house accounts", but relied on their

production of signed leases.


The industry average for salesmen who work for companies who act as lessors, not selling or discounting their lease contracts, is more complex to state due to the various volume requirements  for salesman.  The main difference is "rate" versus "volume." Lessor salesmen generally have accounts that the lessor services

and remuneration is not on the difference between the rate of the lease, but primarily on the volume of transactions.


Most salesmen here earn a base salary versus a draw.  They are paid in excess

of making their quota, or an additional percentage based on volume.


Where minimum volume was $6 million, .0075 to .008 was common,

or $45,000 per year.  A report of .02 on volume over $200,000 was

stated, meaning the quota was $2.4 million a year in sales for the base



One salesman reported making $50,000. plus.0025% of volume. He was

hoping to make $100,000, meaning his goal was $20 million a year.


It appears the average lessor salesman must produce $10 million a year.

This figure, of course, is based on the market.  Larger ticket or smaller

tickets have a different ratio.  To sum up the remuneration schedule

to satisfy all requirements would take many, many more pages than

this report. Again, this report is from our readers.


It was also reported that transaction the lessor did not carry, probably for

credit reasons, were either brokered by the company, giving a split of

30% to 50%, or as the circumstance with many, some approved by the

company, such as practiced formerly by Sierra Cities, the salesmen could

send to another source and received the total commission.  It was not

reported if this is common wide in the industry for lessors.


In the 1970's, most leasing companies had salesmen who handled

"house" accounts, this changed in the 1980's with the growth of

brokers who worked solely for a "commission."  The 1990's saw

the growth of "super brokers," who funneled other brokers transactions

for a commission.  In addition, many funders were  in essence super brokers,

discounting transactions for the present value, often including the

residual in the discount or pledge of the contract.


  Discount Response:


From your survey it appears that we may be giving the shop away.  We

have a very simple commission only program.  As a small to mid ticket

lessor broker/discounter we pay 50% of the gross fee on the

transaction.  Higher amounts up to 60% are paid to consistent

producers,  We pay every Friday for deals that fund that week.  We

provide complete office and back room processing and pay for all internal

costs such as D&B, CBR, rent,  phone, overnight etc..  Salesman pay for

all external costs such as entertainment and travel.  We share in all

promotional and trade show expenses.  We will work with established, 

proven producers for a few months should a draw be necessary and we are

always interested in finding new talent.



Len Sperl, Onyx Capital Corp, Pittsburgh Pa.







 Here in Minneapolis at NFG our sales reps earn 50% of GP on all transactions. We provide office, phone, internet, marketing and trade show reimbursement. We have a credit, documentation and funding staff to handle most of the non-selling processes. In addition we do a draw on future commissions if a rep is new. Our monthly bonus plan is $240 over $7500 (which is the reps 1/2) and $600 over $10,000 . Quarterly bonus is $720 over $22,500 and $1800 over $30,000. If a rep

hits $100,000 annually then the company provides a $600 per month car reimbursement for the entire next year. We feel we have an aggressive compensation package because we want all of our people to succeed. We are nothing without our people who got us here. Oh yeah we also have a condo in Vail available to all our staff and reps to use at no cost. We are currently attempting

to create a way to pass ownership to super stars as well, but have not finalized it as of yet.


Will Abbott


Northland Financial Group, Inc.

Direct (952) 746-5251


Fax (952) 979-1590







We pay our sales reps 50% of the GP after inspections, UCC's and routine

office costs.  We also pay for marketing and promotion items, business

cards, brochures, handouts, mailings, etc, etc.


The reps responsibility is to bring in the business and that is it. I do not

require a monthly volume, but do ask that they stay in contact, preferably

in person, with any customer or vendor once a month at least.  I price, doc,

close and fund the deals. All they do is make the contact.


Any deal originated or referred by that salesperson's vendor or customer is

theirs even if they haven't talked with them about the specific deal.

Average annual compensation is usually 50 to 65K, but the opportunity is

unlimited. We are presently looking for reps in northern New Jersey and

western NY and eastern PA.



Bob Runyon,

Capital Agreements Corporation



+   + +


Here we make no salary, 45% of the gross margin on $1.00 residual deals, and

55% of the GM on the deals that we retain the FMV or 10% residual.  We make

100% of the doc fee over what our sources charge and a draw is available on

a case by case basis.






I pay my in-house sales people as follows:  Base Salary of 30K per year. 

this covers the first $5,000 in GP.  I allocate 50% of any deal the generate

themselves and 10% of the GP on any house deal that I assign to them to help

them cover the first $5,000 in GP.  On the second 5,000 in GP the sales rep

earns 25% and 40 % on any GP generated after that.  A rep working for me can

justify their existence at about $800K per year in volume.  They will make

$45-50K at $100K per month in volume and about $75K at $150K per month in






We get 35% of the first $10,000 per month in gross that we bring into the

company.  We get 45% above $10,000 and 50% above $18,000 per month.

We split document fees over the amount required in the approval.  It is

all commission, no guarantee.




W compensated salespeople with a 50% split of the

gross commission due on the leasing transaction.  The salespeople generally

had use of our office space, and we paid for special promotions.  In

addition, we provided an auto allowance of $300 per month, and a telephone

allowance of $150 per month.  We found it necessary, in virtually all cases,

to provide the salespeople with a draw against future earned commissions.  We

found that even our most experienced salespeople did not break-even on this

arrangement until they were employed with us at least three years.


The most generous compensation program I have first-hand knowledge of

provides the leasing salespeople with 65% of the gross transaction

commission.  This company, a longtime, successful leasing broker, also

provides office space, use of telephone, and the payment of advertising



In fairness to all leasing salespeople, their compensation potential depends

as much on their company's access to capital, and flexible financing plans,

as it does on their individual sales ability and work ethic.  In our case, at

just the time our salespeople began to realize their individual potential,

their ability to grow their earnings was drastically curtailed by our loss of

bank funding.


My only advice to your inquirer is: carefully evaluate the company you

represent or will represent.  Your ability to cultivate vendor and lessee

relationships depends to a great degree on your company's ability to deliver

on its credit program and funding promises.  Unfortunately, in today's

economic and leasing environment, the only thing you can count on is uncertainty. 


Steve Chriest



Lessor Salesmen



Working for a tech company,  as the Leasing Manager in a captive scenario I

find am in the a middle of the road in you compensation survey.  I am paid

a base salary of 45K,  .0075 of volume on deals until I hit 50% of a 6MM

quota. Over 50%, I am bumped to .1025 on volume.  I also receive 33% of GP

on fee income from transactions.  Volume Commissions paid out monthly,  and

Fee commission paid out at the end of each quarter (the bonus incentive).




I work for a leasing sub. of a large foreign bank. Mostly small ticket. Bases are in the 30's-40's depending on experience. We get .008 of volume with a kicker on spreads that exceed  50 over. Quotas are $6mm-10mm depending on territory.





     $50K base

.25% of volume

Cell phone paid for.


I should be making $100,000-




As a sales rep, with 4 years experience I make a base salary of $48k with a chance to make commission once I make more money for the company than it takes to keep my seat, i.e. $4000 per month. It seemed to be online with the Advanta commission plan but unless you really generate  volume you cannot realize commission.




We pay 2% of equipment volume in compensation.   Generally there is a base of $48K and the 2% commish is paid for volume over $200K.  They also earn 25% of the fee of any brokered deal they bring in. The 25% split of broker income is independent of our funded  equipment volume  We pay monthly though will probably shift to quarterly.




Around here, be it small ticket or big ticket, I believe all the lease

origination personnel have had a base salary and then a bonus once a certain

minimum volume was done on a monthly (for the small ticket group) or annual

(for the large ticket group) basis.  Our most experienced and senior large

ticket salesperson makes well into the 6 figure range I've heard but they

consistently book volume in the tens of millions each year. I think all our

large ticket group that have been here two or more years each make over

$100,000 per year between base and bonus.


Our small ticket people have had the potential to make six figures but it

has always been heavily volume dependent.


There are several different bases, based on whether or not they hit their bogey for the year or month.  Bonus is only paid once minimum target volume is reached.

If someone is not hitting their target within a year around here they

usually let them go.



***  we are still open to collecting comments as we are relaying on

our readers for information and have no axe to grind.  Comments may

be “on” or “off the record.”  To those who have responded, we have

held your comments “off the record” as requested, or quoted you,

giving you the opportunity to plug you compensation plan. editor








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About ProactiveNet


ProactiveNet, Inc. is a leading provider of performance management solutions for Internet, intranet and extranet applications. The company's solutions enable businesses to deliver a consistently positive web experience to end-users resulting in measurable improvements in ency and online revenues. Customers include leading

enterprises and xSPs such AIG, eBay, Exodus and ProactiveNet has been named one of

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Donald P. Campbell to Head Commerce Bank's Leasing Business



CHERRY HILL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2001--Commerce Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE Symbol: CBH) announced today that Donald P. Campbell has joined Commerce Bank to head the company's growing leasing business.


Campbell, former CEO of De Lage Landen/Tokai Financial Services, will serve as President of Commerce's leasing operation. Campbell assumed the position of CEO of Tokai - a leading vendor/leasing firm - in 1993, where he rapidly expanded the company, increased sales and started three new businesses.


"Our leasing services are the perfect addition to our diverse portfolio of financial services

and will enable us to better serve the growing number of small- to medium-sized businesses that are playing a crucial role in the region's economic development."


"Commerce will provide leasing services throughout the Bank's footprint in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and Manhattan, and focus on every type of equipment that our customers use - from office and restaurant equipment, to printing and production equipment to vehicles," explained Campbell.


( for full press release with contact information:  go to: )




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Boullioun Financing Oversubscribed



Syndicate of 24 Major U.S., European, Japanese Financial Institutions Commit  


To Provide US$1.45 Billion in Bridge Financing 


BELLEVUE, Wash., -- Boullioun Aviation Services ( today announced it has completed its first external financing under the ownership of Westdeutsche Landesbank

Girozentrale (WestLB). Boullioun -- one of the world's premier aircraft operating lessors -- was purchased by WestLB on Feb. 1. WestLB is based in Dusseldorf/Munster, Germany.


After launching the facility at US$1.3 billion and receiving substantially greater commitments, Boullioun accepted oversubscriptions up to US$1.45 billion from a syndicate of 24 major U.S., European and Japanese financial institutions. Three banks -- ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in the Netherlands, JPMorgan in London and WestLB -- are Joint Mandated Arrangers of the 345-day bridge financing.
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