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November 29, 2000 -- Baccaro Heads Sierra Cities Sales
    L.A.Times "The Bush-Clinton expansion of the 1990s has lasted 38 quarters.
        I don't think it will make it to 42."
            Unicapital Retention Plan, according to Dow Jones
                Finantra said it would eliminate its commercial finance operations in order
                to focus on its two core finance platforms, consumer finance
                and consumer mortgage lending.
            The List is Up-dated

November 28, 2000 -- LeasecommDirect 3.0 Released Today
        NetBank to Buy Back Stock Launched Today
        Thanksgiving Sales Mix
        Cars Direct Hits $100 Million Mark
        Financial Federal List 17% Earnings Increase
        Amembal Joins LENDX Advisory Board

November 27, 2000 -- El Camino Insider Report
        UniCapital Stock Suspended by NY Stock Exchange
        \ The List Is Up-Dated ( purpose again, is explained )
        SalesRep.Com Reports Increase In Biz

November 24, 2000 -- Federal Financial Clarence Y. Palitz, Jr. Passes Away
        David I. Robinovitz "Deju Vu"
        Leigh Weimers: "We Have a Lot to be Thankful For."

November 22, 2000 -- Menkin Wins Salvation Army "Others Award" and First International Bank Offer Unique On Line Financing
        Unicapital Gets Another Reprieve from Bank of America: December 1, 2000
        Poor Linc Still Alive reports Dow-Jones
        "Credit and Lending" Hit the Top Ten Consumer Complaints
        Bombardier Reports 21% Improvement
        More Retail Dot Commers Hit the Dust
        Federal Deficit Higher--see "Business Watch"

essay by Paul Menzel "Be a 'Professional' to Survive"

November 21, 2000 -- Former President of Advanta Leasing Finds Job at eOriginal Leasing
( now what about Kaye Lee? )
    USBANCORP Prez Freezes His Salary to $236,000, anticipating slowness in growth
    (he is not getting a second job, but his wife is going to work. Don't laugh,
    you might live on $236,000 plus a year, but his lifestyle is different than yours)         MicroFinancial/Leasecomm acquires major portion of the assets of Resource Leasing
        Corporation, Herndon, Virginia. ( The List is Up-dated )
Equipment Leasing Association/ High Tech Start Up Lease a Lot of Equipment
(no kidding--- Ben Millerus and Peter Eaton know this )
    Agilent's HP Deal Makes a Lot of Money, thanks to CIT and Bob Cragin
        Chyrsler in Trouble---Again!!! On No!! Make More Cruisers!

November 20, 2000 -- Equipment Leasing Association First with On Line Director on its Board?
    Marlin Leasing Goes Capital Stream--70 Vendor Hook-Up
        American Banker Magazine Predicts Tougher Audits for Banks
                Decision Networks Picks eCredit
                    "Credit Management Solutions" Chosen #1 by Deloitte & Touche, CPA

November 17, 2000 -- Vertical Net/Sierra Cities Choose Date: December 14
   American Capital Raises Capital for Lending and Leasing
      IFG Remembered: Betty Ferrero
            Mike Jewell Joins Farm Credit as Vice-President of Leasing

November 16, 2000 -- Unicapital Ceases New Business---Story Confirms Our Insider Reports for
                              the last 30 days----
    NAELB Expels Lease Capital Corporation/Principal Martin J. Barteske
       "We get letters..."
          Ron Wagner on Sabatical---
            Michael Flemming/SIR Projects Continued Growth for Leasing Industry.
                Capital Stream Increases Revenues
                   Most Popular Cars Leased On Line---
                       and PT Cruisers!!!!! ( can you believe it? )
                             Marshall and Isley Patents Sterling Bank Increases Dividend 26% --
                             Hooray!!!!! Good News!!!!Great!!!!

November 15, 2000 -- International WEB2000 Show -- Article

November 14, 2000 -- NetSol Registers for $30 million--Good News
    Finova Reports $274 Million Loss After Yesterday Announcement of $350 Million New Funds
        ePlus Reports Profits--Good News
            Signature Leasing Out of Small Ticket Leasing
                eSociety Folds/Shake Out Expected in Business to Business On Line Arena

November 13, 2000 -- Finova to get $350 million new Capital
    Siemens Financial Services Teams with CapitalStream
        More Comments on Unicapital,Sierra Cities, et. al.
            National Offers Exclusive Women Leasing Program
                E-Credit Expands On Line with Bottomline Credit Gathering/Payments
                ( UPS Capital Leasing and others are their clients )
                    Craig White New LendX Prez

November 10, 2000 -- Orix Up 14% First Six Months
            Unicapital Insider
            Capital Stream to Issue Capital Advantage
            Finova Suspends Dividend
            The List--Up-Dated

November 09, 2000 -- BSB Is Not Closed????
            Varilease Is---- Closed Down by Unicapital this morning
            Reactions to Unicapital/Sierra Cities Reports
            Imperial/Jump Cut Announcement
            CIT Named Nation's Number #1 SBA Lender

            The List Up-Dated

November 08, 2000 -- BSB Closed Down
            Affinity Closing December 1, 2000
            Reaction to Sierra Cities Story Part II
            GE/Colonial Pacific on "On Line Signatures."
            eFinance and eScout
            Comdisco Best Report Ever!!!!

November 07, 2000 -- Unicapital Extends Credit Line Until November 20th, the Monday before Thanksgiving.
            Who is Vertical Net? What Are Their Intentions?
            Sierra Cities Part II ( the report we held until after the announcement )
            Sierra Cities Third Quarter Results
            The List--Up-dated -

November 06, 2000 -- B2B Enabler Will Purchase Leading Business Credit Technology Solutions Company for                  Source$133 Million in Stock
            SourceUnicapital!!!!! No News 4:30pm, California Time, 7:30pm Florida Time
            Source"a" or "the" Thomas S. Depping?
            SourceCitigroup---On Line Payments---"Quick Cash" On Line!!!!!
            SourceABB Finance Offers Vendor Program With Decisions In "Seconds"
            SourceAssociated First Capital To Lay Off 2,100 People
            SourceApartment Leasing---Looks Good to Me!!!
            SourceBulletin Board Complaint Posting---Clarification
            Source---late breaking news----
            SourceLendX & LeasingExchange Offer 30 Equipment Lessors On Line
            Source( get the best price for the best situation plus

November 03, 2000 -- Metwest Leasing, Spokane, WA. Pulls Its Plug--
               Finova to Close Down/Sell Units
            Source Capital Earns $256,394 BUT has 16% Decrease Due to Major Lease Write Off
               Marlin Leasing Raises$96.9 Million in Securitization
            Unicapital Unwinds as "a" Thomas S. Depping Takes Yahoo Chat Cheap Shot

November 02, 2000 -- Covad Boss Quits Due to DSL Sales
             Bank One Loses Loan Turn-Down Appeal
             Memorial Services for Chris Ridgeway

November 01, 2000 -- First International Bancorp---Leasing Pays Dividends
    Losing Money---American Capital Depreciates Its Investment
             Co-America Buys Imperial Bank ( once a major player in the West Coast Leasing Scene )

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