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September 29, 2000 -- Galloway on "For Sale" of Company He Started
    LeaseExchange/Global Data Broker
        LendX Alliance with Financial Executive Institute
   Confusion on "eLease"--Presidents Sets Record Straight
                Textron Signs with QLender for Loans and Leases On Line
                    "Sierra Cities Goal by Tomorrow"/No News at "Press Time"
                        Los Angeles Lessor Found Guilty of Lease Fraud

September 27, 2000 -- Republic Leasing, Columbia, South Carolina
   GRANERI REPORTS ON NEWARK,N.J. National Association of Leasing Brokers Workshop
       SoftBank Bank Executive Suicide/Orix Leasing
           Decision Systems Inc. Announces Merger with CFS Group
               LeasePoint Attacks "On Line Fraud."
                  The List---up-dated and BSB Complaint on Bulletin Board

September 27, 2000 -- * * * Sierra Cities Special Report * * *

September 26, 2000 -- LeasingExchanges Issues "Smart Suite."
      Capital Stream Introduces "Bid Management"
           Comdisco Launches Fully Managed VPN Solutions
                ( their venture leasing division is perhaps the world's largest )
                      Comments from readers

September 25, 2000 -- Enters Internet Fray via
    Debbie Monosson Named President!!!!!
        Summit National Launches Latest Web-enabled Application Program
             "Super Broker" Martin Gets 15 years for Leasing Fraud in Sacramento, California
                    Former AT&T'er Tenner Joins Leaseforum

September 21, 2000 --  Equipment Leasing Association Year-End Survery:
         Lease Business UP 17% in 1999
              Tech Data Teams Up with Apple Financial and Heller
                   Corrections to UAEL Orlando, Florida Conference

September 19, 2000 -- Rodi Will Leave UAEL in Great Financial Shape
                  Advanta Financial: On the Block
                            Norm Nelson New President of Pentech Financial
buys " Lease Sales
                              : Great Vendor Internet Generating Program
                               Electronic Applications Need Paper Signed Permission
                               to Run Consumer Credit
                                            The List
--- Updated.

September 18, 2000 -- Compaq Leasing ( the leader in small computer sales ) Launches Paperless Leasing
        (they lead Dell, Gateway, Packard Bell, IBM, HP in sales of pc,largest market share,
        perhaps soon in leasing of pc computers )
                United Association of Equipment Leasing Orlando Report Tomorrow's Issue
                ( The list will be up-dated, much news to report )
                        Harcourt Sets Up Internet Companies In China, to also include Internet Equipment                         Leasing ( inexpensive labor,this means not only Asian but US Leasing portals )
                                CreditLine LeaseManager offers New Features in Latest Release

September 12, 2000 -- UAEL Expects 425 Attendance at Orlando, Florida
                                 Conference From Your Digital Phone or Palm Pilot/Connect with NetBank on line
                                        Farm Credit Leasing Business Down for Second Quarter
                                            DSL Leader Having Problems with Accounts Recievable/Makes Deal with the                                                "Devil" says

September 11, 2000 -- joins the Internet Fray
                                    Kit Menkin Explains "The List" and "eLease" at the Orlando, Florida UAEL
                                      LeaseForum Expands Internet Presence
                                        and we get e-mail:

September 7, 2000 -- Special Report- eLease

September 6, 2000 --Ginny Young, Brava Capital and Bruce Kropschot, Kropschot Financial
                                join Leasing News Advisory Board
                            The List Up-dated

September 5, 2000 --The Bancorp Group Joins "The List."
                        ELA Promotes PAYNET to Lessors
                            ( many lessors do this today, such as GE Capital/CPL and Manifest--
                                   look for others to do the same )
                        LeaseExchange Signs with Smart Age
                            ( increases marketing )
                        Wells Fargo Completes Purchase of Charter Today
                            USA Today Warns About Dot.Com Financing

September 1, 2000 -- Biran Bjella Comments on Manifest Sale to U.S. Bancorp
                      Jim Merrilees Asks for Correction--Gets it! ( mostly )
                       UniCapital Gets Bank of America Renewal to Revolving Line
                        Directional Funding Says, " It Ain't So!!!" to NAELB tm
                         Rumors re: Brokers/Commerce Security/Imperial Business Credit

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