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November 30, 2001 -- Users May be Shut Off Any Hour

   Bush Signs 2-Year Internet  Tax Ban Extension

       Comdisco Receives Extension of ``Exclusivity Periods''

           Alert Features---Opinions from Readers

              Growing Controversy Over Joe Woodley to Direct UAEL

                Providian Capital Gets Capped and “Restricted”

                  Online Shopping Looks Merry and Bright



  Special Report:   Capital Stream/Equidity/Live Capital

                                         by Kit Menkin

November 29, 2001 -- Bridge Transport

   Growth 1

      Streamline Sales Tax Up-Date

            agenda/other information from Dennis Brown, ELA

       2001 UCLA Internet Report Finds Ups and Downs

           LECO Selects eMarket Capital for Web-Based Financing

              WiredCapital  Selects ” The Old Man” Harry Kellogg

                    Third Quarter Online Sales Statistics—eCommerce News

                       The Economy Changes Everything, Including Coins in Circulation.

                           Tuesday  Federal Reserve “ Beige Report”

                              ( Gloomy, that’s why it is on the bottom )


November 28, 2001----Funding Tree---Growth 1  Southern California

                      Where is Mark Herman???                           

                         Classified  Ad Results/ Leo R. Portney

                            Hey, Bill Grohe!!!

                              Alert re: Bridge Transport, North Carolina

                         Home sales rise, defy pessimistic economists     

Yahoo! To Launch Video E-Mail Service

      Wells Fargo to Buy Back $30 Million Common Shares

          The Fed nominees win Senate committee approval


November 27, 2001
-- Crocker Capital---Off the Record

    Dwight Galloway/Charles Randall Special Thanks

          Major business events and economic events scheduled this week...

                Previous Ten Recession Dates/Associated Press

                   Classified Ads---Up-dates

                       AOL subscriptions swell to 32 million

                             Intel Offers Great New Microprocessor Chip                                                                     

                                     Larry R. Doyle Joins Farm Credit Leasing Board


November 23, 2001 -- Dwight Galloway’s Early Christmas Present Congratulation

   Commercial Money Center Controversy Feedback

      Bob, Bring Back the Printed UAEL Membership Directory!!!

                        Appeal for FDNY Fire Truck

                            Why Credit Has Tightened—Corp.Chap.11 Record Filings

                                 Windows XP Sales Fall

                                    Join eLNA eNetwork


Special report:
Nugget from "Why Successful Companies Exited the Marketplace"


November 22, 2001 -- Happy Thanksgiving


  ( History of Thanksgiving in This Day in American History , included on line today )


Dwight Galloway, Republic Leasing of South Carolina

                      NAELB Appointed Bill Miller Executive Director

                          Crocker Capital Leaves Many Unhappy Employees

                                    Ira Romoff to Announce New Product Soon

                                      Commercial Money Center Memo to All Associates

                                                   UniCapital Plan Filed

                                                       Mortgage Rates Rise

                New Jobless Claims Fall for Fourth Week in a Row

                 Full Unemployment Report on Majority of US States

  Directors of Mellon Authorize 25 Million Repurchase of Shares
         IFS Announces New President, CEO, 

November 21, 2001 -- Republic Leasing of South Carolina Sold
    CMC Kicked Out of NAELB Over “Herd of Cattle”
        Fed Economist Parry See Internet Long Time to Recover
        ( "Frankly, there's no way to know exactly when" the turnaround will come, he said. "But I         do know this: The economy will \ recover. The fundamentals are strong." )
            Support for Joe Woodley as New UAEL CEO
                Business Still Buying Office Supplies/Staples Profit Up
                    U.S. Government Housing Report for October
                        "The economy is in a mild recession with 3rd Qtr." State by State                         Unemployment Rates


November 20, 2001 -- Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


Joe Woodley New UAEL Chief Executive Officer

                  Commercial Money Center Kicked Out of NAELB

                      Jim Raeder Defends Capitalwerks---Better Business Bureau

                              Xerox, GE Capital announce equipment financing deal

                                Crocker Capital Purchase by Dimension Funding

                                       More Friends Remember Jeff Wong

                                           A Boost for E-Philanthropy

                                                  Richard Baccaro Leaves AmX Biz Finance


November 19, 2001 --

  Internet Sales/Use Tax Most Likely Will Continue for Two More Years

          CalFirst Funding Names Cindy Keohane to Head New Leasing Program

                Bulletin Board Posting:   CapitalWerks Better Business Bureau Rating

                  Jefferey Joseph Wong---May He Rest in Peace

              Recession not worth depression—S.F. Chronicle

                Balboa  to Underwrite Policies for American Leasing

                                   John Long,Equidity.Com Previous Prediction

                        Holiday Wishes from:  Ron Caruso

   Delegates to Sales Tax Simplification Governing States                                                        

                                         Econocom-USA Appoints Johanna L. Burkett


November 16, 2001 -- Toshiba Zero % Lease/No Payments for 90 days, too!!

  Subprime Lenders Targeted by California State Investigators!

      Providian hit hard by Wall Street!, Closes Facility, Cuts Staff

          BancWest Corporation Declares Di

                Bill Gates touts Xbox at its worldwide launch

                                     D&B and LiveCapital Partner To Provide

                                Credit Automation Solution with  D&B and LiveCapital

                                             McCue Web Tools plus LeasePak                                         

           Retail sales soar by record 7.1 percent in October

                Electronic payments gaining on check use

                   Sterling Bancorp Increases Its Effective Annual Dividend 24%
                                     KeyCorp Announces Regular Quarterly Dividend

                                            Santa Clara Chooses Procure+ 6.5 From ePlus


November 15, 2001 -- D&B and LiveCapital Partner to Provide Credit Automation Solution


November 14, 2001 -- T- Bill Rates fall to 43-year low
    57 Banks Surveyed! SAY They Have Tightened Standards for Business Loans
        Treasury Expands Mid-Quarter Depreciation Relief
            ePLUS Spin for Potential Investors
                Internet usage reaches record level in October
            US Bancorp Vendor Spiffs
        Multi-Tax Telephone Conference
    D&T Names CapitalStream "Super": 4 Years in a Row
Survey SHOWS! Payday lenders charging 910 percent a year


November 13, 2001 -- Madison Capital Acquires Powernet Financial Group

   Chief White House Economist Hubbard Sees Upturn Early 2002

        Bank’s Earning Power Drops-- Milwaukee Journal Paul Gores
            US Internet Council Releases Third Annual Survey of Net Trends
                  Third Quarter Corporate Profits Off 72%

Special:  Downturn Dictionary

                        By Scott Kirsner,  Boston Globe

                   Leasing News List is Up-Dated:



November 12, 2001 -- Equidity ( formerly Equalfooting) Bites the Dust

  Classified Section—Up Date

    Monday---Odds and Ends

       Be Wary of Those Zero Percent Loans/Not that Simple

          Comdex Show ( Leasing News Webmaster Carl Moberg

                        will have a special report on the show )

Federal judge rejects HP's purchase of Comdisco unit/Sells to SunGard

  Wholesale Prices Fall, Biggest Decline in More than a Half-Century

      Credit Card Giant Providian Pays for Growth

          National Train System Not on Track

            Web site provides list of unclaimed IRS rebate checks

November 9, 2001 -- David Marks Joins Pioneer Capital---Hooray!!!!

   ePlus' New Manage+ 2.5 / New Enhanced Applications

        PLM International Announces Third Quarter Results

           Mortgage Rates Drop to Lowest in 30 years

               Global Semiconductor UpTurn Forecast

                        Friday---Odds and Ends

November 8, 2001 --  Westar/ Another Dot Com Leasing Company Admits Problems
  Need a Sign Leasing Company????? See This Choice Story
    Federal Rate----Teichman vs. Rickards---You Be the Judge
         Rentmaker On-line Service to Offer Equipment Leasing
           Internet Life Tough, Even Mr. Showbiz Takes a Final Curtain Call
               Dodge to build cop cars after 12-year hiatus—Fleming and Petta 
                  Tom Brokaw Back in his own digs ( non-leasing story )


November 7, 2001 -- Feds Cut Discount Rate
    Interpool Reports Profits after Liquidating Microtech Leasing Portfolio
        IKON’s Lease Chargebacks Are Illegal
            Multi-State Tax Up-Date  by Dennis Brown, ELA
                Lump of Coal for E-Commerce Predictions
 The eLNA eNetwork Up-Date


November 6, 2001 -- Sterling Financial to Purchase Equipment Finance

    Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing Annual Conference

        Two Bulletin Postings---Resume Verification

           Comdex, Largest Trade Show, to restrict portable computers   

             Comdisco Financials' Release Announced

                 Classified Ad Count  

                         Monday---Odds and Ends

November 5, 2001 -- Bulletin Board Posting—Two Alerts

   United Association of Equipment Leasing By-Law Controversy

       Broker Agreements

           Streamlined Sales Project—Dennis Brown, ELA

                    Fair, Isaac and Baker Hill Premier, Browser-Based Credit Origination

                           Service for Small Business Lenders


November 2, 2001 -- Special:

         Making yearend tax decisions and Equipment Leasing


 UAEL By-Laws Hypocrisy??????

  United Association of Equipment Leasing Budget/Financial Statement

     Huntington Forms Equipment Finance Division

      Leasing Group/ Neff Rental Financing Solutions Nationwide Locations       

         Central Leasing Hybrid ABS, Loan Assigned Preliminary Ratings

             Sunrise International Leasing Reports Strong Third-Quarter Results

                Worldwide semiconductor sales fall 44.6 percent in September

                               ---but signs of improvement


November 1, 2001 -- PinnFund/Leasing figure to  give back  millions

        Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing November Conference

        UAEL B-Law Suggested Changes Controversy  

            FASB Adds Financial Performance Reporting To Its Agenda

                Convenience Key to Successful Holiday Season

                  Auction puts the gavel down on a dot-bomb Webvan

                        BofA completes break with S.F.,

                       ---A.P. Giannini Roles Over in his Grave

        Willis Lease Finance Updates Status of Exposure to Swissair Bankruptcy


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