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May 31, 2001 --


   Equipment Leasing Association Membership Down Only 4%

       Judge Hands Down $109 M Default Judgment in PinnFund Scandal—

          Bounty Hunters Get the Nod: “Go Get ‘Em!”

                      Bancorp Financial Services Reports

                           ---- SDI Capital Lets Go All Employees/Closes Its Doors


          First American Corp. Completes Aquistion of Credit Management Solutions

             Carrier Corp Chooses eMarket On Line

               AmSouth Bank Signs Up 160,000 On Line Customer

                   American Express Leasing Underwrites Videolocity

May 30, 2001 --


        UAEL Membership Down 47%

           United Capital/Lehman Bros.

             Sterling Bank Leasing

                CSMI ( Credit OnLine ) Becomes Part of First American Corp.

                  “Advanta Seeks Its Niche,” Philadelpha Business Journal

                        Heller Financial Chooses PeopleSoft

                         Hypercom /Golden Eagle Leasing Completes Leasing Loan Securitization      

                           GE Capital Loses $1.2 Billion on Derivatives

                               Fitch Downrates Unicapital?????

                                  Charter One Registers !00,000 Customer on Line

                                   PBDS Announces Partnership with MicroBilt


           Plastic Leasing Card Marketers Beware!!!  New Federal GLB Privacy Law July 1             

May 29, 2001 --


    DVI To Be Placed for Sale?

          Salesman Pay Survey Results

     Selects ProactiveNet

                   Donald P. Campbell to Head Commerce Bank's Leasing Business

                      Lot of European Money: Boullioun Financing Oversubscribed



        Leasing News List Up-Dated

May 25, 2001 --

MSM Capital Buys Alliance Funding and Corona America Financial “Merger”

     Apology to Randy Anderson by Jeff Bob, CLP

      Western Power and Equipment Expands Internet Presence for Its Dealers

         Certified Leasing Professional Program-----Cindy Spurdle

             2001 Lease Sourcebook--Hot off the Press!!!

                State Revenue Officials Release New Draft Definition of Leasing

                  Dot Com Life Similar to the Leasing Industry


May 24, 2001 --



   OnLine Financial Technology Firm Xigo Closes Down

       Trinity Industries Posts $74.4 Million Loss ( not Trinity Leasing or Trinity Capital )

           Corona America Financial Merges with TotalFunding.Com or Vice-Versa

             How to Get Bob Baker’s New Video Tape Series

              Leasing News Advisory Board Meeting

                U.,S. Senate Changes To Effect Economy

May 23, 2001 --


    Bay View Capital Exits the Scene—Good People on the Street

      Terminal Marketing Officially Bites the Dust May 31, 2:00pm, New York Time

         Humboldt Bancorp Declares  Bancorp Financial Services:

                         “The Weakest Link—Goodbye!”

             SDI Capital  Merging with Total Funding.Com?????

                  More Corrections re: New Orleans Conference—on, No!!!

                       CIT Shareholders Approve Proposed Tyco-CIT Acquisition

                           Amplicon Reorganizes as Bank Holding Company;

                                      Launches California  First National Bank

                   Capital Stream Names Garry Welch to the position of Executive Vice                                 

                                             President of Marketing,  Business Development, and Sales

                                                     ( company continues to grow and prosper )



May 22, 2001 --


 They Mean It This Time at Bancorp Financial Services—Cochrane is Out, too

    "BFS has ceased originating new leases and loans."

           eLease at the New Orleans Conference

               Imperial Credit Industries—Looking for Business

                       CIT—Looking for Broker Business, says Bruce Nelson

                            Pacific Capital Bancorp Executives Talks With The Wall Street

           Financial Industry Leaders Create EquiLend to Address Securities Lending Needs

                   ( new source of funds for leasing??? )


May 21, 2001 --

New Orleans Conference Report

 Sysix and Mister Leasing Form Leasing Services Company
    KeyCorp Plans to Reduce Indirect Lending, Eliminate Credit-Only Deals

May 16, 2001
Investment Banker Not Making Ii--Epoch Partners Lays Off 21% of Staff

        LeasingX Enters the Fray

         Orix Tries Another Finance Business

            Canada April unemployment rate holds steady: 7%

               Equifax Signs Agreement with BCE Emergis for

                      Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Service


May 15, 2001 --  The Fed Cuts Rate One More Time--- 50 basis points

          Equipment Leasing Association New Study

             First International Bancorp Reports First Quarter $303,000 Income

               Heller Financial to Relocate Franchise Finance Headquarters

            Leasing Association Meetings the Next 30 Days

              Others Say, "Rodi Did Not Miss the Mark" Potpourri

                Salesman Pay Survey---Continues


May 14, 2001 -- Denrich--Redux

            Bob Rodi Hits the Mark/Bob Rodi Misses the Mark

             “More Commissions, Better Pay, from Better Credits”-- Wes Simkins

              Eastern Bank Selects State Street

                  PricewaterhouseCoopers' Technology Forecast 2001-2003 Mobile Internet

                   The Economy--Comment by CIT Observation of AD Revenues

                      Cronos Group ( containers ) 1st Q--Net Income $594,000

                        Heller Financial -- Robert E. Radway Assumes More Responsibility,  
Promotes Howard T. Widra ( pay raise, too? )


May 11, 2001 -- "Home Page"---What to Do!

         Dell Ventures Top Managers Resign

           "Don't Leave Home Without It--Plastic Card Takes Over Sierra Cities: Reaction

              General Electric Announces New Officers:

                  GE Capital Services/GE Medical Systems Asia/GE Americas


                       JDR Capital--Revisited

                         Canada unemployment rate holds steady

                           Microsoft Up-Grade Strategy--NewsFactor Network Story


May 10, 2001 -- No More First Sierra or Sierra Cities:

        American Express Business Finance (A Division

                 of American Express Small Business Services )

               More on "Fleet Leasing"

             ePlus To Acquire the Software Business of ProcureNet

                LeaseTeam Moves Forward with "Lease Sales Manager"

                  PDS Financial Corporation Reports Strong First Quarter Earnings

       "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?"

May 9, 2001 --

         New Name for Sierra Cities----

            Fleet Makes it #102

              Look Out for "Home Page"/several leasing companies hit by this virus

               Textron Announces a New Division

                 JDR Capital "Remembered"

                    Comdisco Lays Off 250

                       Dan Marino to Launch Virtual Bank Tomorrow

                          Bill Granieri Lives!!!!

               Sausalito Based Willis Leasing Revenue Up 23%

                ( If you go to the board meeting, try Scoma's or

                 the restaurant at the Casa Madrona Hotel )

May 8, 2001 -- DR Capital--The Horse's Mouth

           Bank of the West--A Winner!!!

            Standards & Poor’s Down rates Comdisco

               Siemens Financial Offers Integrated E-Finance Solution for B2B Business

                 New Orleans "Here We Come! "

                  Salesman Pay Response

                    Signature Correction(s)

                      TCF Changes Its Name ( a press release )

                        What Else Do You Want for Free? ( the Leasing News List )

May 7, 2001 --


      JDR Capital--No Longer Accepting Broker Business ( not confirmed )

       PinnLease/PinnFund--Judge Freezes Ex-Girl Friend Assets  ( no joking here )

          Tommy Larsen--"Setting the Record Straight"

           Mellon Comes Clean---Makes it "official"

            $1 Billion Sales Order

               Container Leasing Up

                 Advisory of Credit Card Sharing Personal Information

                    A Sign of the Times---Gas $3.00


May 3, 2001 --

    "Reports of My Death Are Highly Exaggerated"

      Comdisco Second Quarter: $8 Million Loss

        Ken Duffy Remembers Comdisco's Ken Pontikes---

            Golden Eagle Leasing Takes Loss

             Preferred Lease, A CapitalWerks Company  ( official )

              More Salesman Pay Survey Results

                 ( we hope to put these all together for one major

                      report next week---so if you want to contribute,

                      please do so---anonymous, if you wish )

               Intuit Posts Another Record Tax Season/ 5 Million e-Line Tax Return

                 Dun & Bradstreet Partners with Intuit for On Line Services

           to You



          At the North American Truck Shows:

                       LeaseTrading Introduces:

        " First and Only Full-Service Marketplace that Brings Liquidity to

                Vehicle and Equipment Leases"


May 2, 2001 --


     LeaseExchange--Tom Williams

      Dot Com Massacre

       PinnFund--Tommy Larsen

        Fair, Isaac Announces Three-For-Two Stock Split

          401K--Now Is the Time To Increase Your 401K

May 1, 2001 --

     Capital Stream Processes $9 Million Lease on Line

      More Salesman Pay Survey Responses

        Consumer Reports Survey:

           Most Search Internet for Info/Not to Place Orders On Line

            LeaseExchange: "on a 'Slim Fast' diet."

                Key Equipment Finance Consolidation

                  Pawnee Gets More Money



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