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January 31, 2001  Feds Cuts Rates 1/2 Point ( Only People Living on Mars Did Not Expect This )
    Leasing Group Gets First $10 Million Venture Fund--Major Player
      Textron/Finova--New Technology Finance Division
        Comdisco Best Ever Earnings Quarter
          CIT Overcomes "Letter of Credits"
            Tice, Knoxville, Tennessee, Acquires Two
              North Coast Funding A-1 Rating
                 LeasePoint Updates Credit Rating System
                   VenServe Purchases MacArthur Business Credit

Orix--major change of direction and personnel to be announced soon. We have not gotten anyone at Orix to confirm or deny, as our information comes from another very highly reliable source. Please stay tuned. News at 11pm.

January 29, 2001 --
Advanta--inside reports
    UAEL Symposium e-mail
       It Was Menkin on Yahoo re: Sierra Cities
         Tech Data/Financial Services
           eMarket/Professional Services

January 26, 2001 --
Jim Lahti's & Richard Galtelli's "Affiliated" Merges with First Commerce Leasing
    Advanta Leasing--Closing is Not Smooth as PR "Spin" Would Lead You to Believe
      Royal Bank of Canada/Centura Banks--Atlanta Connection-Loans and Leases On Line
        Brokers Lament------

     The Chronological List is Up-dated

January 25, 2001 -- Rodi on "eLease"
    February Meetings Up-Date
     Credit Acceptance reports net auto leasing losses$820,000/$1,489,000 3 months/year
      Trinity Industries, Dallas, Texas,reports net loss of $42.4 million
       Record 4th for CIT/ Reports 13th Consecutive Year of Income Growth
          (The commercial delinquency trend reflected higher past dues in the Equipment
             Financing and Leasing segment, report also states. )
          eFin Enters Internet Fray with Auto and Equipment Lease for Dealers
            People's Bank Declares Dividend of $0.32 Per Share
              Fleet, North Fork Prepare Bids for EAB/American Banker
                      ( sent in by reader Chuck Dixon <> , thank you )

January 24, 2001 -- Mellon Leasing for Sale?
       Correction: Saddleback Does Not Accept Broker Business
         Equifax/UAEL Announcement "Now Official"
      Penske Truck Leasing Commences Tender Offer
        Heller Puts "Spin" on Being Downgraded to "Stable" by Fitch
        also adds," (the economy) faces a credit crunch that could impair
smaller lessors' ability to compete effectively,"
        Merill-Lynch Says "Rocky Road" and It Tastes Like Ice Cream for Bond Buyers
     Progress Finance Declares Divident ( yes, there are a number of leasing
        companies doing very well today.editor )
          New Wireless Management to Revolutionize Biz

January 23, 2001 -- Advanta Closes Its Door to New Business
     February Association Meetings
      CapitalStream Names Walter Demaree New Senior Vice President
       CIT Commercial Backs Internet Fray
        Yodlee raises $52 million for online account venture
          Confirmation: Union Bank Severly Cuts Down Leasing
            Textron Up 14%  even after Writing of Internet Losses
          The List: Now in Chronological Order

January 22, 2001 --Sierra Cities/Vertical Net
        Fitch Lowers Comdisco Rating due to Venture Leases/Loans
            Equifax/UAEL Announcement "recalled."
                Leasing Association Dues Comparison/Analysis

January 19, 2001 -- Saddleback Financial Prez. Warren Emard Announcement
   Capital Stream Streamlines Their Operation for New Round of Financing
      Heller Makes a Lot of Money--So What Else is New?
         CapitalStream Signs Vendors On Line Now
            EAB/United Capital/El Camino Insider News
               On Line from Canada: Mortgage/Loan/Leasing
                  Battle Brewing over Your Money/US News.Com


January 18, 2001 -- Dimensional Funding Lake Tahoe Office Break In Correction
    The List---Is Up-dated
        Leasing Statesman Bob Teichman Speaks Out
            Bob Rodi Passes the Gavel to Chuck Brazier
                U.S.News Zuckerman on the Economy
                    Rob Day/Pawnee "Why?"

January 17, 2001 --   El Camino Leasing Winding Down?
      Dimension Funding Lake Tahoe Office Broken Into---Competitor Accused
        NAELB Barry Marks, Esq. on Membership
          UAEL Ken Greene, Esq. on Membership
        Advice to Lease Brokers on Collecting Commissions
          Leasebynet Joins the Auto Leasing Internet Fray
       TCF Reports Record Earnings
        LeasePoint.Com Moves Forward
          DocuTouch Forms Strong Alliance
            Despite Montgomery Ward Expected $1 Billion Write-Off,
             GE Reports Record Earnings/Financial Strength
               BT&T On Line Announces Second Year Tie In with Intuit for Tax Refunds

   Adrian Bulman Remembered 

January 16, 2001 -- TCF Leasing Acquires First Commercial Capital Corp.
    Sierra Cities "Insider" Comments
      Broker Needs Help with United Capital
        Nations Capital Credit,Chase Capital/BancUnion Warnings ( not confirmed )
          Penske Truck Leasing to Acquire Rollins Truck Leasing
            Heller Commercial Equipment Finance Tops $1 billion New BusinessVolume In 2000
              UPS To Acquire First International Bancor
                Sterling Bank Leasing in Formation
                  Mellon Reports Earning

January 15, 2001 -- Adrian Bulman Passes Away----

at the age of 53. He is survived by his wife Beth and sons Aaron (17) and Evan (14). Funeral services will be held at 3:00 PM on Tuesday (1/16) at Northside Chapel at Crabapple in Roswell, Ga (770-645-1414). Adrian had been hospitalized on New Year's Day for chest pains. However, the doctors determined he had ulcers of the esophagus and asthma, but there was very little heart blockage. Cause of death is not known at this time. May God hold his family and friends in the palm of his hand during the days to come.

January 12, 2001 -- Sierra Cities---oh-Oh, spaghetti-Oh's!
    "Leasing Logic"--Mike Meacher "Plugs" Leasing News
      Union Bank of California Joins 'The List'---66 Leasing Companies--
        GE Closes Lays Off 100 in Hawaii and Guam
          Orange County Register on "Leasing"
             Support Comes in for United Association of Equipment Leasing

January 11, 2001 -- Problems with GrayRock and NationsCredit leases via TEXTRON
    United Capital, Austin, Texas Situation Appears to be Detoriating
      Sierra Cities--Verticalnet Merger Falls Apart ! ! ! No Where to Go????
        Dell Hits $5 Billion Lease Mark
          GE Capital/Point 2 Mark On Line
            Charter One Free On Line Banking with Brokat
              Electro Rents Income Up
      and UPS Capital Launch Co-branded Credit Card Services

January 10, 2001 -- Advanta Leasing Still for Sale Despite Mortgage Division Sale
    LeasePoint Gets More Secure
      Clientek Finds "Office" Leasing On Line ( maybe that is what we should get into )
        Semiconductor Downturn ( not again!!!! )
      Odds and Ends----
        Ken Duffy of Sumit National ( You've Got to Read this one )
          Bob Rodi's "Last Word" ( he promises--bring a cup of coffee with you )
            Other UAEL membership comments--Andrew Thorn,Gary W. Psaledas,Annoymous

January 9, 2001 -- United Capital Sells Portfolio with "Vendors Not Paid?"
    Preferred Capital, "Yes, it is still not sold."
      "Recession Predicted" by Morgan Stanley Economist
        Advanta Still Has Leasing Division for Sale, but Sells Mortgage Company
          "Goodbye, Chris Ciarrocchi"
         BSB Leasing---It is Now Official!!!
           CoBank Implements ERisk's Web-based Software
             eMarket Expands Senior Staff
               Copelco Ex-Prez Establishes Lighthouse Capital
                 Louisana Gov. Edwards Gets Ten Years (Raiders to beat the Ravens)
                   VerticalNet's Head Leaves After 5 Months To Become CEO of Newell
                      ( Friday is "the" day for Sierra Cities )

January 8, 2001 -- Charter One Launches Free Online Banking
    United Capital---Assigning Leases, Other Vendors Still Not Paid, Bad News to Follow
        Veteran Bill Grohe Joins United Association of Equipment Leasing Staff
             Past President Bob Rodi on Membership Dues/Joan Dalton
                -Lease Capital---Martin Bareske Complaint Added to the Bulletin Board
           Introduces Real-Time Fertilizer Pricing
                        DocuTouch Named '50 to Watch' In First Quarter 2001
                            MicroFinancialCloses Purchase with Resource Leasing Corporation

January 5, 2001 -- LeaseExchange Closing Office, Cutting Staff
    Joan Dalton--Interim Manager?
        UAEL Membership Fees--Many Complaints
            New Leasing Law Web
                First International Bank Goes On Line for up to $5 million per Transaction
                    The List ( up-dated, thank you readers for your corrections )

January 4, 2001 --  Perferred Capital Exclusive Interview with Mark Seif
    Old Kent Financial Good-Bye ( added to the List )
      BSB Back in Business
        Harcourt Expands eFinance in China with IBM Software
          Westar ( on line auto leasing ) up 300 percent
             New UAEL Exec. Joan Dalton Lacks Experience???
               V.C. Competition for Leasing Companies?
                 Vote for "Pioneer of Leasing"

January 3, 2001 --    Feds Surprise: Rate Decrease!!!
      Sanwa Gets Active in Equipment Leasing
        ePlus Scores More Sales
           NetBank Launches New Web Site
               GE Finances Diamonds On Line
                  Pitney Bowes Introduces New Product

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