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October 31, 2000 -- No News on Unicapital, Sierra Cities, El Camino Leasing today.
                  Most likely things will go to November 6, the extension given Unicapital
                  by Bank of America...Sierra Cities has been talked about for sale for months,
                  maybe since the first of the year, and the latest I heard, Washington Mutual,
                  was to take place last Friday and now I am told: "my lips are sealed," so
                  we are all in the dark. It does seem the negotiations are for real. If
                  not, this company should get an A+ for "public relations"....and El Camino Leasing
                  does not walk to talk either...

October 30, 2000 -- GE Enters Internet Fray
          eOriginals with Electronic Secured Documents
               Sherman and Associates/APPRO Alliance
                    LeasePoint Announces Board of Directors
                         CIT Expands Dell Line of Credit

October 26, 2000 -- Unicapital--No "inside" Public Relations
                  Interland $50 Million Vendor Lease Lines
                     eBank Expands
                        Ikon Leasing Up 26% ( Vendor financing )
                ( these are examples that there is an increase in captive leasing, and
                as evidenced by other "press releases" in the last few weeks, an increase in on line
                internet transactions, as the leasing industry moves not only into a new
                cycle, but an electronic processing plateau---editor )

October 25, 2000 -- Sierra Cities/Washington Mutual
                Unicapital Unwinding
                The List Up-dated
                LeasePoint and Private Label Program
                NetDecide Launches Wealth Decisions

October 24, 2000 -- Up-dates on Copelco/Unicapital
                IBUI On Line Has Loss of $2.6 million in Lending and Leasing ( their press release )
                Netbank Reports 10th Succesful Quarter ( internet bank continues to grow )
                Smaller Banks Across Country Report 3rd Quarter Profits--Oregon to Alabama, including a large                      SBA lender, Goleta National Bank


October 20, 2000 -- Unicapital Gets Two Week Repreive
                Unicapital: Is the Verdict In?
                Copelco Closes Down Broker Business
                BSB Makes Offer to their Parent Unicapital
                Heller First Nine Months up 28%
                Humboldt Bank up 99%--Wow!!!
                The List is Up-Dated
                Employee Jitters at Many Leasing Companies

October 19, 2000 -- Unicapital Employee E-Mail
                Application Signatures On Line/Roger Marce/Bob Rodi
                Total Funding and Go Public
                Capitalworks and eLease
                Irwin Bank UP, but leasing shows "pre-tax loss of $0.6 million during the third quarter.
                " Charter One UP in all Departments
                US Bancorp UP in Third Quarter
                AmBank, Alabama Expands On Line Presence

October 18, 2000 -- "El Camino Leasing Was a Good Company--" List is now 50 "
       (BTOB) hit with a fraudulent posting"
                "We are not just going through another cycle, Mr. Bonnano!"
                "We simply need to weather this trough out"--Bruce McCormick
                " How are most funding sources facing the issue of signed applications?"

                List at Bottom of Report---Now 50

October 17, 2000 --Unicapital Extension Until This Friday as "Process" Continues
         ( read in between the lines/feel compassion for Unicapital employees ) and Textron "Partner" On Line
        Joe Bonnano/Bob Rodi On "Brokers Today and Business Today"

October 16, 2000 -- Cragin Wins for CIT and Agilent!!!
        Broker's Lament---More Reactions
             Allco Discontinues In House Sales Force
                  Netbank "Connects" with Microsoft Money Software

October 12, 2000 -- Orix "long-term Outlook has been revised from Stable to Negative" by Fitch
    Cyberloan Tops $1 billion in Real Estate Loans On Line in September
       Lakeland Bank ( and leasing ) Reports 25% Increase/Issues Increased Dividend
       ( note .06% allowance of total assets for bad lease debt ).
          Broker's Lament---Redux, from brokers,presidents of National Association
          of Equipment Leasing Brokers, United Assocation of Equipment Leasing Brokers
              ---List Up-dated: Now 49 Major Changes in Last Two Years---
              new statement by editor

October 11, 2000 --      Broker's Lament---------
    AccessLease with New "Private Label" On Line Program
         ( stops 25% mark-up fee--read the release to see this claim and others )
    Dow Jones Newspapers Says "Finova Having More Problems" ( oh, really--editor--see List ).
    Marhsall-Isley Report Third Quarter Profit $90.6 Million compared to Last Year $90.8 million
    Patton Joins LeasePoint   
    US Bancorp Reports Earning $16.7 million versus last year $16.2 Million ( full report )

October 10, 2000 -- Netbank Continues to Grow ( 60% bank business in a few years will be via W.W.W )
         Equipment Leasing Association New Funding Data Base ( excellent service )
         Hartcourt Expands China Connections/Invites Potential Investors On Trip
         San Jose Mercury-News Follows AP Story: Cisco, Seibel, Others Pay No Federal Income Tax ( but they          say the employees do, and would pay more than the company Federal tax )

October 09, 2000 -- Advanta Expects Lower Earnings ( Their Leasing Company is "for sale." )
         " The Company has also implemented its plan to discontinue lease originations from the unprofitable segments of the broker channel and improve the yields on new originations. In addition, the Company is actively pursuing strategic alternatives for the leasing business, including its possible divestiture" ( UAEL Conference Advanta Leasing Staff knows they are "on the block"--see archives for more---editor )
    eLease Says "Senior Management Change Only"; List Up-dated.
      Access Lease Teams with Planetary Network for "Real Time" Leasing
         Access Lease Raises $6.5 Million for Online Business
            GE Puts Loan/Lease Pricing On Line
              Scripps Financial and USBancorp being purchased/merged by Firstar
               Stocks Still Flow in Silicon Valley/Money Still Loose, newspaper reports
                 Cisco/Microsoft Pay No Federal Tax ( stocks to employees shelter their earnings )
                  The List--Up-dated

October 05, 2000 -- Latest News on Sierra Cities
              ( "The rumors you have heard are credible about the possible sale of
              UniCapital companies" is all I could get, except we may not know until next week...
              Sierra Cities Yahoo Stock Message Board guesses a "gag order" must be in place.
              But my insider told me a new announcement date was given to one of the branches:
              October 19th. Management is reportedly very upbeat and branches are being told
              to "sit tight" that good news is coming. )
        side note: BSB Leasing Business is Going Very Strong
            Comdisco Says In Good Shape, Despite Stock Drop Earlier This Week
                Look for Sterling Bank to Become More Aggressive as "Financial Holding Company"
                    NAELB Workshop October 20, Irvine California
                        Another Complaint About Gibraltor Financial goes to Bulletin Board

October 04, 2000 -- US Bancorp Merges with Firstar
        Sierra Cities
           Reaction to Ray Williams No Longer at UAEL
              First International Bank and Siemens Financial Services Partner On Private Label Equipment Leasing               Program
                 Firstar Buys U.S. Bancorp
                    Fitch Downgrades ICON Capital Equipment Lease Securitizations
                       Peachtree Makes Offer for Phoenix Leasing
                          The List Up-dated
                             The Bulletin Board Up-dated


October 03, 2000 -- Ray Williams Terminated at United Association of Equipment Leasing
    UniCapital "No Word" until October 4, 2000
        BSB Healthy and Growing, Says President Myerson
            Bancorp Financial Services, Sacramento, California
                 Martin Barteske Complaint about Leasing News Bulletin Board 10/02/2000
                    The List is Up-dated

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