September 11, 2001


We attempted today to keep informed those still at work, and serve as a forum for people to help each other or communicate their feelings and concerns to others in the leasing industry.


Kit Menkin

As most of you are probably aware, terrorist attacks on the US Pentagon,
Camp David, and both Towers of the World Trade Center occurred this morning.

As I understand American Express is located in the World Trade Center. This
is a terrible tragedy, which we still do not understand the full impact.

At this time, Internet communications seem to be more reliable than
telephone services, at least for communicating with persons in the affected
areas who do not require access to dial up services for their connectivity.
However, I expect that network traffic usage patterns will cause rather
large slowdowns due to bandwidth consumption by users everywhere trying
to access the various news sites on the net.

Some of you may also have family living in the areas affected today, as
my family does.  Please realize that the phone service is designed to
block most calls inbound to disaster areas, thereby allowing those living
in the affected areas more outbound lines for calling their families and
friends in these situations.  If and when you hear from your loved ones,
please take the time to ask them who else you may inform of their safety,
thereby freeing more resources for others trying to call out.  Please
pass this information along to others who might not realize this helpful
system of passing information in such a disaster.

There will be no Leasing News today in respect to today's events.
I hope we can all pull together. As Tom Brokaw said on television this
morning, this is a terrorist war declared on the United States.

My prayers, those of my family and staff are with those who have
lost someone in this dastardly sneak attack on innocent American lives.

Kit Menkin, Leasing News

Basically in chronological order:

Amex (my former employer) is located at 3 World Financial Center, directly
across the street (the West Side Highway) from 2 World Trade Center. 

As far as I can tell from TV, the World Financial Center buildings were not
affected.  However, no word from anyone who may have been attempting to
evacuate the area.


Kit,  Our offices are located in North Jersey. I could see the smoke on the
NY skyline when I was driving this afternoon and the eerie absence of the
towers in the NY skyline.

FYI, my understanding is that the amex corporate offices are not located in
either of the towers, but rather are located in the world financial center
which is across the street in a cone shaped building very close by.

Nevertheless, this is way too close for comfort and our prayers should go
out to any and all people who were in the vicinity of this horrifying

Kevin Baltzer
Crown Credit Corporation
Phone (201) 825-7500
Fax   (201) 825-8968

 ( A reader told me Amex had offices in the World Trade Center.
  There also may be people in the leasing industry who were located
  in the area and may have been killed. )

Urge everyone to give blood ASAP. At the blood center near our office, the
wait is 2-4 hours, but you can sign up and come back later. I only had a 10
minute wait when I went back and it makes you feel great that you may have
helped a little.

Charlie Lester <>


You should remind your readership to donate blood.

Rob Yohe


Mr. Menkin -

Perhaps suggest to your subscribers that they could donate blood.

Thank you.

 Emily Walsh


Send out an email that asks that members donate blood as soon as possible
especially if they are in the tri-state area or in the DC and Northern VA
area...and pray for the families and victims.


Aaron Martin

please have people call their red cross and donate blood.........


 one thing we all can do is donate blood, goods or money to the Red Cross.
If there as as many casualties as expected, the Red Cross will need all the
help they can get.


Kit -

There is something we can do. We can pray... for the victims and their
families, for our country and our leaders. And yes, even for the
perpetrator's and their accomplices and supporters. A number of us from our
church are participating in a phone tree to get people to our church tonight
to pray and to discuss what we can do to help. They are going to need lots
of blood for transfusions. They are going to need medical supplies (and the
funds to replace what they use). I am sure a call to your local Red Cross
chapter will provide a litany of opportunities to support and help our
fallen countrymen.

God bless America !

John Bergwell
Fin-Con Capital, LLC
913-219-5169 Phone
913-498-0087 Fax


Let's all say a prayer for those in need and take off our Republican hat and

Democratic hat and put on our I'm An American Hat....


I'll add your son to the list of service men and women I will be saying
prayers for tonight as well as the victims of this heinous attack.

Russell Wilder

  ( Thank you very much. Kit Menkin )


Jim Coxe
Coastal Leasing and Finance, Inc.
334-666-0573 fax


Thank you Kit for taking time on this earth shattering day in the lives of
so many Americans to keep us informed.

As with you, my prayers go out to all of the families of the victims of
today's terrorist attack.

 Cynthia Spurdle


 Well done. Great message.
"Anderson, Frederick G"


The plane that crashed, in Sommerset County, PA. was about 50-60 miles east
of our offices here in Warrendale, PA.  That was the plane from Newark to
SF. The flight number was United Airlines flight 93.  There were some local
reports that the plane contained explosives.  A courageous passenger on that
plane went to the bathroom and reportedly called 911 from a cell phone.
That was how the hi-jacking was allegedly reported. 

There is speculation locally that Flight 93, a 757 was a second plane headed
for the Pentagon.  (Camp David could have been a likely target as well).
Sommerset, PA is right on the PA Turnpike and is probably no more than 120
air miles from Washington DC.  Camp David in Maryland would be slightly
closer.  Based on the reports, the location where the plane went down, and
its likely targets there is speculation locally that it did not crash but
was downed by the military.  There were reports that Navy jets and Apache
helicopters were scrambled as the FBI had received a "credible" threat that
a second plane was headed for the Pentagon.

The other flight from this area that United Airlines was worried about was
Flight 175.  It is now reported, however, that all civilian aircraft are
accounted for although United Flight 175 was not specifically mentioned.

Our phones are up and we are at the office however we will probably leave
earlier than usual.  Service is spotty, the Internet is a little slow but

Keep in touch

Bob Rodi

LeaseNOW, Inc.
1-800-321-LEAS (5327)x 101


Do not say it was an Arab attack; you are using a brush that is too broad -
it includes all Arabs.  You mean, perhaps, an Arab terrorist attack, or an
Arab extremist attack.  The Saudi's are Arabs - were they part of the

Remember the last "Arab" attack - McVeigh and Nichols?

  ( Sorry, you are correct. We don't know who did it.  We only know
  the Palestines are celebrating in the streets. The rest is heresay.
  So if I don't say Arab, may I say the Palestines as they certainly
  are joyous, even reports of dancing in the streets, giving out
  candy to kids to celebrate. Kit Menkin )

I'm normally a silent observer of this newsletter but I can't let Jerry's
speculation that this is an Arab attack go by without comment. Whether the
attack was indeed carried out by an Arab remains to be seen but the
implication that "Arabs" not some fanatical political group, were
responsible for this attack is racist and irresponsible.  Let's not forget
that some of those "Arabs" are actually our allies.  I recall vividly the
persecution some of my schoolmates suffered during the Iranian hostage
crisis in the 70s simply because they were in the unfortunate position of
being Iranians living in the U.S. at the time of the incident. I'm sure many
of you have employees and friends at your companies who are of Arab decent.
I'm sure Jerry's not grouping these people with the maniacs who carried out
these attacks

Please withhold my name since I don't want to imply that my company is in
any way associated with my commentary.


 ( (I apologize.  It was a knee-jerk reaction. Your company
    should be very proud of you to speak your mind, and remind
    us to be true human beings and not over-react.  Kit Menkin )


Thanks for all the updates.  I hope that report out of Haifa is not true.
Even warriors understand that death is not a joy.

David A. E. Wall
Chairman & Chief Software Architect
Yozons, Inc.
724 17th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033 USA
Tel 425.822.4465
Fax 425.827.9415


>From US News
"In June, a U.S. judge had set this Wednesday as the sentencing date for a
bin Laden associate for his role in the 1998 bombing of a U.S. embassy in
Tanzania that killed 213 people. The sentencing had been set for the federal
courthouse near the World Trade Center. No one from the U.S. attorney's
office could be reached Tuesday to comment on whether the sentencing was
still on.
Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s hard-line Taliban rulers condemned the
attacks and rejected suggestions that bin Laden was behind them, saying he
does not have the means to carry out such well-orchestrated attacks. Bin
Laden has been given asylum in Afghanistan.
Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, said he received
a warning from Islamic fundamentalists close to bin Laden, but did not take
the threat seriously. "They said it would be a huge and unprecedented
attack but they did not specify," Atwan said in a telephone interview in

David Alvey


Hi Dad-
Just wanted to touch in with you. I'm okay... The CSS (Coastal Sea
Station) where I'm stationed (part of dive School) has been evacuated...

I was working off base today and couldn't get back on for three hours.
We are on a Threat Con Delta (D)
Triple armed guards 100% ID check, everyone wearing bulletproof
vests... very spooky. This place is a major strategical target...
We house a major portion of littoral warfare devices, i.e., weapons of
mass destruction. All armory's are lock-down as now is my base.
School house was closed down. The whole base has been evacuated,
Everyone except the people who live here allowed to come back. We are
all on emergency watch... every two hours. Two aircraft carriers have
been deployed.
It is a day to remember. 01-9-11
God Bless,
Say a prayer for America.
keeping in touch.

Please pass this around, that blood is needed.


Pearl Harbor Attack

                          PERSONNEL KILLED

                          Navy           2001
                          Marine Corps   109
                          Army           231
                          Civilian       54

                          PERSONNEL WOUNDED

                          Navy           710
                          Marine Corps    69
                          Army           364
                          Civilian        35


                          Sunk or beached   12
                          Damaged            9


                          Destroyed        164
                          Damaged          159

World Trade Center

                        Civilians 10,000 + ?


Amex is not located in WTC, but right across the street. Hearing
unconfirmed reports of some damage and possible fire. Building evacuated.

Mike Sheehan
Amex Business Finance
Mike Sheehan
AMEX Equipment Finance

 ( I thanked him for this information, as we had a report that
   there were Amex offices in the building.  He then sent
   me this e-mail back: )

But for the grace of god, I was scheduled to be in a meeting in the amex
tower this am and last night due to several weather delays , I walked out on
a flight last night to nyc, just didn't feel right. I have never had that
sort of feeling in 20 years. Returned the boarding pass and went home ,
considered going there early am and bailed on that as ell , something did
feel right.

Pays to trust your gut reactions.
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan <>
AMEX Equipment Finance


The law firm of Thacher Profitt and Wood had its office in the towers.  The
firm has an active leasing practice with which we have been pleased to have
worked in years past.  We anxiously await news of their well being as many
others do as well.
Paul Weiss
ICON Capital Corp.
San Francisco

Thanks for the insight from your son.  Cathie was in tears this morning when
I returned from my early morning bike ride and we watched in horror as this
thing unfolded.  I still can't believe it.

Hal Hayden


I said a prayer for your son. My nephew, just out of the navy after four
years was just recalled, he wasn't out the 60 days yet. He is already back
on board. I believe the military knows something we don't.

Pray for the best and prepare for the worst

Semper Fi.


No matter what higher power you believe in, please say a prayer for our
country and fellow Americans.  This is a horrible day that will go down in
history.  Maybe with all our prayers it will help through some of this.  It
is a time to come together as a nation and stick together against these
Prayer is the only way some of us may be able to help. No matter what, it
can't hurt.
Attached is a prayer someone sent me, use what ever is in your heart.
God Bless us all!!
God Bless America!

First, let me say that I commend you for providing a
forum for all of us that are concerned for the many
victims and their family that are directly affected by
this act. 

As a lease broker in South Florida, I'd like to
express my concern for the welfare of the many funders
(their families and friends) that I use from the New
York area.

The entire Nation and the world has been affected by
this terrible act. 

Wishing all well,
David H. Sheir
Summit Financial Advisors
(954) 475-2110


Well wishes to your son Kit - - as a former Navy man, I understand what he's
going through.  Please pass on to him, "fair winds, following seas and
Tex Williamson
Bankers Leasing


I was touched by your sons note. My son just got out of the Navy in July and

he has many friends still on the USS  Cowpens in Japan. I still fear that
the tragic today could still call him back on active duty. My prayers are
with our military, people do not realize and appreciate what they do so we
may have our freedom.

We must pray for our nations safety in these sad hours.

Linda Bradford


 I live in central NJ (Milltown, NJ which is about 45 mins from NYC). I
could smell the smoke from the city from my house. A terrible and tragic day
for the United States, This day will go down in the annals of history as one
of most catastrophic events in US history. My God have mercy on all of those
people that died across the us today. They announced a state of emergency in
NJ and just about everything was shut down here from airports to schools to
all government agencies, the whole thing was terrible.

Michael Granieri
Granieri Associates
Ph 732-828-8891


I appreciate the news you report and timely comments. The suggestion to
donate blood is excellent and I will do so this evening. I concur with our
colleagues outraged at these incidents and angry at the perpetraters. I'm
also angry at Mr. John Bergwell's comments in your newsletter that we should
pray "And yes, even for the perpetrators and their accomplices and
supporters." This is rubbish! I pray we hunt down and exterminate the
perpetrators and their accomplices and their supporters. We need to take
fast and severe action against these animals! I simply cannot understand any
sympathy for anyone capable of such heinous actions. I'm sorry Mr. Bergwell
but that kind of thinking may be why we have never taken strong action
against terrorists in the past which has only invited the events of today.
This is no time for the meek. We must defend our freedom!

 Jeff Rudin


thank you for your i turned to the scripture passage
on my desk this morning - i was struck by the profound relevance:

"That day will be a day of wrath, a day of distress and anguish, a day of
trouble and ruin, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and

Zephaniah 1:14-18
I have prayed against political tyranny and unfairness and injustice. I have
prayed for a miracle, for proof of God's existence. But as I read the
prophets' descriptions of the day when God finally will take off the wraps,
one prayer overwhelms all others: "God, I hope I'm not around then." God
freely admits He is holding back his power, but He restrains Himself for our
benefit - He wants all to have the opportunity to come to Him. For all
scoffers who call for direct action from the heavens, the prophets have
ominous advice: Just wait.

Phillip Yancey

Mark B. Fonseca"

Also here is a crisis board:

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives
has established a crisis bulletin board on its Web site to allow chamber
leaders from around the country to communicate with each other about
circumstances related to their communities and economies resulting from
Tuesday's attacks on the United States.

Should this crises impact a major Silicon Valley or Bay Area facility (God
forbid), a medium for communication and exchange may be helpful in this
very, very difficult period for our nation.  To access this special message
board - whether to view or post messages, go to:


( My son just sent me a picture of the flags at half-mast at his
    base. It reminded me I had not done this to our flag outside
    our office. I lowered it half mast right away and said a
    prayer for those that died and our armed forces now on
    full alert. Other readers have  sent me pictures that they
    have taken, or from other sources, and Leasing News does not
    sent attachments.  My son said the aircraft carriers were put
    to sea, and other readers told me their sons were activated,
    or called back, and then dispatched.  Perhaps this is the
    plan when we are "under attack" or we are gathering to be
    in position to not only protect ourselves better, but take
    some action.  I don't know how we can protect ourselves better.
    I don't know how five airplanes are hijacked at the same
    time.  I don't know how to stop a low flying plane under radar
    with a bomb or a bomb placed by a terrorist who is willing
    to die.  We have been warned things like this could happen,
    but who could imagine anything like this, not even in a
    Steven Seigal movie.

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